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If you do not read Chapter 2 thoroughly before you read this chapter, you probably will not be able to properly diagnose your machine!!!!As you can guess by the subtitle of this chapter, Frigidaire seems to have undergone more than its share of mergers and acquisitions. In late models, the bottom transmission bearing is a special one-way bearing; it will only allow the transmission to turn in one direction.
This is a spring with very tight coils that loosen when turning in one direction, but tighten around a shaft when rotation reverses. In older machines, the pump is mounted directly to the top of the motor (Westinghouse design), or to the bottom of the motor (Franklin design).
1995 and later models have a separate drain pump with its own drive motor, separate from the main drive motor.9-2 OPENING THE CABINET AND CONSOLEThe cabinet and console areas may be accessed as shown in figure F-2. See section 9-7.PUMPSThese machines experience the usual pump problems and leaks as described in section 2-3. See section 9-6.The motor-driven pump in late-model machines is of a little lower capacity than the old pumps driven by the main drive motor.
If the end of the drain hose is too high, the pump may not completely drain the tub before the drain cycle ends. If you have water left in the tub at the end of the cycle, investigate this possibility. TRANSMISSION PULLEY Some of these machines have a transmission pulley that is held on with a set screw, which has been known to back out.

This can cause a number of different symptoms, such as noisy operation, burning belts, or if the pulley falls off, no agitate or spin. Ask you parts distributor for available kits and pricing. DRIVE BLOCKIn older machines, a knocking sound during the agitation cycle usually indicates a worn drive block. When replacing the belt, ALWAYS check that the idler arm pivots freely and that the idler pulley turns freely.
It's a good policy to just replace the idler whenever you replace the belt. Older machines had an idler pulley with several spring adjustment notches in the idler arm.
If this happens to your machine, you will probably end up buying a new transmission, or a new machine.9-6 PUMPSOld-style Westinghouse and Frank_lin pumps can be rebuilt.
Clip-on pumps cannot. The old-style Westinghouse-designed pumps are assembled onto the motor shaft. And be absolutely certain that every single one goes back in the same place, or your pump will leak. Also, make sure the carbon sealing rings stay absolutely clean; in fact, try not to even touch the sealing surfaces with clean fingers if you can avoid it.

The body oils and acids on your fingertips may etch the seal and shorten its life.In disassembling these pumps, also note that some of the screws hold the pump body together, and some hold the pump body to the motor.
Be careful when tightening the screws that hold the plastic pieces together; it's easy to strip plastic threads by overtightening. Let the gasket do its job. After you re-assemble either pump, turn the motor over by hand and feel for any rubbing. These holes are marked "G" and "W." The motors used in these machines came from two different suppliers, GE and Westinghouse, each of which had different pump body mounting holes.
I would caution you, however, to price out the project first, and assume that you will have to replace both the bearings, all seals, the trunnion, and the belt and idler pulley. After comparing this to the cost of a new machine, most people tend to favor buying a new machine.?Copyright 2011 GOFAR Services, LLC.

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