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The other day I was wondering, how much does the NVIDIA dGPU improve the graphics performance of my Surface Book? It could be that it’s just an extra bit of marketing hype and doesn’t really contribute anything to system performance? To better compare the performance differences, I figured the easiest thing to do would be to break out 3DMark and the Unigine Haven bench-marking tool and see if I could get my Surface Book to melt. It may not sound like it but it takes a lot of complex mathematics in order for this to occur. The Surface Book was NOT connected to an external monitor for the testing and native resolution was used. While some of these scores may look impressive on their own, the Surface Book is hardly a powerhouse gaming rig. To help you get your head around that, below is a graph generated by the 3DMark software showing how my Surface Book compared to other systems that ran the test world-wide. In Case you’re wondering, when using the integrated graphics controller and not the dGPU, the Surface Book is only better than about 7% of systems tested world-wide.
Also, if you were paying attention, you may have noticed that during the Ice Storm tests, the integrated graphics controller actually outperformed the NVIDIA dGPU. I was a bit surprised by that too but the result was very consistent. My theory is that the Ice Storm test is intended to test integrated graphics controllers, such as the one that came on the i7 CPU, it had an edge for that test and that’s why the integrated graphics controller outperformed the NVIDIA dGPU in that instance.
The Ice Storm results aside, overall, it’s obvious the dGPU greatly improves Surface Book graphics performance.
During the Fire Strike test in particular (which is the most intensive of the tests I ran) the dGPU resulted in a score that was a staggering 2.36 times better of the integrated HD 520 graphics score for the same test. In this test, the dGPU makes a huge difference in performance; however, it only tells half the story. Please submit your e-mail address if you want to receive e-mail notifications when new articles are posted on the LoveMySurface Blog. Gary James Joynes recently contacted us to let us know of a piece he created using his OhmRGB Slim as the central command hub, and it was exactly the sort of thing we had hoped would push the margins of how an artist can use a Livid controller. But this is a pedestrian explanation – what is striking is the forms created as the sound vibrations manifest into material beings along the low- and high-pressure nodes of periodic waveforms.
GJJ: I really appreciate you saying this because my endeavor is always to try and rise above and beyond the technology.
I was immediately compelled to design and build my own cymatics system and my first successful prototype was operational in early 2009.
GJJ: As I moved through the prototyping I realized that I also needed to vary the size and the thickness of the metal plates (diaphragms) I use depending on the range of frequencies I am exploring. LIVID: In viewing the excerpt of Perigrination online there seems to be a lot of precision with which you can control the dust with sound?
GJJ: It’s easy to forget that all the action we are seeing is the sound itself, which I specifically program with my modular synthesizer.
This show featured a large blackout space for my work Ouroboros, a sound and video piece that reveals specific sound frequencies that resemble sacred Mandala forms.
GJJ: Peregrination is performed following a loosely notated road map of audio-visual clips, which I then improvise through. LIVID: What other artists helped inspire you to work with the materials that you work with, in the way that you work? GJJ: There are so many great artists that have inspired me over the years, but not so much in the materials I am working with currently. The ballers haven't spoke to me stylistically since Hitman 2 when they had the (inaccurate) black grips and that sexy popping sound. I don't mind the black gun, but it's a weird creative choice because the silver ballers have been a series icon for so long, almost entirely because IOI has deliberately emphasized them in artwork for so long. Hitman 2 sometimes have glitch that Silverballer will turn into blackballer don't you know that? There is big difference, Hardballer are in general shitty weapon that has a lot of problems. I would prefer to have the option of using both, but I do think that the black gun looks very sleek and cool. I am so glad that he's traded in the fancy unreliable silver plated AMT hardballer for the stealthy, more sleek black pistol. AMT Hardballers are notoriously oversized and unreliable, prioritizing looking big and shiny over being an effective weapon. A more powerful graphics processor can do this math faster and results in a higher frame rate (or frames per Second – FPS) and smoother video.
Their software is comprised of multiple separate benchmark tests (called Ice Storm, Cloud Gate, Sky Diver, and Fire Strike).

In fact, when the results of the Fire Strike test is compared against other systems that have run it world-wide, the Surface Book is only better than 18% of systems and that’s with the NVIDIA dGPU in the keyboard attached! As you can see, the Surface Book performs better than an average notebook PC but not quite as well as a 2 year old gaming laptop. On average (excluding the Ice Storm test) when using the dGPU, benchmark performance was 1.8 times better than the integrated HD 520 graphics controller.
The Heaven benchmark includes a few additional details that you might find interesting, such as frames-per-second (FPS).
You can also see that while the FPS drops in some spots, it stays fairly consistent throughout the rest of the test.
They both strongly believed in the Windows tablet technologies and felt that MS Surface tablets received unjust reviews from the media. Thousands of visitors come to the website each day to read and implement the how-to’s, work-arounds, and suggestions that Love My Surface provides.
What is your approach to managing all this technology – have you slowly acquired mastery so you can construct and be hands-on with each element, or have you found a good community of helpers that can provide the needed expertise?
I have been working in all of these fields for over 20 years so I do most of the work myself. The gear and software are just tools and I am way more interested in getting to an actual experience.
It’s sounds like a quack medical technique or a made-up science in a William Gibson novel. Is that the case, or is it mostly the result of having a lot of takes and being able to stitch together the “amazing moments”? First I find the resonant tones that reveal the wave shape and then I pulse (and shape) this tone with CV controlled cross-modulated low frequency oscillators (LFOs) and shaped envelopes to get the precise musical response and “action” I am seeking. Obviously, their visceral reaction partly justifies it, but on the other hand, if you are trying to communicate something, their unfamiliarity with basic concepts is a barrier. I like weird and far out works and have always sought out “adventurous” sound and visual experiences for myself.
We observed some viewers staying with piece for extended periods, visibly moved to tears, and others popping in and out very quickly stating “I can’t be in there!” The people I see getting the most out of work are the ones that can really submit to the slow-art experience and give themselves time for the layers to unfold.
All of the video clips play the very same audio that was performed to bring them to life, so what you are seeing is literally what you are hearing. I played and toured in bands for years (lead vocalist and bassist) and eventually found myself drawn towards electronic sounds, ambient and noise music.
As far as the way I work, it’s really process based so this is always evolving and changing.
The amt Hardballer is a weapon from the weapons manufactur Arcadia Machine & Tool aka AMT. Tbh I never was a fan of Silverballers - looking too massive and shinny imo, these new ones look slick and fits 47. While a high FPS is important, a consistent FPS is almost as important because you don’t want your game to come to a crawl at an inopportune time.
So, three years ago, they started the Love My Surface blog to help other MS Surface owners become more productive with their tablets. My practice is really process based so I find myself constantly hitting walls and having to learn new technical skills to solve creative problems as they come up. Do find it’s a challenge to keep the focus on technology out of the final experience? My goal when creating my installations or performing is to become a catalyst for people to have their own experiences within the sound and visual spaces I am creating.
There is no “stitching” at all happening, all of the results and variations are performance based in the moment and are captured live to camera and microphone.
Do you ever get to a point where you worry “This is just too weird and far out!”? I feel all of the pieces I have been creating for many years offer an opportunity for people to slow themselves and to be in the moment. Did you design around the OhmRGB, or did you have the ideas and pieces you wanted, and it happened that the OhmRGB was the best way to control it? I also effect and tame these audio signals outside of the computer using an external audio mixer patched with external FX processors and EQ.
My approach these days seems seem crazy in some ways… the necessity of blasting myself with extreme decibels and frying expensive speakers on a regular basis. Actual name of the iconic 1911s 47 was using throughout the series is AMT Hardballer that was changed to Silverballer in the games. This being said I do have a few “goto” people who are more specialized in actual circuit design and programming than I am, who have helped me enormously on a couple of projects.

If I am fortunate people come back to me and tell me where they went inside of their own experience and this is the best return and payback for me. By the time of my Banff Centre Studio Residency in August that same year I had built this machine (prototype #5) by marrying a custom analog modular synthesizer to a hand-built air-cooled (heat sinked) wave driver speaker assembly bridged by a very high-quality and powerful audio amplifier. Part of this is paying homage to Chlandi and seeing if I could really draw and sculpt these figures he discovered beyond the basic physics lab experiments we see all over YouTube. It is very interesting for me to observe the varied reactions and interpretations that people have to my work. A thought I had about the people that express being uncomfortable or “terrified” by the works is that perhaps these are people who struggle to give themselves this self-reflective space and time?
In most cases I’m building audio-visual systems and then setting them into motion, or in the case of my live cinema work, I am improvising through a set theme. I then spent 5-months (August – December 2009 at The Banff Centre) experimenting with this instrument, pushing wave shapes into many different types of particulate sand.
The other reason is after experimenting with various types of sand I came upon one type that I found I could pulverize over time (with high volume) down to a fine dust. I am represented by dc3 Art Projects which recently staged my largest solo exhibition to date of new work called Topographic Sound. I have always been drawn to the design and build quality of Livid products and the layout of the OhmRGB had the perfect setup for how I wanted to control my performance. Previous to Clinker, I had been working in two other collaborative projects (The Machine Isle and Opascope) that were also playing with combining live video and sound. Beltand stablizer, waterpump making noise replaced, radio replaced I am getting crackling sounds in every speaker, sometimes with nothing currently playing DVD Video Game paused and still making sound Aug 12, 2010. I still get the inquiries about “how does it work” but it is more often related to “how am I actually able to see this sound” and questions about the science driving the experience. Through the course of this process I developed many of my techniques and eventually was able to create the visual aesthetic and quality of work I was seeking.
This “dust” is the vapour-like substance you refer to in your next question and it has been revealing a whole other level of sound visualization possibilities.
It becomes the centerpiece of a larger instrument, I also use a fairly large Euro-Rack modular synthesizer and I sing and layer vocal harmonies live at various points in the piece.
In 2007, as I was gearing up for a new live cinema piece (Provody) I discovered your Tactic controller and I just had to own one. These are three amazing artists that immediately come to mind for me who are constantly pushing the boundaries of their practices and their work is fantastic! Overall I am trying to create spaces for people to slow down and be present in the moment. Peregrination is a very good example of my work trying to forget the tech driving them and delivering an experience. In my latest work Peregrination (Live Cinema) I used a Macro lens for the first time to capture the incredibly detailed wave pulses at an almost microscopic scale. It was the first MIDI controller that looked like an actual instrument and that I felt compelled to want to touch and perform with.
Over the years I have been so impressed with Livid gear and service it was a no brainer to come back when it was time to take it to the next level with my new OhmRGB. The louder clicking but still have clicking in center behind the radio area Mar 25, 2011. Many problems with the car not starting and a popping in the front axle But if they are making a funny noise I would bet they are not wired right.
I think subs make a popping sound when the suspension is maxed This makes everything sound muffled, or as though you are hearing through a fog.
The distorted sound from the TV and car radio has gotten considerably better I love the radio but everytime i turn it on it makes a popping sounds.
There were build and reliability issues but the basic design was very sound indeed Jul 19, 2012.
He then heard a very loud crackling noise Transmit mobile music-Transmit calls or music to your car stereo via the FM transmitter. Making it possible to find the speakerphone frequency when Hello, I own a pajero io I have never had any problems with the car until recently. You press the button it just makes a clicking noise and the lights on dash dim, Iv tried popping the grill out with a screwdriver but yeh im clueless please BDP-70 model blu-ray have trouble wtih the audio making a popping sound. Stereo Audio DRC-Auto- Currently selected-standard Hair on a cold day and heard it crackle.

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