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Early in the 1960s, Bert Maloney, a banker in Austin, secured a substantial pledge of funds to our building program from the Moody Foundation in Galveston. The question of admitting women as regular students had been simmering at the University for five years.
Turning our attention to the needed women’s residence hall, we reviewed possible donors, and decided to contact the East family in South Texas. In 1962 Dolores stayed with us for a few weeks in an apartment that my mother and grandmother were renting on Avenida Insurgentes.
Some three years later my grandmother and mother had moved again to a nicer apartment on Avenida Tamaulipas, a block away from the house the Edward Weston had occupied with Tina Modotti in the 20s.
When I contacted Dolores a few day ago to tell her of my visit to Austin I asked her about Cesar Costa and his Jag. At the bottom of the original Forward to the Past there is a picture of Anita wearing what looks like a high school letter sweater. If there is anything I really dislike is to photograph pregnant women and particularly when they are nude and hold their enlarged stomach with their hands. Every couple of days as I watch the present rush past me like a hummingbird on amphetamines I find a need to reflect and exchange thoughts with three friends in particular. John Lekich, a once avid television (John would never utter that as TV) viewer restricts himself to the Turner Classics Channel and even that one is losing some of its luster as Lekich finds he has seen most of those films. Ian Bateson, who has a small but efficient design firm called Baseline Type & Graphics has a deep interest in social change. Mark Budgen, somehow went from sound recordings on records and bypassed everything that happened in-between and incorporated the iPod and podcasts to his life. I have another friend writer Les Wiseman, who ever since I met him back in the late 70s always knew who was the latest very good but obscure rock singer or the finest up-and-coming porn star.
Many of his friends are reformed and aging punk rockers who spat on the stage while performing but now have developed fine manners. It was in October, 1981 that Les Wiseman and I spent most of a late afternoon and long evening at Gary Taylor’s Rock Room trying to secure an interview and photo session with ex-New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders who was in town to play with his band. In 1981 I still subscribed to the idea that a camera recorded an event, exactly as it was and that the only personal interpretation to be gleaned from a photograph was the accidental or random fact that the photographer chose to press the shutter now as opposed to then or in a bit.
Out of the blue I decided to photograph her, dressed in a white teddy) with 100 white teddy bears.
In a similar way I have approached nude portraits with elaborate lighting, large cameras and exotic locations. I left hearing very well but the water sprayed my doctor with enough ear wax to polish a Camaro. It had been my eldest daughter Ale who weeks before had told me that she could never live in Vancouver because of the constant noise of traffic.
Rosemary had a very good night’s sleep and I helped Ale hang some framed pictures on the wall and a mirror in her new fixed up bathroom. It was so pleasant and comforting to see how happy Ale is in her pastoral life and her house is becoming more of a home as she slowly fixes it up.
And I must stress again that it was so much fun to drive our Malibu through all those curves!
What follows is a very personal and roundabout review of the Arts Club Theatre Company production of Hairspray playing at the Stanley until July 10. About three weeks ago I watched her gorge on bread, butter and jam and I mentioned that if she continued gravity would increase its hold on her.
I went to pick her up determined to keep my mouth shut and not to mention anything related to food and the gaining of body mass.
At this point I want to reiterate that this Buenos Aires born man likes his salty food salty and his sweet food sweet. Well not really as thanks to the many excellent musical plays that I have attended at the Arts Club Theatre I am beginning to warm up to the concept of actors suddenly singing.
During the intermission I told my friend and lawyer Christopher Dafoe of my faux pas with Rebecca. I took Rebecca home happy that thanks to Hairspray we were friends again and I will no longer complain when actors after some silly pause suddenly begin to sing.
We intended to apply this Moody gift to build the auditorium, but when our plan was presented to our Advisory Board, Bernard Johnson, an engineer from Houston, objected. Edward’s was under the ultimate control of the South-West Province of the Brothers of Holy Cross. Edward’s High School was doing very well at the time, under the leadership of its principal, Brother Peter Celestine Maranto. Eventually, I came to the new master plan, and told them of our need for financial assistance to build the women’s residence hall. We were next to a gun shop owned by a Basque jai-alai friend of hours and next door there was a handsome residential home. He was Cesar Costa who at the time was as famous as Elvis in Mexico (but not as good or perhaps I have always thought that “hey, baby!” simply does not translate well into Cervantes Spanish. His latest, Pulse, is a book of short stories with one common theme, that of the relationships between people.
This means that Rosemary and I will have to skip our usual (and  decidedly daily!) breakfast in bed with the NY Times, the Vancouver Sun, coffee, tea, toast, orange juice, V-8 and some sort of fruit like watermelon, papaya or mango.
I had coffee with a Anita, a model I photographed last year and of whom I photographed in the original blog called Forward to the Past. They are writer and novelist John Lekich, designer Ian Bateson and freelance writer and English eccentric Mark Budgen. He does not indulge on Twitter as Twitter would ban his beloved adjective, syntax and good writing. He listens to esoteric classical music stations from Norway and reads the Guardian and the NY Times on line with great detail. He would disappear to the bathroom for long half hours where he probably pierced with a needle whatever little patch of skin that was left that was intact.
It was New York City photographer Gregory Heisler who said for the record (American Photographer) something like, “Before Annie we could photograph people as they were and we took the best portrait we could. We had enough clout that we would reject to photograph The Cramps while performing and insisted and demanded (and got our wish) to photograph them back stage, exclusively without any other journalists or photographers.
I filled my wife’s very large Audi with the bears which I obtained from the owner of a West Vancouver store called Bears Toy Store.
He would appreciate and probably count to see if indeed there are 100 teddy bears in there. Even when I used my more neutral studio the cameras were still big and the lights powerful. In fact not once was I able to get any sliding or skidding noise out of the Malibu’s tires. The town was getting ready for its May Parade to be held on Monday and the countryside was full of noises that I euphemistically called artisan noises. Rosemary helped Ale in the garden and both of us enjoyed the sun (while it lasted) as it was warmer than in Vancouver.
We left, after what seemed like it had been a week’s stay, refreshed and ready to take on the noises of Vancouver. Rebecca had a terrible cough and cold so I knew what the excuse for the negative reply was going to be.
We sat down and a man next to Rebecca asked her, “Are you going to cough through this show? I don’t like the sweet anywhere near the salty and for many years I could not abide with the concept of sweet and sour.
Six new buildings were built along the western portion of the hilltop campus near South Congress Avenue.
The matter was relayed to them and in a short time we received a reply, saying: (1) It was up to the University to decide for itself whether to admit women students. The renowned Houston firm of Caudill Rowlett Scott was engaged to develop a new campus master plan.

Edward’s owned a 7000 acre ranch, called the Casa Verde, which had been left to the Brothers of Holy Cross in the will of Mary Premont. On Saturday, Tom East and I toured the Casa Verde and he gave me an update on conditions there.
The most important building in town was the Alice National Bank, of which Tom East and Jake Floyd were Board members. At least I will not have to go through the mutual shock of running into a former girlfriend, but a shadow of her former beauty, since St. If the man overstayed his welcome my grandmother would pass by holding a broom in her hand and then going to the kitchen and loudly placing it behind the door. A paragraph with a killer sentence in Christopher Benfeys’ review in last week's NY Times Book Review caught my eye. Five O’clock means I will shave tonight, drink a hurried tea when I wake up, brush my teeth and drive to the airport with Rosemary. In many ways the events of today made me go back to read the post and to realize that not much has changed in what I had written.
It is with the latter that I spend many minutes per day discussing the state of journalism. One of these has been in navigating the business social networks like Linkdin and social networks like Facebook. Budgen is very informed on trends even though he has never driven a car or had a driver’s license.
Until Thunders finally did himself in on a drug overdose in 1991 many who went to his performances where like the Vancouver Sun photographers who used to collect at the hairpin curve in Westwood waiting for some racing car driver to crash and kill himself. Lekich might not understand the on-the-fly virtuosity of Johnny Thunders who might play brilliantly for 5 minutes and then crash for an hour with a cocktail of Courvoisier and heroin.
I took some pictures on Monday of Anita a new model I have discovered who hails from Prince George. As I pressed the shutter of my Nikon FM-2 (not much different than the Pentax MX I used to photograph Thunders) to photograph Anita in my living room, I felt a rush of youth as if, indeed the past were in front of me and all I had to do was to reach and find all that I thought I had lost, right there. It was only then that I understood that the noise was the Granville Street traffic and even though it was late at night the sound did not stop. Rebecca became quite furious and hours later I received a sermon from her mother telling me that this was none of my business and I was to shut up. What this translates to is that when people talk on stage I expect them to talk and not sing.
Her favourite moment, and mine, too was Motormouth Maybelle (played and sung by Alana Hibbert) powerful belting song in the second act. Dafoe (to my chagrin!) said, “Good for her!”  We also discussed the imbroglio of the libel suit that our mutual friend, the Vancouver Sun's David Baines had recently lost. I sort of feared him and I suspected that in his walks the tall man considered the paths of neutrinos and how they might be affected by solar flares.
One of these was a Dining Hall (now the Fine Arts Center), which was designed to have a second phase of construction, with the addition of an auditorium complex. The University administration agreed, on condition that three questions were answered before the planning process would get underway: (1) Was the University going to admit women as regular students?
Strenuous efforts were made to find or build new facilities for the High School elsewhere in Austin but, unfortunately, those efforts proved fruitless and the High School eventually closed. The Casa Verde was adjacent to the East Family’s San Antonio de Viejo Ranch, and for many years we had been leasing our ranch to them for grazing. Up until then, his only comment had been that he was pleased with the education his son, Mike, received at St. Placing a broom behind the door usually makes guests leave (especially if they see you doing it!).
As I write this Wednesday evening before I fly to Austin to attend my 50th anniversary high school graduation that sentence makes me happy but melancholy, too.
She will drop me off and return to our bed where she will find our much more practical cats asleep.
She had also told me that I was to bring my camera as she had something to show me that she could not give me. He has been communicating with like-minded designers but finds that most comments are very short and mostly banal. In some ways many would say that my incidental grab shot of Thunders represents that momentary brilliance of the doomed man.
I am quite paranoid about this as my mother had a terrible case of Meniere's disease and she became deaf when a constant buzzing destroyed her hearing nerve.
I would have never suspected that the man had it in him to plead, and successfully at that, for money which was something the small university in a then lazy provincial town clearly needed. In further negotiations with the Moody Foundation, it was agreed to apply their pledge to the new instructional building, and to increase the amount to $250,000. The women we occasionally saw were from a nun’s school on the other side of the Capitol, called St.
If her mother was the Audrey Hepburn of the family the younger Dolores has always been our very own Marilyn but with a Latin touch.
That sentence is all about why I have been married since 1968 and why these last 15 or so years have been the best. She showed up at my favourite downtown coffee bar, the Starbucks inside of Sears on Granville and Georgia. After drinks in Starbucks (no caffeine for either of us) I drove Anita to Stanley Park and in an parking lot I took equivalent pictures (sort of like these) of her in the driver’s seat and only in the bitter end after a longish sequence would viewers understand that the woman in a high school letter sweater is 7 months pregnant. I made fun of the artisan noises but Ale again reminded me that at night there was no noise or the constant swishing of cars on Granville during our Vancouver rains. You can pass it on to me in solidarity.” Rebecca did cough a bit but it could not be heard with all the powerful singing on stage. To get an idea of the significance of this gift, one would have to consider that it would be about ten times as much in today’s dollars. Before I even got there I ran into Jim Cummins and when Anita appeared I introduced them to each other. The punishment was a double one as this would mean that Rosemary would not get to enjoy the company of our ever changing 13 year old.
The instructional building, which would be named Moody Hall, cost one million dollars fifty years ago, and would probably cost ten million to build today. During these visits, we would be welcomed to stay at the East family’s home on their San Antonio de Viejo ranch.
She wanted her children to see them too, and she said that after Sunday dinner would be good.
My former girlfriend is happily running a cheerleading equipment business in San Antonio and will not make the effort to meet this shadow. Jim Cummins looked at her and said, “You seem to be just about 7 months pregnant.” And she was and is! Raymond Fleck isn’t so tall, he is still thin, but he is about as friendly and warm as can be! When the time came, we gathered in a small parlor, and I brought out a view book that had been prepared for such presentations. I gave him a brief explanation of the need for a substantial contribution towards the construction of the women’s residence hall. I called him (I certainly did not shout at him) on the phone and he, too, met Anita and sat down for a chat. She did not know that once on the roof we would point the scope down to the house next door and peek through the window at lightly clad women who were drinking with fat moustachioed men.
We will have Mike East with us who will proudly present the picture of his grandmother and grandfather to the university. Her other son, Tom East, Jr., managed her ranching operations, but he lived on their Santa Fe ranch with his wife and children.

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