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What the school office staff quickly realize is that the majority of the calls that they get are asking the same questions over and over again. An up-to-date school web site means that school staff can post information on the web site that will provide answers to the most commonly asked questions. What makes this approach to getting information into the hands of parents of students who are attending the school so useful is that almost all families these days have Internet access via their cell phones. The one thing that you’ll notice if you ever are is that the phone never seems to stop ringing. However, as the day unfolds, they may find themselves doing this very thing not only once, but perhaps multiple times. Most of them have to do with getting information that a parent or guardian needs in order to make a decision. Most schools already have a solution in place that they can use to offload the majority the phone calls that they are receiving.

If the school website is based on an easy-to-use content management system like GSL Solutions’ The Digital Bell, then keeping the website current is simple to do. What this means is that when the phone in the office continues to ring and ring throughout the day a tough job gets that much tougher.
Taking the time to implement a service like GSL Solutions The Digital Bell service can go a long way to turning a school office into a quiet and productive work environment. The Digital Bell has been designed by teachers, for teachers in order to provide teachers and school administrators with easy-to-use tools that make updating the school’s website with current and topical information both easy and fun to do. GSL Solution’s The Digital Bell creates responsive web sites that work with any browser and any smartphone.
GSL Solutions The Digital Bell service can provide a school or school district with the tools that they need in order to collect information about the school and its events so that an attractive, responsive web site can be created. This won’t solve the problem of dealing with angry parents when they show up in person, but it can go a long way in solving the ringing phone problem!

The school web site becomes a powerful communication tool between the school, parents, and the local community. However, just having a website is not enough -- the website has to be up-to-date and well maintained.
The Digital Bell both organizes the information in a way that makes it easy to access as well as provides an integrated search feature that allows any information on the website to be quickly located.

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