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His entire strategy was to take the enemy by surprise and avoid heavy fighting (he was a Buddhist, let us not forget). At 6 am, a runner came with the news that some Pakistani soldiers were still hiding in a hole one the top of a bunker, but they wanted to surrender. Tagged: gerard way, those jeans are so fucking tight, girl problems, girl problems made look easy by gerard, . Down the narrow lanes of Kumartuli, the ancient potters' district in Kolkata, the government's flagship employment programme is leaving the gods bereft of their makers. For most in Kumartuli, the Durga Puja is the single most lucrative period in a year, with the district churning out over 3,000 sets of idols. If a few years ago, apprentices were paid about Rs 2,000 per month, the present asking rate has gone up by at least Rs 1,000.

He not only seized the highest post ever captured, but also liberated an area of 800 sq km from Pak occupied Kashmir, the largest area captured in the 1971 war with hardly any supplies and no artillery support. I’m jealous that he can fit in such tight ass jeans that make his ass look fabulous AND he can still move around on stage like that in said ass-hugging-fabulous, crotch-smothering jeans! There's a lot of jokes that I don't like in the MCR fandom, but I can't help but like the girlie Gerard ones. He chose to capture Pt 18,402, the highest Pakistan-occupied post and then roll down to Chulunkha, the Pakistani base. Rinchen forced his entry into the largest house to find that only men were still present in the village.
Women and children were hiding in a nullah nearby: They were too scared of the Indian troops.

Suddenly a villager recognised him, 'You are from village Sumur and you are the son of Kunzang.' It was Rinchen's second victory of the day, this time over the hearts of the local population. He enrolled 550 young local volunteers and organised them into four companies (called by the names of the nearby ranges Karakoram, Saser, Remo and Saltoro).
I will be responsible for their safety, if there is any misbehaviour on the part of any soldier or civilian who has come with us, I shall take disciplinary action against the person who misbehaves.
Using bayonets, the remaining Pakistani troops were quickly overpowered; not a single shot had been fired by the Indian troops.

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