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Expect to see lots of jewellerry made from white gold mixed with deeply coloured gemstones like black onyx and turquoise, lapis lazuli (often combined with vibrantly ugems). TurquoiseYou'll find a huge variety of turquoise bracelets when you shop for jewelry, both traditional styles and more contemporary looks. Layering necklacesMultiple chain necklaces are often strung with charms and beads, and they're usually made with components of varying shapes, sizes and colors.
Onyx exists in many colors, but it's the deep black onyx that so many designers are incorporating into their jewelry, either alone or combined with other gemstones.
As much as we all like to think we are individuals, there is nothing wrong in gaining some insight and inspiration from our favourite celebs! Brooches are back with a new twist, moving on from the traditional chest placement, at the golden globes they were spotted on numerous waists bands. Michelle Williams chose a cute diamond bow style, perfect to maintain her fresh face and pixie haircut.
Chokers are also back with a vengeance, they are the perfect accessory to highlight the neckline and shoulders in an elegant sophisticated way.
At the globes Cameron Diaz highlighted her short blond bombshell do with a stunning diamond and emerald platinum choker.

Another jewellery come back spotted on the red carpet is the cuff bracelet, the sparklier the better! Gwyneth Paltrow wore minimal accessories but made up for it at the globes with her 2,368 rose-cut, round brilliant diamond cuff bracelet. Lea Michelle chose a stunning emerald cocktail ring contrasting perfectly with her metallic grey gown.
While Deborah Messing utilised the green of the emerald in the earrings as a striking contrast to her fiery toned hair. As celebrities have unique access to the latest jewellery ranges it is great to look to them for some inspiration. Most turquoise in today's jewelry has been treated in some way, either stabilized to make it more durable or treated to enhance its color. The necklaces in this collection are ready-made for layering, but don't hesitate to mix and match your own jewelry.
Onyx is readily available and onyx is affordable, making it a popular choice for fashion jewelry. Quality diamonds are not scarce, but De Beers control how much supply comes on the market and that keeps prices high.

The 2012 A-List award ceremonies is a great arena to identify what jewellery is on trend…. It is even better however to add your own unique take and interpretation to any of the above trends…. You'll find reconstituted turquoise -- stones made by mixing turquoise chips and powders with resins and then forming nuggets and other shapes from the mix. That doesn't mean you won't find high-end onyx jewelry -- you most certainly will see it in all price ranges. Using treated stones allows jewelry makers to offer turquoise at affordable prices, but treatments should always be disclosed.

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