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ShareIf you want to catch attention this holiday season and you find sequins too conventional, then time for you to invest on feathers. If you want to be the life of the party, you can pair a colorful crystal and feather embellishments for a night out. Whimsical feather earrings are emerging as one of the trendiest jewelry ditching the usual bling-bling.
You can go for the whimsical look by wearing your hair in a bun and wrap your feather headband around your head. Feathers are usually seen on the runways of Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, Vivienne Westwood and Chanel.
You can also fake the feather trend with frothy colored pink skirt that is made out of chiffon fringe. Hippie style headbands are great among teens, which is appropriate for shopping spree or on the beach side.

Once you learn how to wear feathers, you will realize that your fear in wearing it is baseless. You can also accent your sweet side by curling your hear and letting your side bangs show while wearing peacock feather headband. Richard Mille's RM69 features a series of provocative messages on the watch face, which rotate to show one message after the other.
There are 169 messages in total, and can rotate by pushing a button located near the 10 o'clock hour. Meanwhile, you can also practice sporting the “peacock” fashion by styling a sweater and feather skirt. You can also toughen the feminine appearance of feathers by pairing it with denim or leather. Make sure to mix and match the color of your earrings to your top to complement the colors.

Meanwhile, for a fancy dinner, a voluminous cropped jacket looks cheeky in an organza midi skirt and kitten heels.
On the other hand, red and blue feathers are fab fashion statement, just make sure to keep everything else plain. Available in stainless steel or gold (pictured above), both versions feature leather straps created in collaboration with Italian shoemaker, Santoni.
Inspired by the Ligurian Sea, this watch features a blue alligator strap to match the blue dial, and is set with 66 diamonds.

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