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To reduce the chances of infection, make sure the piercing equipment is properly sterilized. It is recommended to tell your doctor when your piercing became infected and how you've treated it, if at all, before seeking medical attention.
An infected ear piercing can be painful and can become extremely problematic if not treated correctly and promptly. Once you have washed and soaked the infected ear piercing, using a cotton swap, apply a small amount of antibacterial ointment to the area. Don't put alcohol or peroxide directly on the area of the infection as these chemicals are harsh and can cause further irritation. These days, more women and men are getting their ears pierced as a popular form of cultural, personal, or artistic expression. Other less common infected ear piercing symptoms include scaring, nausea, boils, and carbuncles associated with staphylococcus bacteria (Staph infections).
If you begin to notice redness and swelling has spread beyond the area of the piercing, and it's accompanied with a mild to moderate fever 48 hours after self-treating for infection, you'll need to contact your local health provider immediately.
The skin around your ear piercing may be red, tender, and swollen for a couple of days after the piercing, this is normal.
This type of cleanser works by killing nonpathogenic bacteria, and can be purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy. Using rubbing alcohol is a good way to prevent infections, and it can also be used to treat infected ear piercing if it occurs. You can treat an infected piercing using over the counter medications from your local pharmacy.
The use of hydrogen peroxide should be avoided because it dries out the piercing site, kills healing cells and encourages a crusting. Apply any antibiotic ointments or creams after you have showered, and before bedtime, daily. People with bleeding disorders, or who suffer from keloid scarring, should avoid piercing altogether.
What's most important for avoiding an infected ear piercing is to not change the earrings for at least six weeks from the date you had them pierced.

If you suspect an infection, the area should be gently but thoroughly washed with a mild antibacterial soap and soaked with a warm saline solution. Before washing, carefully remove the earring, and using a soft cloth or tissue, squeeze the area slightly to clear away any puss or discharge that might be present.
Try to avoid itching or playing with the infected area because doing so could spread the infection. One study estimates that almost 50% of women and 20% of men aged 18 to 50 have had piercing in their earlobes. A qualified professional has a good understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the ear to be pierced. In mild cases of infection, using an antibacterial soap can help eliminate the bacteria that are causing the infection.
Neosporin is a first-aid ointment available without a prescription that contains three antibiotic ingredients in a petroleum jelly base, and can be used to treat minor skin infections. You can trap the infection inside and the tragus is not something you want something trapped inside. I got my tragus pierced in march.last week another piercer took it off, since it was infected. However, if you find anything amiss after a week or so, chances are there that you have an infected tragus piercing.
Work up a good lather on a soft washcloth, and gently clean the area, rinsing it thoroughly when done. Rinse it thoroughly, apply a little antibacterial ointment to the post, and reinsert the earring. I took out the earring for just two days and when I tried putting the earrings back in, there was a piece of what looked like hardened pus at the piercing site. What's important to remember is that skin that has been wounded through piercing is vulnerable to infection. Infection is the most common problem, and according to dermatologists, up to 20% of ear piercing results in an infection.
However, if you think your piercing might be infected, there are some actions you can take to remedy the problem.

It is applied in the same manner as regular soap and works best before alcohol and antibiotic treatments. If the piercing isn't infected, and the wound has already healed, apply it on the posts or earrings, after they have been removed, three times a day to help mitigate or prevent infection.
Antibiotic creams such as Neosporin can be applied after the alcohol treatment and in the same manner. Make sure that the piercing shop or parlor you choose uses a good sturdy earring that is hypoallergenic containing no nickel. If the infected piercing does not improve within three days, gets worse, or if you begin to run a fever, you should see your doctor immediately. Saturate a cotton ball with the solution, and hold it against the infected area until the warmth fades, then repeat.
This might not feel very comfortable, but it is important to keep an earring in so that the hole does not close up and trap the infection inside the ear. To minimize the risk of an infected ear piercing, always have a trained professional perform the piercing, and keep your newly pierced ears clean. Although as tempting as it may be for you to try out those cute new earrings you've purchased, it's imperative that you leave the piercing earrings in place until the hole heals. To avoid further irritation or an allergic reaction, your earring should have a post made of 24-carat gold, silver, or surgical steel, and avoid earrings that contain nickel.
Also apply antibiotic cream on it but keep the earrings in your ears to prevent them from closing up. But if the pus is excessive or has an odd color, these are symptoms of an ear piercing infection.

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