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Nikki Carel was named Eisinger Teacher of the Year at the Teacher Appreciation Banquet on April 28th. Our four-week summer school program is now open to ALL students in the JCPS attendance area!
Before getting on my flight back home to Cork this year, I had made up my mind to visit a few places in the city that I had never been to before.
The weather was very typically Irish when I took my stroll across the city to Shandon – stop-start rain showers, interlaced with blazing sun here and there.
When you get to Shandon, you’ll probably be surprised at the bulky size of the tower, and its imposing stature. One of the major attractions of the Shandon Tower is that you can ring the church bells – all 8 of them! When you get close to the bells, be sure to put on the ear protection that you will have been given when you paid the fee. When you get to the top of the tower’s steps you can go through a small door to a balcony that runs right around the outside of the tower. There may be four faces to the clock, but inside there’s only one clock mechanism and one pendulum. The Shandon Tower may be what catches your eye on the Cork skyline, but the interior of St.

I couldn’t help wondering what those in the nearby pub were thinking as we worked our way through the cords… must have sounded awful! Students currently enrolled at a JCPS building do not need to enroll, even if they are changing buildings. There are so many magnificent sights in Cork that have stared me in the face for years, and like many other locals I had never taken the time to pay them a visit. Anne’s church, just a few minutes walk across the River Lee from the city center, was one of those places.
I was lucky to get plenty of breaks in the rain for the many pictures and video footage I took. No doubt, like me, you’ll find yourself grabbing for your camera and trying to get a good picture of the clock-tower before you go into the church. Passing another person coming in the opposite direction would be a challenge, but for one of you to give in and go back a few steps to allow the other to pass only takes a few seconds.
At any time, the bells can start ringing, and knowing that they can be heard all around the city, imagine what they sound like when you’re standing a few inches from them!
The view of Cork city, from the balcony area above the clocks on the Shandon Tower, is probably like none other in Cork. Anne’s was the Rev’d Arthur Hyde in 1772 (Great-great grandfather of the first President of Ireland Douglas Hyde).

In my younger days I often wondered why church bells would be randomly ringing throughout the day – the bells of Shandon were my answer. That’s when you need to step through a little opening, past one of the bells and up to the next set of stairs. On a clear day you can see for miles in every direction, and pick out almost any Cork landmark that you are familiar with. The pattern of bell ringing can at times be very random, but often you can hear a familiar tune. The pictures I posted here probably don’t do the view justice, but they give you a fair idea of what you can see from up there. Some of the more notable items include many 16th and 17th century writings, including a bible from 1599. The staff at the church have placed a booklet with tunes to play next to the bell strings, which tell you which order to pull the bell strings for the various tunes.
You will also find a Baptismal Font dated 1629, which is a relic from the Church, on the same site, destroyed in the siege of Cork in 1690.

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