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I gave the frame a couple coats of paint with this almost-but-not-quite white acrylic paint using the brushes pictured.
Twist the wires loosely so they hold together, but loose enough so you can stick a post earring through there if you want!
I stapled the wire to the frame, then folded and tucked the wire so it wouldn’t come out. I gave the knots a few taps with a hammer to make sure there weren’t any sharp wire edges sticking out.

I used this type of brush because it’s what I had, but I really liked how it turned out because, well, honestly, it didn’t do a very good job! I folded it over twice so that I had three strands folded together that were just a little longer than the width of the frame (this was to make the hanging wire a little thicker).
If you don’t have a staple gun, you could also use small nails or tacks to wrap the wire around and hold in place.
It would wipe away some of the paint as I was trying to paint more, giving it that faded, shabby look.

I just painted the frame, I didn’t have to sand it, wipe it, or distress it in any way.

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