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As some might know, my '67 Traveller is up and running, I got the speedo cable installed, however the needle just spins around when I drive the car, is the speedo broken? They are 'dirt cheap' on fleabay so it really isnt viable to have them repaired professionally. They are fairly straightforward to remove; look in the glovebox on each side and there should be a hole through which you poke a cross-head screwdriver - the speedo is held in with a screw on each side.

Usually when the needle spins up to a high speed it means that grease has migrated up the cable and fouled the inside of the speedo.
You must however replace like with like (note the series of numbers on the face) as there are quite a few identical looking ones. Be aware there are different types (check the small numbers on the speedo) otherwise you will have a speedo that reads either 30 or 70 when you are doing 50!

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