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Kork-ease assortment in the Sundance Catalog – which, BTW, has retro vintage style every which page you turn.
OMG, I went through several pair of these in the early 70’s ~ copies though, not the original. Yup, if you have the time and inclination, you can most always find anything cheaper: Vintage.
I was fortunate my mother worked part-time in a shoe store, so I had these and all the other retro goodness of the times like Chuck Taylors and Keds since she got a substantial discount. I, too, had these shoes–not so much the higher ones on the model, but the exact ones underneath for the advertisement. Whether you are looking to improve your flexibility, or you have chronic lower back pain that will just not go away, exercise can help!
Brian Bradley at Egoscue has 3 awesome exercises to not only make you more flexible, but ease that nagging lower back pain as well. As Prime Minister of Great Britain during for the entirety of WWII, Winston Churchill’s never give in, never surrender attitude and speeches inspired Britons and Americans alike.

A fierce gladiator style with a double-buckle ankle strap, adjustable buckles and a cushioned leather footbed.
But, I did try a Dorothy Hamill haircut circa 1976 — it was a bloody disaster, thanks for reminding me!
I went with my mom to a shoe party (yup, similar to a Tupperware party) and picked out these to take home with me…mine were pleather if I remember correctly.
I wore that hairstyle, and everything else the model is wearing, during my mid-70s college years.
Get informed and be aware about the environmental & safety hazards in old homes, materials and products. Probably not completely, thata€™s part of life, but hopefully youa€™ll feel better than you ever have before with these three exercises!
I found this great quote of his while putting together the article on the Red Flag of Ease.
Classic, sleek and sophisticated, the Kork-Ease Yvette K178 Casual Shoes in Avana Full Grain Leather are perfect for work or dinner.

Meanwhile, the guys all looked like Dan Ackroyd and Steve Martin as the wild and crazy guys.
I like it that we put so much effort into our appearance, compared to students nowadays who look like they just rolled out of bed.
You should add Frye boots to the list, the ones with the straps and the big round metal circle on the ankle.
By the way, my cork wedgies were super comfortable, but the soles were not nearly as high as what the model is wearing.

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