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When you're a family member coping with the hearing loss of a loved one, you may encounter frustration, the feeling of being ignored, separation from the relationship and isolation from daily family life.
When a family member has a hearing loss, treated or untreated, the loss impacts the entire family and communication skills are put to the test.
DiMarco uses the universal language of dance to change the hearing world’s perception of what it means to be Deaf – and he just might win the Mirrorball trophy in the process.
Call it a "domino effect" or a "chain reaction," but when it comes to hearing loss, your ears are not the only one suffering.
It's a much-too-common misconception that a hearing loss is a self-contained condition; in other words, that it does not lead to or cause other ailments. Actually, the fact that hearing loss can seriously impact our overall health, well-being, and safety, is not exactly breaking news. Hearing loss is the third most prevalent but treatable condition among seniors, behind arthritis and hypertension. All in all, an estimated 36 million Americans suffer from hearing problems, and many of them do not treat this condition; studies show that while 95 percent of people with hearing loss can be helped by hearing aids, only 23 percent currently use them. You may wonder why people get help for arthritis and high blood pressure, but neglect their hearing loss. Research carried out at a university in Finland – one of many such studies conducted around the world - investigated emotional problems associated with hearing loss.

If, at this point, you are still not moved to get treatment, you may end up with a full-blown depression.
Let's start with scientific evidence: In its study of 2,000 people with hearing loss and their families carried out three years ago, the National Council on the Aging demonstrated a link between the use of hearing aids and significant improvements in the social, emotional, psychological and physical well-being of the wearer.
The report's title may be rather complex, but its message is not: People who wear hearing aids experience a better quality of life than those who do not. Those findings are uniform around the world, as indicated in a 2006 British report entitled "Evaluation of the Social and Economic Costs of Hearing Impairment," featuring a scientific review of numerous international surveys about the impact of hearing aids on quality of life.
Hearing aids users enjoy not only a better quality of life than non-users, but also better overall health.
Hearing aid wearers are less introverted and more likely to engage in social activities than those who don't wear them. Those who wear hearing aids not only communicate better with people around them, but they also enjoy better personal relationships. The "take home" message here is clear: use of hearing aids has a beneficial effect not only on hearing per se, but also on mental and emotional well-being. Think about it this way: your health, safety, and happiness lie in your (fully functional) ears. It could be because they are not aware of the potential consequences of an untreated hearing impairment.

It showed that over half of respondents had been negatively affected by impaired (and unaided) hearing, suffering from embarrassment, isolation, and depression.
When you can't hear – or respond to - the sounds around you, when you don't understand the conversation, when you can't participate in social activities and interactions, you can become a recluse.
Your spouse, children, and other members of your family are missing out on a relationship with you, which, in turn, can produce feelings of loss and even guilt.
Imagine what could happen if you are on a busy street and can't hear the sound of a car honking at you to get out of the way? Fortunately, there is a simple way to prevent this downward spiral and improve your quality of life.
It's simple: when you can hear and understand other people, you are more likely to participate in various activities and family events, and generally remain more active.

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