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A clog in the main drain can be reached from the main clean out, which is the Y-shape fitting near the bottom of your home's soil stack or where the drain leaves the building. For clogged floor drains, such as those in basements and showers, a garden hose can be effective in unclogging drains, especially if the clog is not close to the opening.
Using a pipe wrench, slowly unscrew the clean-out plug counterclockwise, trying to control the flow of water that will seep from the clean out.
If the clog is in the house trap or between the trap and the main clean out, you should be able to remove it.
There is one type of drain clog that will not respond satisfactorily to a plunger or an auger.
Remove the cable slowly, and run water from a garden hose through the pipe to wash away the root cuttings.
Clearing clogged drains care2 healthy living, Find out how to effectively clear and unclog clogged drains naturally using non-toxic methods such as baking need a product that's effective on clogged drains?. How clear clogged drains family handyman, Learn techniques clearing clogged sink drains plunger snake. Unclogging a kitchen sink can be one of the most annoying, frustrating, and potentially messy fixes you’ll have to do in a year. Many sinks have an air gap — a small chrome dome that sits on top of the sink, and which prevents contaminated water from slipping back into a dishwasher. Finally, there are different methods you have to use depending on the type of sink in your home.

If the clog isn’t in the sink drain or the sink trap, then it might be time to call in professional help.
Attach the hose to a faucet, feed the hose into the drain as far as it will go, and jam rags around the hose at the opening. This is a Y-shape fitting near the bottom of your home's soil stack or where the drain leaves the building.
Once the flow has stopped and you've cleaned up the flooded site, insert the auger to remove the debris. But if the water starts to flow out of the trap as you unscrew it, check quickly beyond the house trap with an auger. This is when the main drain outside the building or a floor drain in the basement gets stopped up from tree roots that have grown in at the joints. Before you return the power auger to the rental firm, replace the clean-out plug, and flush a toilet several times.
And, no matter how careful you are about the things you toss down the drain, it inevitably happens. They can damage your pipes, fittings and garbage disposals, and you run the risk of having that burning liquid splash up at your face if you end up plunging the sink anyway.
Set a large pail or container under the clean out, and spread plenty of papers and rags around the site to soak up the backed-up water. You can locate it by finding two adjacent clean-out plugs in the floor, if the main drain runs under the floor.

A blockage between the trap and the main clean out can be reached by removing the plug closest to the main clean out. The most effective solution in this case is a power auger or an electric rooter, which is inserted into the pipe and cuts away roots from the pipe walls as it moves along.
There are open air slots in an air gap, and when you’re plunging a sink that dirty water can come flying out. Again, place papers and rags around the site before opening the clean out nearest to the sewer outside.
Either have a friend tightly hold a rag over the top when you’re plunging, or look under the sink for the hose that connects the air gap to the garbage disposal. When the device's cutting head encounters roots, you should be able to feel the cable strain. Keep feeding the cable slowly until you feel a breakthrough, then go over the area once again.

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