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Once the folded edge (made in step 2) has been rolled onto the tool, the paper should be perpendicular to the tool again. First I tried making a cardstock flower, using a mix of Stampin’ Up and Papertrey Ink cardstocks. I’ve had some requests for some instructions on how I put my rolled flowers together so I’ve done a picture tutorial for you today with lots of pictures, you can see the 3 different rolled flowers in the picture below, each with its own colour to avoid confusion.
I’ve made my flowers today with light weight cardstock (layering weight) although in my previous posts I made these flowers with medium weight, heavy weight cardstock and a sturdy vellum, so they can be made out of anything really.
I start at the smaller end which will be the middle petals, I trace around the edge of the petal with my stylus then run the stylus up and down the length of the petal to encourage it to curl inwards. I turn the flower over at this point and run my stylus across the petals from side to side to encourage the petals to curl downwards. Flip your flower back over and add some strong tape to the middle circle so it’s ready to go when you need it.
Flip your rose over onto its base and manipulate the petals with your fingers, tweezers or quilling tool until you are happy. The daisy doesn’t require alot of shaping before being rolled, simply sweep a larger rounded tool along the length of the petals to add a gentle curl. Wow thanks for the tutorial Bird,they are gorgeous flowers your just sooooo kind with your sharing talent.
This looks like fun but I too wondered where or how you get the strip of shapes to start with.
These are beautiful, and you make them look easy, thank-you for sharing how and with pictures too! Thank you so much for sharing your files with us for free and taking the time to explain how these flowers work!
Hi again, I just have a quick question…What are the measurements you use when putting the SVG into the cutting program?

Thank you so much for taking the time to post all the files that you’ve done, and for the beautiful examples! Thanks for the tutorial, I was at a loss as to how to make these look as good as the layered ones. Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto tres bien explique je vais pourvoir faire de belles fleurs maintenant que j’ai compris la technique.
This is nice tutorial but i don’t know the shapper tool i am from Pakistan can you tell me where from i got these tools. Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. This page contains many links to free quilling patterns and designs sorted into (Pattern paper for the spiral rose) allthingspaper-annmartin.
After a long debate there will be no premium, but I still have to limit the downloads, because the server can't handle all the requests. I put the edge into the special quilling tool, which has an opening in the middle of the tip to hold the paper.
I use a stamping pad but a mouse mat or piece of foam will work just fine and I use tweezers to roll my flowers although a quilling tool works extremely well too. I cut the flours with my cricut, but was very dissipointed when I coud not rolled it up properly. All kits also contain a special quilling tool, wire to make flower stems, a sample flower, and a very basic instruction sheet. There is a die in the kit that is simply 4 strips – presumably it is for the flower center.
You will also need something with a round end, I have a large embossing stylus and a cake decorating sugar paste tool but you might have a round end on a paint brush etc which will do just fine. Great idea to use the sugarpaste tool, I had been using my fingers and it is rather tedious LOL!

You are truly blessed with an awesome talent as well as with a generous and giving spirit that we all benefit from and I just can’t thank you enough! It’s important (I learned after 4 failed attempts at this) to roll very, very tightly. As you work toward the center while you are unfolding the petals it gets a little difficult. I was heartened when I looked up a few tutorials and saw comments that said I was not alone in my exasperation.
Also, feel free to share a link to your blog posts that talk about these kits – I’d love to see these flowers at work!
Tons of free instructions and patterns for quilling, tea bag folding, and paper crafts can be found here.
As per the instructions, I glued the layers together, staggering them slightly (see picture above).
It worked fine with just the petals.The instructions that are included with the kit are not specific about this at all. I adhered the flowers to the side of the base, as opposed to the bottom like in the sample flower.
Due to the thickness of these cardstocks when they were glued together, I have to admit that this attempt turned out disastrously. When I did some research on the internet, I saw that some people appeared to glue the strips down before quilling the petals. I also tried quilling separately and just placing a center in there, but the flower did not roll well and I couldn’t get the center in there.

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