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My ears are ringing, my hands are bleeding and Miranda Lambert won't stop howling inside my head.
Zombie hunters pick off the walking dead (zombie impersonators in protective gear) in a darkened, smoke-filled room at Silver Eagle Group, a gun range in Ashburn, Virginia.
I wanted to cover both sides, so we made a deal: She'd let me spend 25 minutes shooting zombies, and I'd spend the rest of the day being a zombie. When I arrived at SEG early that morning, a dozen people were deep into pre-apocalypse preparations, signing a four-page document, which declared in dense legalese that you couldn't sue SEG even if the roof fell on you or a zombie chewed your nose. Waiting his turn, Rick De La Torre, a State Department employee, said he brought his 14-year-old son, Luke, for "father-son time." Katherine Reinke, 17, of Falls Church, also with her dad, was on her third annual zombie-hunting adventure. A few minutes later, I went zombie-hunting with a team that included Alex Phelps, 21, a law firm employee, and Diego Tardio, 20, who works at Trump National Golf Club. Somehow, we managed to find Patient Zero and load him into the bread truck before zombies ate us. It was, I later learned, Miranda Lambert singing "Mama's Broken Heart." We heard it 20 times? Despite his injury, Childress was enjoying impersonating a zombie in the room where zombie-hunters loaded Patient Zero into the bread truck. When the afternoon's apocalypse began, I followed Childress into the bread truck room because I wanted to escape Miranda Lambert.
From The New York Times to the Atlantic magazine, every publication has run stories on them. She explained how it works: Aspiring zombie-killers pay $99 to charge through a maze of dark, smoky rooms for 25 minutes, carrying modified Glock pistols and shooting plastic pellets at people who are paid $120 for a 10-hour day of impersonating zombies and getting shot with plastic pellets.

Grayson Gaylor, a SEG worker, showed us how to use the Glock pistols, then outlined our mission: We were to run through a maze of rooms, locate "Patient Zero," an 80-pound dummy, and carry him to a bread truck.
A SEG worker handed me protective gear - a padded shirt and a helmet with a face mask and visor - then led me to a dark room full of foul smoke. We trudged down the hall to a room where most of the 24 zombie impersonators lounged in chairs, scarfing down pizza and sandwiches. The little plastic pellets bounce harmlessly off helmets and padded shirts, but they sometimes slice through clothing and draw blood. The Stone Bridge High School student wasn't wearing a protective shirt, and the pellet that gored him had pierced his hoodie and then his T-shirt, which read: "Sarcastic Comment Loading. The problem with working in the game's final room is that the zombie hunters have no reason to conserve ammo.
My ears were ringing, my hands were bleeding and Miranda Lambert was howling inside my head.
I covered the 1999 Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot, where 6,000 people gathered in Kentucky to blast holes in junk cars and dead refrigerators. They star in AMC's hit TV series "The Walking Dead." They fought Brad Pitt in the 2013 movie "World War Z" and tried to eat our 16th president in the 2012 flick "Abraham Lincoln vs. I started to introduce myself to my fellow zombies, but the music started blaring again - the same song: I cut my bangs with some rusty kitchen scissors. Most were students and all were male except Stacy Melton, 29, a stay-at-home mother of three.
It sounded like Megadeth's greatest hits performed by an orchestra composed of 4,379 jackhammers.

I covered the 2001 Mock Prison Riot, where 1,400 prison guards traveled to West Virginia to shoot smoke grenades and fake tear gas at pretend convicts.
One of them, 32-year-old Mike Laggini of Ashburn, had a GoPro camera strapped to his forehead. I kept tripping over my teammates' feet while sirens screamed and zombies staggered out of dark corners.
A speaker blasted music loud enough to shatter glass, a woman singing, "I cut my bangs with some rusty kitchen scissors. Zombies have even invaded classic literature, in the 2009 novel "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," which is coming soon to a theater near you.
Whenever adult Americans play goofy games that involve shooting stuff, The Washington Post's editors send me.
I hit the floor and lay there, watching as two more zombies attacked them, growling theatrically. I watched as they loaded Patient Zero into the bread truck and strutted off, savoring their victory.

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