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Galligan taught himself to wake up without an alarm clock about seven years ago, when he first learned about body clock training. If you do that enough, like 30 days in a row, then your body will wake up without any loud beeping noises to interrupt sweet dreams. Galligan is either a cautionary tale of the practice or a miracle of science, depending on your view of ungodly hours. The process is simple: Set an alarm for the same time every morning for 30 days and resist the snooze button. Often, the marimba goes off in the middle of a REM cycle, which makes us feel groggy and grumpy about the day ahead.

About an hour before you're supposed to wake up, PER levels rise (along with your body temperature and blood pressure).
Beware: Waking up early for an entire month, including weekends, results in a lifelong dedication to being a morning person. The snooze button feels like the best and only option—but it makes things worse by getting those sleep hormones going again. To prepare for the stress of waking, your body releases a cocktail of stress hormones, like cortisol. Waking up refreshed each morning is the beginning of a very elaborate hours-long routine to get his brain ready for the day.

Only after that, and a good night's sleep, does he feel refreshed and ready to tackle the creative problems of the day.

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