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So, it is well known here that I give Rachel Bilson a great deal of crap for not wearing her engagement ring and then when she is called out on it she immediately gets photographed wearing it for the next two or three days. Hulk Hogan Going Broke - Only Bought 3,000 Copies Of Brooke's AlbumWTF Is Canoodling And Why Are Chris Brown & Rihanna Doing It? MooshkiAugust 4, 2009 at 11:35 pmRemember on Sex & the City when Carrie wore the ring around her neck? Unless you absolutely never wear jewelry (in which case, why did your fiance buy it for you?), you pretty much wear it right up till you're married.
If you don't like it, and you have balls as big as turnips, you could lead your boyfriend by the nose to the jeweler and ask to see something bigger, heavier and more expensive. CherylAugust 4, 2009 at 11:43 pmMy wedding ring is much fancier than my engagement ring which is really just a plain old ring.
If people get so suspicious about her not wearing her ring (although I don't doubt for a second that this is a sham engagement and he is as gay as a french horn), why don't more people get upset over all these self righteous bitches who get married in white? When I got married I just wore the wedding ring and my husband got mad so I started wearing the engagement ring. Harriet HellfireAugust 4, 2009 at 11:46 pmAnd speaking of SATC, Carrie got married in white.
SylviaAugust 4, 2009 at 11:49 pmWhen my husband and I became a couple he wanted to show his commitment to me. MAugust 5, 2009 at 12:33 amI am like the rest of the posters who really never took my engagement ring off one second of my engagement, other than to clean it.

I respect the fact that there are folks who aren't comfortable wearing jewelry, and I totally understand the point other posters have made about not wearing their ER all the time after they were married, or even wearing their wedding ring for that matter, that their commitment between each other runs deeper than the jewelry on their fingers. MirandaAugust 5, 2009 at 1:13 amIf some fool man was ever silly enough to ask me to marry him, you better believe I would be wearing that ring all the damn time. The timeless midi cut, and gorgeous lace design of the Lace in My Heart Navy Blue Lace Midi Skirt will always find its way into your ensemble! I also chose not to wear it because it was a bit bulky and I would end up scratching myself or my cats.
He got me a very simple ring with my birth stone and another stone since he couldn't find a ring with my stone alone.
My finger got better but I never put the ring back on because I realized how much I used to bang it on stuff and how much it hindered me in general. In my case, my wedding ring matches the band in my engagement ring, so I like that I can not always wear the engagement ring and still have sparkle going on. But, seriously, I would crack up if I saw a woman ACTUALLY riding a bike in those pumps & that longish and delicate skirt! I've always worked with children and both were getting banged up so I rarely wear them. My husband has never gotten into wearing his wedding ring (has worn it sporadically, at best) and was not troubled by my not wearing my ring. Because The New York Daily News is a professional organization they called Rachel's publicist and asked her why she wears it only when being called out about it.

Recently I got a replacement ring (inexpensive) that is easier to wear because it doesn't have a setting that sticks up, if that makes sense. So when I got my engagement ring I wore it from time to time, but I felt it was safer for it to be in the jewellery box. I believe the point Enty is also trying to make, is that if jewelry isn't such a big deal to her (which I highly doubt, but then I don't know her personally, only going off photos posted in the past)then why even have a ring you maybe or maybe do not wear?
Did you not wear it because you were ashamed or because it didn't match what you were wearing?
When we became engaged since he was not that well off I told him I didn't need an engagement ring.
That and the fact that she forces herself on the public by pap tipping all the damn time when she's in the LA area.
In my multiple engagements I have found that when a woman says yes, she is generally willing to wear the ring pretty much all of the time.

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