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As with anything you buy from Design Acrylics it is exclusive to us, designed, manufactured and sold only by us.
Remember Design Acrylics for Wedding cake stands, boards & pillars, table centre's and many more acrylic display items. Cut in a loose, boxy fit, the tank features a ribbed knit crewneck and open, dropped armholes.
She presents a well-matched pair of birds silhouetted in brushed silver and perched within a circle of polished silver. Set within a gilded frame print is the tongue in cheek lettering ‘Under this T-shirt my wings are beginning to cramp’. Open toe, woven straps at vamp, T-strap, adjustable ankle strap, self-covered platform and stiletto heel, polished goldtone hardware .

Crocheted by hand the brown earrings host glistening parallels of natural carnelian onyx and dyed green quartz.
Working in Andean silver Alfredo Inga selects chrysocolla's deep rich beauty for these handcrafted earrings. Light like a feather blown by the wind - open your eyes and open the mind so you will be flying high to reach your dreams.
This yellow and white check cotton tank top has a sporty racer-style neckline and slender fit. Pedro Silva works in sterling silver to craft these charming earrings engraving the pair by hand. Amethyst's violet allure adds sparkle while sterling hoops are caught up in silver arabesques.

Bali's renowned silver granule work adorns the earrings and blue topaz the birthstone of December sparkles alluringly. Double crescents suspend a gorgeous gathering of charms in this stroke of bohemian brilliance.

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