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Occupational hearing loss has long been recognized as a result of workers' exposure to loud noise.
Ever come out of a concert with ringing in your ears wondering if you’ve permanently damaged your hearing? It’s easy to just take your hearing for granted, but a lot of what you do while you’re young can have a big impact on the future health of your ears. How loud is too loud?Generally, experts agree that anything above 85 decibels is “too loud”, says audiologist Louise Dickinson from Acoustix Hearing.
While the “85 dB” threshold gives a general guide, it also matters how long or often you’re exposed to the noise. Think you might have a problem?While more men than women suffer from hearing loss, with one in ten New Zealanders experiencing hearing related issues it’s essential to get your ears checked out if they’re of concern to you.
What does an audiologist do?When you go to an audiologist, they’ll usually recommend a hearing test which costs about $80.
The next time you’re at a club or concert, don’t stand too close to the DJ console or speakers. When listening to loud music at home, position your speakers so they project away from the direct path of your ears.
For those who love DIY projects, pop into a hearing clinic to get custom-molded hearing protectors to reduce excessive noise levels to a safe level. If you work in a pub or club, get custom-molded hearing protectors that reduce loud music and other excessive noise (like the sound of empty bottles breaking) to a safe level. A 318-pound wild hog caught in a live trap by Georgia trapper Marty Adamsand instantly killed by one Quiet-.22 segmented hollowpoint to the brain.
The innovative new Quiet-.22 from CCI enables the shooter to get the quiet of a silencer’s report without having to buy a silencer covered by the NFA of 1934. Remarkably, this new round delivers a 75% lower perceived noise level than a standard .22LR. Sound is measured in decibels and each increase of 10 decibels means the sound is 10 times louder. As you can see the CCI Quiet-.22 ammo is a stupendous success in the noise abatement department. Velocity levels are well maintained with a muzzle velocity of 710 fps dropping to 673 fps at 50 yards, 656 fps at 75 yards, and 639 at 100 yards. Energy levels stay good also with a muzzle energy of 45 foot pounds dropping at 50 yards to 40 foot pounds, 38 at 75 yards, and 36 at 100 yards. This ammo makes target practice a lot more pleasant for both the shooter and any bystanders. The 40-grain Quiet-.22 Segmented Hollowpoint load is probably your best choice for small game and pest control.
It is not possible to make a more perfectly balanced small and medium game cartridge than the .32-20, yet cartridge price trumps everything for most folks.
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However, if you'd like to use many of our latest and greatest features, please upgrade to a modern, fully supported browser. While there is much that is understood about how excessive noise causes hearing loss, there are many other aspects that are not understood. Hearing expert Dr Anne Greville says “occasional exposure to loud noises is normally not damaging to hearing, but can be if you’re exposed regularly”. Anne recommends seeing an audiologist who is a Member of the NZ Audiological Society (MNZAS).

If you are worried you have a hearing problem but also have symptoms of other medical problems, it’s best to see your GP first. Some hearing clinics also perform free hearing screenings, which are a quick way to see if you have a hearing problem or not (see below for an exclusive offer for nzgirls from Acoustix Hearing).
Your employer has a legal duty under the Health and Safety in Employment Act to provide hearing protection for employees exposed to noises above 85 decibels.
The three smallest bones in the body, the ossicles, are sent into motion by the vibrating eardrum. This is possible because once the volumetric capacity of the exploding primer and powder gasses has been met in the bore their velocity is held back by the bullet in front of them. When firing the new CCI Quiet-.22 from a 6-inch pistol barrel there is only 74 decibels of noise and from a standard rifle barrel there is only 68 decibels.
OSHA allows no more than one exposure to 130 decibels per 24 hour period and 140 decibels is the safety cut off for impulse noise.
You have to dispatch coyotes and wolves or whatever you have trapped, yet the noise is often a problem disturbing wildlife and anyone in the area.
Marty traps about 40 coyotes a week and is held in the highest respect by the local wildlife biologists at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. It enables the shooter to protect his hearing and avoid disturbing the peace when he is shooting.
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Just check out the Support section of the control panel for more info or feel free to get in touch with our friendly Customer Support team. It is now recognized that many different factors can cause occupational hearing loss: noise, pharmaceuticals, aging, genes and ototoxic chemicals. In general, if you’re exposed to noises above 85dB regularly or for more than 8 hours continuously, you need to get some hearing protection. Impact noises like hammering and impulse noises like gunfire are too fast-acting for the ear to protect itself against and are worse than steady noises.
These screenings involve testing your ears at 4 frequencies (500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz) and if a problem shows up, a full hearing test is recommended. As long as the bullet is subsonic you can get very low noise levels out of a standard velocity .22 with an extra long barrel.
80 decibels is a scream, 70 decibels is a vacuum cleaner, and 60 decibels is normal human speech.
The segmented hollowpoint breaks up into three equal pieces for maximum shock power on rats, squirrels and rabbits. Many suburban pests that heretofore only had to fear air rifles are now in jeopardy and that includes the pet-killing coyotes that are now plaguing so many people.
Having someone call the police or game warden every time you legally put down a trapped animal is more than a trapper can put up with. If you’re on a really tight budget, visit your local Hearing Association for a cheaper hearing test. Fluid displacement results in the movement of tiny hairs cells, which in turn sends an neural impulse up the auditory nerve to be interpreted by the brain. CCI has used a light load to reach the volumetric capacity more quickly and deliver very low noise levels. It penetrates five inches into ballistic gelatin, so it is a perfectly tailored small game round.
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These reduce background noise interference with the music and significantly lower the volume desired for listening.
I have seen a famous make and model .22 shoot only 7-inch groups off a benchrest with match ammo.

Silencers require jumping through all the hoops ATF requires for purchase along with payment of a $200 transfer tax on op of the cost of the suppressor.
A good silencer can lower that to 130 or even 118 decibels, still a lot louder than the new Quiet-.22 we have here. That’s more than many .38 specials and only one-inch shy of the 12-inch minimum for the FBI Protocols for penetration developed for law enforcement shooting felons behind makeshift barricades. Most people are afraid of owning anything so strictly regulated as an NFA Act-covered weapon lest some overzealous law officers overreact to them.
It appears as hard nodules in the helix or antihelix and may discharge chalky white crystals through the skin. Histologi- cally, it is usually either (1) an epidermoid cyst, common on the face and neck, or (2) a pilar (trichilemmal) cyst, com- mon in the scalp.
They are classified as central perforations, which do not extend to the margin of the drum, and marginal perforations, which do involve the margin. The more common central perforation is illustrated here. A reddened ring of granulation tissue surrounds the perforation, indicating chronic infection.
It is typical of tympanosclerosis: a deposition of hyaline material within the layers of the tympanic membrane that sometimes follows a severe episode of otitis media. It does not usually impair hearing and is seldom clinically significant. Other abnormalities in this eardrum include a healed perforation (the large oval area in the upper posterior drum) and signs of a retracted drum. A retracted drum is pulled medially, away from the examiner’s eye, and the malleolar folds are tightened into sharp outlines.
The eustachian tube cannot equalize the air pressure in the middle ear with that of the outside air.
Air is partly or completely absorbed from the middle ear into the bloodstream, and serous fluid accumulates there instead. Symptoms include fullness and popping sensations in the ear, mild conduction hearing loss, and perhaps some pain. Amber fluid behind the eardrum is characteristic, as in this patient with otitic barotrauma. A fluid level, a line between air above and amber fluid below, can be seen on either side of the short process. Redness is most obvious near the umbo, but dilated vessels can be seen in all segments of the drum.
Spontaneous rupture (perforation) of the drum may follow, with discharge of purulent material into the ear canal. Hearing loss is of the conductive type. Symptoms include earache, blood-tinged discharge from the ear, and hearing loss of the conductive type. In this right ear, at least two large vesicles (bullae) are discernible on the drum. The inner ear or cochlear nerve is less able to transmit impulses regardless of how the vibrations reach the cochlea. It may be due to nutritional deficiency or, more commonly, to overclosure of the mouth, as in people with no teeth or with ill-fitting dentures. The lip loses its normal redness and may become scaly, somewhat thickened, and slightly everted. It may appear as a scaly plaque, as an ulcer with or without a crust, or as a nodular lesion, illustrated here.
This, together with fever and enlarged cervical nodes, increases the probability of group A streptococcal infection or infectious mononucleosis.
The throat is dull red, and a gray exudate (pseudomembrane) is present on the uvula, pharynx, and tongue.
Petechiae in the buccal mucosa, as shown, are often caused by accidentally biting the cheek. The extensive example shown on this buccal mucosa resulted from frequent chewing of tobacco, a local irritant. The gingival margins are reddened and swollen, and the interdental papillae are blunted, swollen, and red.
Then the destructive (necrotizing) process spreads along the gum margins, where a grayish pseudomembrane develops. Note here the erosion of the enamel from the lingual surfaces of the upper incisors, exposing the yellow- brown dentin. The upper central incisors of the permanent (not the deciduous) teeth are most often affected.

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