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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, this is achieved by offereing the highest quality of customer service and sales advice. Call today to discuss any details to your order, one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you. Enjoy beautiful music in blissful silence without the hassle of tangled cords with Denon's Globe Cruiser AH-GC20 wireless headphones with active noise cancellation.
I think the first thing to mention about these headphones is the great storage case they come in.They're a much more portable version of Bose's noise cancelling headphones, they're actually an on ear design like the OE2i model. Notwithstanding if your grievance is wear and tear about whether or if the dog consumed the earphones, Bose guarantees to supplant them ~ no inquiries approached ~ for $99. Having had the QC2 noise cancelling headphones, the only gripe I had with them was they were too big and cumbersome for everyday use. I travel alot and therefore decided to treat myself to a pair of noise cancelling headphones, i have to say I AM impressed with these, I bought them at the airport where i saved a bit on the recommended price and decided I had better charge them quickly before the flight, so we found somewhere to sit and i charged them for approx 2 hours. At not less than ?300 that too with such high degree of low high frequency response, it is just ruthless exploitation of brand reputation and popular trust. I already reviewed the QC1 and QC2 headphones, yes I liked them so much that I also bought the QC3 as well!I really liked my QC2's, the comfort on your ears was superb. Dr Dre Beats Pro High Performance Ferrari Diamond Headphones:Noise Cancelling Headphones and True Sound Reduction.
Visit our amazing showroom in Hayes, West London to view, touch and listen to our Hifi and Surround sound display’s.
So whether you are after a full surround sound system, a new TV or a pair of headphones, you can be sure you are in good hands. Featuring the latest Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Mode wireless technologies including Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), the AH-GC20 over-ear headphones eliminate the need for a cable, communicating wirelessly with your smartphone, tablet and portable music player. Yes, you do use more cash yet in the event that your set is exhausted or consumed, its pleasant to know one can get a totally shiny new set of a precious thing at an extraordinarily diminished expense. I own a Wave System III, along with a SoundLink Mini - both of which I thoroughly enjoy and get compliments on all the time. They are on the large side and not suitable for portable use.So, these should do the trick then.
Firstly, sound quality - These headphones are the only headphones I have ever owned that sound like I am sitting in the middle of a live concert.
When the QC3's came out, the big difference seemed to be that they were actually smaller (and shinier).How they've managed to achieve the reduction in size is by making them so they don't surround your ear anymore, they sit on the ear instead, the headphones contain some kind of 'memory foam' that means they sit comfortably on the ear. Dr Dre Beats Pro High Performance Ferrari Diamond Headphones are designed for sound engineers, musicians, and those who take sound seriously. I live on an occupied road ,what's more the clamor could be troublesome when sitting on my lawn. They are beautifully made and I very much like the travel case, it feels solid and you could stuff it in your bag without risking damage to the headphones.
The treble is perfect and the bass is so powerful that I often think I have my speakers on in my room and am not wearing a pair of these!Secondly, noise-cancelling (What you are supposedly paying so much money for).
Yes these people can afford to do that, the reason is once you have a feel of it you really won't rue your wallet getting thin.

These aren't the kind of headphones to form some kind of vacuum seal around your ear (that would be horrible), the sound quality is not affected, it's still as good as the previous models.The new design is still comfortable, my ears don't get quite so warm after wearing them for a few hours.
Hopefully I was just unlucky with a defective pair and nobody else will have this happen to them.Sound quality is great, with minimal processing, so no booming bass. Bose QuietComfort 3 Noise Cancelling headphones is reliable and affordable literally the top two things I look in any product. The case is made of fabric but has a hardish shell so they are also protected from any bumps or if you drop them too which is great. They do as they say on the tin, they cancel external noise out and when music is playing, you would find it extremely hard to find a noise that you could hear (even aeroplane engines) however, with music off, they really are not that effective. I would not be at all surprised if somebody come and says that why Bose QuietComfort 3 and not Sennheiser, they are tinier and still cheaper even their noise-canceling technology is not bad.
I find that my ears can get kind of tired though, from having the pads resting directly onto them.
Ideal for voice or moviesThere is a 3.5mm port for cable if the battery dies though that's not going to be likely as the battery life is great. You're never going to want to turn off pandora now that you have a pair of headphones that emits top quality sound. Inside the case there are two little pads which fit inside the cushions of the headphones and so also keep these really well protected too which is nice.
Slimming them down means that the AAA battery as in the QC2 doesn't fit, so Bose made their own rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. However, when you switch these on, the sound experience that you receive makes you forget all about this small problem.Thirdly, Comfort - These headphones are a joy to wear, as they have a think layer of comfortable material on both earpieces. This doesn't mean I'm rushing back for the QC2 pair though, it's not such a problem.The reduced size has allowed Bose to make the case a tiny bit smaller, but only a tiny bit. Great bass and you can also catch every layer of sound in a track so you can hear every last amazing detail in those classic Nicki Minaj songs.
I likewise discover them extraordinarily agreeable and would determinedly suggest the on-ear to the over-ear forms though.I have shure se530 earphones, as well as Grado SR80i and Audio-Technica ATHESW9A headphones so I know the the Bose are no slouch in the sound department too. I tried several different genres from Metallica to Dave Matthews to Parmore to some Bluegrass - all of which sounded as if I was sitting in the recording studio with them.
It comes with a charger too, which is handy, its rather small so can be tossed into your bag for charging at work or wherever you're travelling. The 'on-ear' design is excellent.After owning a pair of these, I would NEVER EVER even look at another headphone brand.
In fact these guys has excellent customer feedback network and they have assimilated the massage and has come out with Bose QuietComfort 3 to establish that they can do it even better and proved beyond doubt that people who look for quality are prepared to pay the price. They cushion your ears very well and are so comfortable to wear, you forget you have them on!
Previously you needed an AAA battery for the QC2, but now it comes with a rechargable battery.
I think the reachargeable battery system probably adds $50 to the value of the package too. Infact they have not even forgotten to provide you that extra bit cord for obvious reasons.It must be underlined that QuietComfort 3 is definitely smaller and lighter than the QC 2.
Battery life is longer (20 hours is the claim), but if you happen to be crossing an ocean in the middle of a flight you're going to have a hard time recharging it in good time.

Sure you could save up $500 to buy a pair of adequate headphones that are instantly recognizable and will ale everyone think you're either a spoiled a brat or a naive moron who throws away his cash quicker than the congress OR you could buy Bose Quiet Comfort 3 Noise Cancelling headphones a cheaper and significantly better pair of headphones. My husband bought these for us to use as a family as they are quite expensive at nearly ?250 a pair but then he does like his electronic toys so I let him get on with it, and besides, they are a really good pair of headphones. The designing has got a lot of thinking in it since the company had taken care to make it point so that it is supra-aural meaning on-ear and not going over the ear (check out with QC 2, probably this all due to their feedback network) which makes it superbly comfortable. It was handy just to be able to pop in a new AAA battery, now I have to be sure to charge it before I go away. My little headphone test was successful here; I could hear Robert Plant banging and shaking the tambourine in Whole Lotta Love (poor quality headphones don't show this). Bose do now include a second battery I understand, so it is at least possible to have a spare, initially they weren't shipped with this.Sound quality is great again, I don't just use these when travelling, they're normally attached to my laptop when I'm listening to music or watching movies. Buy these headphones and within a week of owning them you will receive a thank you letter from your ears thanking you for buying headphones that feels like heaven and doesn't wreck your eardrums the way those earbuds do.
It should be mentioned that the noise-canceling circuitry has been tucked inside the headphone and not attached within the cord which to my mind is a dumb idea. Being smaller than the previous models I think these are more likely for everyday use, but I still prefer earphones for that.All in all they are my preferred headphones, I love the smaller size but have to give my ears a little break from time to time. The QC2 was brilliant for noise cancelling, but as I mentioned, too big to be a portable pair of headphones you could use when commuting. Overall a great set of headphones, stylish, comfortable and does what it says - Cancels out sound around you.
Only having the one battery is the biggest annoyance for me, I'm glad that they are now sold with two. There is a padded section at the top of the headband so when they sit on top of my head they are really nice and comfortable.
These solve the size problem, and despite the on ear design, which in theory should let in more outside noise, and leak your music out, the noise cancelling is superb, although it must be noted not quite as good as the around ear QC2s, but due to the design this should be expected. Then each ear piece has a padded bit on so when you put them on your ears this padding really covers the ear and makes them extremely comfortable to wear. I can wear these for over an hour and I do not get that rub or pain like you can get with other headphones.I think the padding also works to help cut out noise. On the whole it's a success, although the noise cancelling isn't quite as good as the bigger model, this is offset by how portable they are.
WHen I just have these on and haven't even started the music yet the sounds around me are really muted out and I can hardly hear anything of the outside world with these on. Sometimes its nice to just put them on and cancel out the noise of my children screaming the background, ha ha, not really but what nice idea. I don't have to turn these up really loudly either which is another great benefit as I don't want to damage my ear drums!The headphones run on AAA batteries and according to the information you get about 35 hours of use which is a really long time when you only listen to them an hour or less each day.

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