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Forward Helix: The portion of the helix that folds forward where the ear meets the side of the face can be pierced on most individuals, which is called a forward helix piercing. Vertical Industrial: This is an industrial that runs vertically across the ear rather than horizontally. Anti-Tragus: The anti-tragus is the protrusion of cartilaginous tissue just across from the tragus, which can be freely pierced in most individuals. Daith:  A piercing of the crest just above the opening of the ear canal is called a daith, but to be a true daith as originally designed, the piercee must wear a hoop or circular, so that the item appears to emerge from within the ear. Inner Conch: This is a piercing in the concave plane of cartilage at the inside of the ear, below the uppermost ridge.
Outer Conch: An outer conch piercing perforates the flatter cartilage above the upper ridge but underneath the helix.

Rook: Last but not least, the rook is a piercing of the upper cartilage ridge, usually worn with a curved barbell. If your ears were pierced with a piercing gun (such as at Claire's or Piercing Pagoda), they were pierced at 20g or 18g. Wait at least 4 to 6 months from a fresh piercing, assuming there were no complications during the healing process.
Jewelry sizes are typically referred to in gauges ranging from 20g to 00g, with 00g being the largest and 20g being the smallest. If you were pierced properly at a professional piercing studio, your ears were probably pierced at 16g, but you can ask your piercer to make sure. In countries that use the metric system, jewelry sizes may only be referenced in millimeters, rather than gauge.

To eliminate confusion, a table of gauge sizes with their nearest size in inches and millimeters is listed below. These beef hide treats are coated with enzymes that help remove plaque and prevent harmful bacteria from building up. Personal Dental Hygiene Kit includes Professional Quality Tongue Scraper and Plastic Dental Mirror.

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