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A podcast network featuring uncensored pop culture criticism and comics creation conversation. I’m excited to announce an awesome shakeup to our podcast schedule that’ll go into effect on Monday, June 3rd. Tomorrow, catch the first Monday episode of Sequential Underground as Shawn Atkins and I discuss the way color in comics changes as it goes from the computer screen to the printed page. And the AFI 100 Years 100 Movies Podcast will continue to air on Tuesday whenever there’s a new episode.
But first — starting this Wednesday, June 5th — Ross Campbell is back for a new series called Everything Blows with Ross and Nick! Joining us for Wednesday’s debut episode is Kelly Thompson, who’ll help Ross and I review the 1990 Captain America movie starring J.D. Some of you may remember Pete, one of our earliest AudioShocker contributors with his column, Culturology. ATCRP will kickoff on Thursday, June 20th with an in-depth look at the Vertigo comic book series, Scalped.
HyperComboCast keeps its regular day, and the Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast will also occasionally air on Friday when I’ve got new ones for ya. The point is, summer is a great time to pick up a book and read – and with plenty of sunshine and weekend reading time ahead of you – you should all be tearing through at least one book a week. And whatever else I read later this month, perhaps Jim Shepard or this Kyle Smith book on my table. I also met James Franco, which probably means something to all you fans of the Spider-Man movies. This, I think, would officially be the closest I’ve ever gotten to an encounter with pop culture. The next most recent encounter, before the festival, was a time two winters ago, when I was walking down the street in Chelsea, Manhattan, just after a large snowstorm, and walked past Willem Dafoe (I know, the other Spider-Man actor!, crazy!), and I was looking at him, being all, like, “I think that’s Willem Dafoe!” and he looked right back at me and without even nodding, acknowledged the fact that he was, indeed, Willem Dafoe, and that no words or body language need pass between us. And one of my best friends kind of looks like Elijah Wood, who is easily confusable with Tobey Maguire, and my mom used to watch Wings a lot, so I feel like I’ve pretty much met all the important actors from the Spider-Man movies.
So, as I mentioned last post, I’ve been quite busy recently, co-founding the nation’s most cutting-edge poetry festival, down here in Miami, Florida. The show, done in conjunction with Abe’s Penny micro-magazine, also features a lecture space where we’re having several readings, taking place throughout April. I know I’ve been erratic with my Culturologying for the past few months, but by way of an excuse, I present a link to the thing which is my full-time job: O, Miami.
And maybe, just maybe, I’ll have time for some Culturological bulletins here and there in the meantime. Since Pete’s not posting today, I figure I’ll jump in with a brand new feature that’s a bit more accessible and far less insightful than your average Culturology column. I remember back in the early to mid 00s, actions and items that I’d once considered eccentric cultural habits of mine became pop culture fads. So I wanna pose the question again — is it me changing to meet the pop cultural status quo or has pop culture slowly cycled back to a place where I don’t loathe it? I’ve never been one to pride myself on topicality, preferring to analyze cultural on-goings from a safe hermeneutical distance (I think I was a sophomore in college the first time I heard the word “hermeneutic;” it was in a talk about new advances in understanding the psycho-physiology of deafness and interpreting Beethoven with computers (or something like that), at Carnegie Mellon.
For a long time, I really prided myself on my thorough-going ambivalence to The Radioheads.
In fact, I made it all the way through college (when Kid A and Amnesiac were released to massive accolades) without ever listening to OK Computer all the way through (though I did give at least cursory listends to the aforementioned smash electronica hit albums). And then Radiohead did their whole In Rainbows thing, which liked more for the “pay what you want” model of its release.
But now, with The King of Limbs, we’re back to paying standard-issue fees for digital versions of the album ($9? Last week’s column got me thinking, since clearly neither The Frank Sanchez Band nor AxCx was first responsible for shouting “fuck yeah!” in song, who had done it first? According to his Wikipedia entry, Dunbar is also a forefather of printing the word “cunt” as well, but I really think that both “tyrlie myrlie” and “crowdie mowdie” (especially the latter) are better. I fell into a kind of stupor entering 2011, and one of my apparent New Year’s resolutions was to allow Culturology to slip into an unannounced hiatus. Back in the Fall of 2006, having spent the previous two years living in Boston, I found myself back in Pittsburgh for four months. Going to college in the first years of the millennium, certain cultural experiences were pretty standard for the course, and two that I associate pretty closely are 1) Watching CKY videos (CKY2K coming out just in time for my and Nick’s freshman year of college) and 2) Listening to songs by Boston’s cock-metal favorites, Anal Cunt. So, when you come to record vulgar variety songs of your own, you tend to be aware of your influences. As much as I want to take some kind of credit for this–that one of the 49 listens of “Fuck Yeah” on MySpace was by Anal Cunt, and they were like “great idea,”–the moral is, mostly, that there are only so many ideas to be had out there in the world of offensive rock music.
In fact, we’ve been in the same situation before at the AudioShocker — specifically, with The AudioShocker Podcast #146 and A Podcast with Ross and Nick #55. We’re planning to record again this Thursday, and since Pete’s abandoned Culturology to focus on his studies in the field of actual Urology, I’ll probably be posting the next episode of Sequential Underground this upcoming Friday. In the spirit of Nick posting Time Log many hours late yesterday, I’d like to go ahead and sneak a Culturology out, here, ten minutes before the end of the work day (having just managed to hit an important deadline in my non-Audioshocker work). It’s nice when a TV show that used to be funny and then stopped being funny gets funny again.
What I’ve been wishing for a while now is that somehow those direct-to-dvd American Pie spin-off movies would suddenly become hilarious. I’m still hoping there’s more examples of shows that went from good to bad and then back to good again (maybe SNL counts, when one of its cast gets funny for a couple shows before sucking again?), but I’m guessing they’re mostly going to come from the ranks of basic cable networks, since mostly, once I think gets old, it gets put out to pasture.
Is it just me, or was this show popular because people like Mad Men and Breaking Bad so much? The biggest thing that I see is what South Park figured out years ago: the conservative powers that run our censorship boards don’t mind grotesque violence. Again, there are probably interesting questions to ask about zombies, so maybe this show was an excuse for zombie nerds to talk about zombies?
In the comments for the most recent Project Basement, Kaylie and Pete suggested some Over the Top fan fiction starring the Punisher (inspired by Katie’s Punisher vs. But what I do know is this — I’m Frank Castle and I’m the underdog contender for the 2010 World Arm Wrestling Championship. The ref shouts “START!” and we push our hands together, our arms bristling with the exhilaration of competition. First of all, I should admit that I was introduced to the X-Men, like so many other people of my generation, by their Saturday morning cartoon show and, perhaps even more importantly, their arcade game.
I will admit that laser eyes is a pretty awesome super power, so when Cyclops throws a tantrum and cries about tearing the seat of his designer jeans, he cries laser tears. There’s obviously something spurious in my continued need to state that I don’t care about something anymore, since clearly I continue to care just enough to keep bringing it up (and, Norm MacDonald should still have his own talk show, and I would watch that).
Speaking of the mid-term elections, I don’t think there’s a better insult available in my repetoire right now then “You are a Republican!” So, now that Conan isn’t funny anymore (now that I’m not 17 anymore), I feel like he must be a Republican. I think Teabaggers probably hate and distrust most not-totally-obviously-insane-and-bigoted television personalities, but I think, basically, if you’re on television, than you’re a Republican. A couple weeks ago, I met a dude here in Berlin that works between here and New York City as some kind of music business professional–an agent, or a lawyer, some such thing. And though this guy is an industry insider, his claims seemed to genuinely be coming from the perspective of a lover of music. The basic argument goes like this: once upon a time, several major record labels had the machinery and infrastructure in place to give a band a chance to record an album, to disperse that album to several million fans over night, and then to put that band on a national or global tour, playing shows in front of tens of thousands of people every night.
It’s a similar argument to one that’s also being had amongst book-loving people about what the role of the big publishing houses should be, and to what extent independent and especially self-publishing systems should be trusted and utilized. I had a moment yesterday, having finished doing some work that felt good, where I flashed onto my on-going self-imposed famine from most things American-pop-cultural, and allowed myself some serious self-congratulation. But, it turns out that the technology that facilitates my anti-Podism is backwards compatible! These devices have their upsides, I admit, and there’s definitely been moments where I’ve wanted to hear music that I would have had with me had I bring CDs along, but don’t have since I don’t have their .mp3 representations on my laptop. I don’t really like to be this self-congratulatory, but I guess it comes along with the territory of being a cultural elitist, and especially being a cultural elitist with a long-running and multi-variegated series of acutely incisive bursts of cultural criticism (har har har). I was in class this morning, and I turned to the woman sitting next to me to ask her what day it was. Which brings up the usual problem of my really pretty thoroughly having checked out of following much pop culture at all. So once one realizes that they’re in such a place–this figurative Scranton–one must then take the adjoining metaphorical coal mine tour, to really see what one has going on in the deepest recesses of one’s supposed cultural vacuum. And in the same way, I guess once upon a time I started watching, say, The Simpsons (though I had pretty much stopped keeping up with new episodes by the time I got to college, back in 2000), but I don’t really remember why. So there’s all this cultural stuff, then, constantly replaying itself in syndication in my personal version of the zeitgeist. As long time readers of Culturology (that is, Nick (and maybe Neal)) may recall, one of my favorite things about popular culture in Germany is the way they re-title movies, presumably, in order to fit in with German idiom. So, on this trip, my most recent return to Germany, I am already defaulting to looking around to see what kind of titles foreign movies have in Germany.
Though, the American movie industry still seems to make boat-loads of money despite not producing much shit that’s actually worth watching, and then sometimes terrible movies (say, The Aang Legend) actually do way better abroad than they do in the States. One of the nice things about being 6 hours ahead of the East Coast (I’m in Berlin doing location scouting for the Time Log Web Comic) is that my “oh shit it’s Friday and I forgot to write a culturology report!” moment, even as it happened at 6pm, really only happened at noon, and now I’ve still got a few hours to sneak in a post within some fine modicum of ontimeliness.
And well, I guess I’m not really gonna add any content other than that little snippet of griping, ’cause I don’t have a whole lot else to say for myself, except that Hesse’s Siddhartha, in the original German, is great reading.

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A Second, pay attention to some everyday things like washing your hands often and coughing into your sleeve or a tissue, and then discarding the tissue. We love cult films, comic books, graphic novels, webcomics, animation, weird TV shows, and fighting games. Every week we discuss comic books, webcomics, graphic novels, movies, TV, video games, fighting games, and more. The concept is “3 topics, 20 minutes” and every episode we’ll discuss one topic selected by Neal, one selected by me, and one selected by you. Alternating on Wednesdays with Podcast Verite, we’ll cover creative topics, comics disillusionment, and all of the other great shit that we brought you on A Podcast with Ross and Nick. He’s fully transformed into his alter-ego — Hank 300 — and he’s returning to us this summer to launch an awesome new podcast called the Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program.
The first 10 episodes will review Scalped comics, and the 11th episode will be a conversation with the creators, Jason Aaron and R.M.
Three new podcasts, one retiring podcast, one moving podcast, and six great shows with the same day. For those of you who think books are heavy, cumbersome, or don’t provide enough secondary distractions, Kindles & Nooks are cheaper than ever, so there really is no excuse. I also met Kool Moe Dee and Monie Love, both of whom turned out to be incredibly caring and eloquent people. Today I was down in the Wynwood neighborhood, at the gallery where we’re hosting a month-long exhibition of Miami photography, along with a made-for-the-show installation by a handful of alumni from the New World School for the Arts down here, a kind of “writing village” in which visitors will write ekphrastic poems based on the photographs on display. Christy Gast, who runs the gallery, asked me to pose in a few places in the gallery, to take some preview pictures. It’s a brand-new month-long county-wide poetry festival in Miami-Dade County, inaugurating this very April. Mesh hats, once worn as a joke by my friends and I, could be purchased at your local Hollister and were being worn by the people that used to tell me I looked like a “retard” for wearing them. Capcom — once a niche game that I shared with my closest friends as a particular passion of mine — has made a roaring resurgence.
The list goes on — a plethora of weird animated films at the movies, Netflix streaming becoming the new way to watch media (b-movies!!!), superhero stories leading the forefront of mass entertainment, and concepts of freedom and tolerance becoming international norms for people that are tired of being held down by ignorant social structures. Which was mostly a bunch of fuzzy musicological clap-trap, but did cause me to then go home and look more into what hermeneutics were, and then to spam the music school’s dlist with a definition of hermeneutics (having been fairly well convinced that most of us in the audience had no idea what the aforementioned musicologist was talking about), but here I am now, using the word “hermeneutical” in an ironic sense, but in a sense that sincerely carries an understanding of what hermeneutics are (so I’m not sure if I’m thanking that musicologist or not)), but with the release of their newest album in pay-what-we-say online format–as I emailed to my friend Dan, whose favorite band is Radiohead, this morning–I’ve got to say it: your favorite band sucks. By the time I was aware of their presence on the pop music scene (via friends listening to “Creep” or those animated videos from OK Computer) I understood to write them off as “whiny post-grunge opportunists” and “tools of the corporate hit-making apparatus.” So even tho OK Computer came out at a time when my susceptibility to such things should have been quite high (I was a sophomore in high school), I never even bothered to listen to the album straight through. It wasn’t until I went to graduate school for the first time (Fall 2004) that I finally listened to OK Computer straight down (due in some part, I’m sure, to the fact that one of my roommates that year was the aforementioned Dan, whose favorite band The Radioheads are). I didn’t find out the answer, but I did find the first-ever printing of the word “fuck” in English arts & letters! But we’re back, because of developments on the scene of nasty novelty rock that we here at AudioShocker just shouldn’t let go unnoticed. Nick and I took full advantage of my time there, not only getting Dirty Weekend back together for an epic reunion show at the 31st Street Pub and recording fine demos of two new songs, we also recorded a handful of new tunes under our The Frank Sanchez Band moniker.
My biggest influence was Nick (I think my own song-writing was safely of the lonely nerd novelty genre, until he coached me along the Way of the Dirt), and his influences were… I’m not even sure… 2 Live Crew, certainly… and, Rod Stewart, I guess.
But I forgot to check the audio file from last week’s Sequential Underground recording session until I was ready to edit it this morning… and that’s when I discovered that the recording was incomplete. So… one thing that seems worth mentioning is that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which was America’s funniest television show back during its third season, but then drooped mightily in seasons four and five, really picked it up again this year with episodes packed wall-to-wall with crack-me-ups. I realize that some people have thought that The Simpsons are funny during the past decade of seasons, but the show has never returned to the heights of its 3rd-7th Seasons.
I mean, it was a long time ago that American Pie came out, but I remember it being pretty genuinely funny. Like, people want so badly for there to be good programming on cable television, that they just will themselves into believing that a show which is mediocre at best is one of the great achievements of contemporary televised entertainment.
There’s a massive double standard between censorship of violence and censorship of sex or speech acts. And seeing as how Pete published his brother’s incredible fanfic (pt1 and pt2) earlier this year in Culturology, I figured this is as good a place as any to post it. I can trace the bookies and bets all the way back to the top and find the guy that funded the drugs that my wife and kids used to shoot up uncontrollably for 24 hours a day for two years straight. This can’t be right — I never signed up to get my arm crushed by a roid-freak goddess parading around in her underwear!
And my interest in the X-Men, other than the characters Cable and Bishop and their awesome intergalactic time travel stories from the decadent 90s, has been maintained as much by the Marvel vs. Like so many great hatreds in the history of humanity, my hatred of Cyclops arises as more from ignorance than anything else. I think I stopped really caring about late night TV just in time for that whole hullabaloo (despite my one hemi-post trying to speak of the issues there-involved).
So maybe this is the last time that I bother with Conan, since he’s just getting more and more boring. Even if you’re a Democrat, or “liberal,” or whatever, if you’re on TV then you’re basically a Republican.
So his sadness at the democratization of music via internet-enabled music sharing and publicizing comes because this new system is not producing music that he thinks is good. This system then generated enough capital to fund the putting on of the band’s next album-tour extravaganza.
The music industry, even this outsider would admit, treated most of its acts like machines and commodities. Let’s make it two weeks straight, even though these weeks move to damn fast to really even feel all that separate.
Partially because I have not for a moment been bored since removing regular internet connection, television, newspapers, magazines, comics, and radio from my regular on-goings. I so despise iPod culture that I’ve decided to do away with listening to music on ear bud headphones while doing any of the following activities: flying, walking around, running errands, riding trains, subways, and buses, or using my laptop in public places.
And for sharing music with others, the devices are nice (that’s come up a couple of times now). I need someone like Weird Al to show up and parody this bullshit for me, cut me down a peg or two. I had decided in the previous moment that even though it kind of felt like Friday, it must actually only be Thursday. And I’m not quite up to the task today of giving a truly personal account of coming unplugged from mainstream culture. Except I thought it was funny, I guess, but I can’t actually recall the day when suddenly my brothers and I became the thorough devotees that we were (though I do know that it was extremely aided by syndication, with the massive number of repeats being the ingraining force behind the total reference-making ability that I have through the first 6-7 seasons of the show).
This of course ties in with the internet-era monstrosity that the notion of “spoiler alerts” has become. So we’re each and everyone of us–any of us with the social and financial wherewithal to go see movies at all–special little snowflakes of stupidity. How, now on the side bar, under “Current Features” I’m no longer listed on my own, but instead lumped in with “and books.” Now, certainly, most of the (non-comic) book-related material on the blog comes from Culturology.
As has been hinted at occasionally in previous columns, when I’m not chained to the desk here at AudioShocker Central, painstakingly crafting each week’s profound bursts of cultural commentary, I’ve also been moonlighting on various other projects, one of which was teaching an Intro to Creative Writing undergraduate summer course at a local university. The platelets release growth factors, which are responsible for almost all repair processes that occur in the body.
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564, the Veterans Access to Hearing Care Act, which would make care more accessible for our veterans. Over time, the AudioShocker has grown from a single weekly podcast into a full-fledged podcast network with tons of regular contributors and a wide range of content. We’ll be raffling off the Captain America Blu-ray on the episode, so listen to find out how you could own one of the worst superhero movies ever made!
For future updates, visit our Podcasts Page, which changes every time there’s a shift to our schedule. I am going to give you a big list of recent books (emotional, scifi, weird, bad, comedy, prize winning), and every Friday I am going to use this space to host an open book discussion form. Not one to let all my responsibilities constantly slip by, the month of May brings a return to my culturological musings, and my vainglorious quest to make it to 100 posts. Please check back to that site often, as we’ll be updating information on it from this point forward up through and during the run of the festival.
Or maybe it’s because things really are changing around me in a direction that I appreciate.
To put it succinctly: I didn’t realize what a good band Radiohead was until Coldplay came out.
But it was nice to see some anarcho-socialist principles in play with an album self-released outside of the accepted corporate-driven control structures of pop music, with consumers empowered to pay what they believed the content of the album to be worth. And Radiohead have proven themselves as just another pop band churning out singles (see the above video), not really interested in pushing forward their music stylistically, or continuing to sit on the forward guard of the new music market.
It was by the 15th Century Scottish poet, William Dunbar, in his (bawdy Scottish) poem known as either “A Brash of Wowing” or “A Secret Place.” You can read it here. When the ghost of Frank Sanchez occupies our bodies, Nick and I can sing some pretty filthy things. But every once in a while, it only records my half of the conversation and doesn’t pick up everybody else. The show is mean-spirited enough that it laps back around to just being funny without me feeling concerned about its mean-spiritedness (like I think it did in seasons 4 and 5; had me concerned, that is).

I’d say South Park pulled off a similar trick, since it was quite funny when it first came out, but then got pretty old pretty fast–by the middle of the second season, in terms of the whole foul-mouthed 3rd-graders things. There was some talk of a resurgence a couple of years ago, but that seemed, again, more like a decision made by over-zealous fans that are over-educated and don’t like it when TV points out how mindless and lazy they are as middle-class consumers, who then decided that, damn it, The Simpsons was funny again. And it always seems like direct-to-dvd should have the kind of culture in the States that it has in Japan (or, more correctly, that I presume that it has in Japan, based on watching, like, three direct-to-DVD movies from Japan).
And so maybe that’s really the phenomenon here: these shows are still just hitting the same beats, and have managed to stick around long enough that the repetition of the same shit over and over again has gotten funny again. Now, I like zombies as much as the next person, and I think there are probably are interesting things to be said about the current trend of putting the “geist” back into “zeitgeist,” but, having gone ahead and jumped on this bandwagon, and watched all six episodes of The Walking Dead, I’m mostly left scratching my head about what people see in this.
So zombies are pretty much the safest vehicle for cutting edge cable-TV violence, since they don’t have sex and don’t talk. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of all the crime going on right under my nose — brothels, card counting, dining and ditching.
But everyday I’d see them with those fucking needles in their arms and that black tar heroin smeared all over their lips. I have this grudge about my dead family and I hate criminals and I’ve got this fake ID with the name Moose Bullworth on it, so I figured why not give it a shot, right? She’s a 7? tall amazonian piece of she-meat, green from head-to-toe and wearing a purple bathing suit. I wanted to feel the sweaty sting of man moisture on my palms as I slammed his hand against the mini-mat.
There was some thing on the internet the other day about some Republican-minded survey group releasing a list of what shows Democrats watch versus what shows Republicans watch.
So needless to say, once we got to talking, it turned into a pretty interesting conversation (and subsequently, nicely, I’ve seen him again since and he thanked me for the conversation, so that’s good, since it was a rather lengthy argument through which we came to approximately no conclusion). Goodness, as I’ve discussed in the past, is an impossible thing to peg down, but it most boils down to having a justifiable rationale for believing that something is good or not. Since bands (new bands) don’t make that leap to arenas anymore, since they don’t get enough fans, since fans, thanks to the internet, have too many choices between too many bands. Without the money generated by the music industry, bands cannot be as good as they used to be, because they can’t afford good equipment, studios, engineers, or even the time to properly record an album and then take it on tour.
But is this abuse of our popular musicians worth it in order to make the best possible music?
Also, since the beginning of August (since coming over to Berlin), I have been living without a personal music-listening device.
And, for instance, the other day I went and saw Black Mountain play, and they were incredibly awesome, so I would’ve liked to buy their new album, but I didn’t have anything here to play it on!
Except that, for instance, now I know that the American tv show The Office takes place in Scranton, PA, which I learned yesterday while doing some important research about Scranton. Only with years of practice, for instance, would I be able to expunge all the Simpsons references from my worldview.
So, even if I made the choice to watch the show, I was definitely massively influenced just by syndication alone. One exception might be Get Him to the Greek, though, as it’s German title is just Man Trip. That somehow, if we know what a movie is about in any specific way, or know what is going to happen in it, then we can’t possibly enjoy it.
Now, of course, the problem is that, as per usual, I don’t have all that much to write about, it still being 2010, one of the worst years for movies ever.
Part of that process, as you might imagine, is that my students write short stories, and then I read them and comment on them, to help them learn their craft. PRP is then applied and massaged well enough into the skin for the platelets to actually seep through the holes. In the long run, it harms your eyes in terms of surface scarring, cataract, and macular degeneration. There are forms of ocular surface scarring and cataract that result from the light that can a€?sneak-ina€? around the edge of a frame.
His goal is to deliver the appropriate services to meet the patients needs and develop a long-term relationship with you and your family. Have you ever considered that breathing is more critical to life than eating but just like over eating over breathing can be making us sick. Find a good foundation that contains SPF for the added protection from the sun (don't rely on this as your only sun protection if you're going to be spending a lot of time outside). So this one might be a bit scattershot, as I pick up some pieces from the past month, but I’m really thinking that maybe, just maybe, I might make it back to my form of yore and drop some serious cultural science all over these here internets.
Hell, even mainstream comic books started producing crossovers that I thought were intriguing and insightful!
I would say I’ve spent more time playing it and talking about it this week than I’ve spent following world events… except it’s an entertainment world event and I’m just one of the millions following it. Anal Cunt, presumably, still has the strong following of shock-giggling teenagers that they’ve had since making the scene back in the late 80s.
But then, in season five, the Towelie episode came out, which was hilarious, and got me to watch South Park again for a while, until it got old again. So that they could feel better about watching The Simpsons instead of, I don’t know, voting. In a lot of ways, The Walking Dead is about little more than acts of “Look what we can show on cable TV nowadays! DEAD MAN!” as I walk out, trying to intimidate my competitor before he even sets foot on the stage. I’m gonna go to jail for murdering thousands of evil slime trash deadbeat hustler criminals and cleaning up the streets of New York. It is impossible for me now, after the first three X-Men movies, to think of Cyclops as anything but a whiny, Tom Cruise wannabe pretty boy. But it is the first time I’ve ever met, let alone talked to, anyone who actually bemoans the on-going collapse of the music industry. This is how, for instance, I can still respect Nick even though he likes terrible movies; generally speaking, he can say why he likes a thing, or I can more or less estimate, based on various trends I’ve witnessed across the past decade, why he thinks what he thinks is good. And the bands that do manage to be good, despite their lack of resources, do not play shows to sold out arenas.
I have music on my laptop, which I listen to regularly when in my room with my laptop, but I have neither an iPod nor a portable CD player. So maybe, some day, I will break my fast from these devices, and use them (again or for the first time), but with an increased awareness as to how unnecessary they are.
So that’s where I’m at, culturally, dabbling here and there, but mostly wondering what’s going on in Scranton. I was just talking last night, in my still-far-from-fluent German about creative choice and one’s mother tongue. Where the English title was subtle and understated, the German title just went ahead and put it all out there.
And further evidence that Germans want to be able to tell what a movie is about based on its title alone is Avatar’s German sub-title, which I like to translate as Avatar: Sallying Forth to Pandora. But is there really enough stuff about books on Audioshocker that it deserves to have it’s on little link there like an annoying shadow cast by the awesome obelisk of Culturology? I visited home back over Memorial Day, and had a big pile of stories with me that I needed to read and comment on over the long weekend. The platelets stop the micro-bleeding caused by the microneedles and then the growth factors in the platelets trigger the production of a substantial amount of collagen. He believes each patient should be aware on all reasonable treatments based on the examination findings.
That's right, our bodies need to breath but too much of a good thing is making us sick, fat and fatigued.
Foundation also protects your skin from all the free radicals we are exposed to in the air.
At the core, we strive to give you the raw conversation as it was recorded, with minimal editing.
But since the Towelie episode, the show has consistently had some great episodes every season, and plenty of chunky ones. Amazing!” It does nothing new for the zombie genre, nor for the TV drama genre, or anything else, other than there’s lots and lots of rotting flesh and gun shots to human skulls. I’d just bite it off and suck the goopy irradiated green blood out of it like the cream filling in a Twinkie.
She’s realigning her fingers, starting out with the index finger and slowly rewrapping her grip over top of my hand. I make it safe for these ants to live their meaningless stupid little lives and what thanks do they show me? Certainly, independent record labels now have the infrastructure in place to nurture and support relatively large and popular acts, but is it at the sacrifice of the epic awesomeness of an arena show? I, as has been documented here before, have never had an iPod–remain fervently anti-Pod–but up to this point in my life, since first receiving a Discman for Christmas when I was 12 (along with a boxed-set of Weird Al Yankovic’s music to that point (up through “Jurassic Park”)), have always had a personal CD player handy, and have always traveled with one. And since I’ve already let two Fridays slip by without posting anything, and I’m always trying to improve my number (number of blog posts written), so here I am with your once-upon-a-time regularly occurring feast of cultural-analytical acumen! Another great example from that era (you know, back in like, 2006-2008, when movies didn’t all suck?) was 3:10 to Yuma, which became, in German, Death-Train to Yuma.
So, then, even though we’re the juvenile and foolish ones for feeling like the essence of a movie is (the sanctity of) its plot, it’s the German titles that come off as stupid, and the Germans as the foolish ones for needing to know in simple fashion why they should bother going out to see a movie.
I, of course, didn’t let any of my family members read my students’ work, but my brother Nate did happen to catch the title of one of my students stories. If you are going to be outdoors for any length of time put on sunglasses and sunscreen to protect yourself from the suna€™s rays. By comparing and contrasting treatments and products, the patient can then make an informed decision. All sorts of junk is floating around us and absorbed through our skin, but that layer of foundation helps stop those toxins from getting through. Hopefully Pete will contribute, but I’ll do my best to spice it up with brief related edititorial content.
The last great peak, though, was across seasons nine and ten, between the “Trapped in the Closet” episode and “Cartoon Wars” (the latter of which finally and ultimately won me over to the South Park cause). I haven’t read the comic book, but I presume a lot of the flat-ness of the zombie mythology is they fault of the book, and not the TV show. But most nerds spend too much time wishing they weren’t nerds, instead of transcending their own nerdiness. Thus, we can only, in contemporary times, have nostalgic outings to arenas to see the great bands of yesteryear, as they remind us that once upon a time, there was a time called the 70s, and the 70s were great.
It was called “Foot to Head,” which was the best title out of all the stories that had been submitted (though I’m biased, it having been turned in not long after Nick and my Tournament Movie Tournament). You are simply looking for the amount of time it takes for you to desire taking a next breath, when you would naturally breath again if you weren't pausing your breathing. Maybe a link to amazon or an alternate book cover or something – I don’t know, I’m just winging it here. Team leaders in mainstream comics–at least comics with popular cartoon shows and arcade games in the early 90s (that’s right, Leonardo was a close second in my choosing what character to draw)–always strike me as only superficially flawed. So here I am, more or less stuck with English, and sometimes bored by it, so always trying to make it interested again (or learning other languages, which can then inform back onto my mother tongue).
Nate asked what it was about, and I told him: it was about an MMA fighter who was training to fight in the championship bout, from a reigning champ who had the clear advantage. I may have discussed some of these books on the main podcast, but you probably weren’t listening. As if a little bit of angst and stress under pressure suddenly makes them complex characters.

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