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Important Message: Although this site has received 25+ million visitors, I am starting from scratch and abandoning it. I bought myself the Bodylastics system (Terrell Owens) and I am ashamed to say that I have only used it about 5 times in as many months. I think why some people want to workout at home is because of the fact that they feel daunted by going to the gym, or feel lost when it comes to gym equipments. I have always found it difficult to stay focused and finish what I had planned to achieve during my home workouts.
After 8 years and 25+ million visitors, I've decided to start from scratch and shut down this site.
There are two central components to good health in everyday living: the physical and the emotional. With the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 fast approaching many people are looking at ways to “change” themselves and their lives in order to achieve personal success. To accomplish this “change” many people will tray various personal development techniques.  However, many often find them hard to accomplish. Every year millions of people “commit” to improving their fitness.  And every year millions of people fail. 1 – To better understand the effects of the mental factors on a teams and athlete’s performance. Reaching your personal goals, achieving personal success and creating personal empowerment begin with a mental strength mindset of empowering beliefs.  Reaching your peak potential starts in your mind…and finishes with taking inspired and massive action. April 28, 2010 By Gregg Leave a Comment Why Are The Benefits of Exercise Still Being Tested? You probably already know that just strengthening your muscles doesn’t give you a six pack, you also need to be burning fat. The way you push yourself to your limit shows us that you are not just a pretty, in shape, girl.
Hey Melissa, I have been browsing your site for a month now and I have been really enjoying it. Exercise is known to affect the energy-making machinery in cells and alter how the body processes sugar. Exercise has numerous benefits for health and weight, which are explained in our health and fitness section.
The study was carried out by researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, the University of Copenhagen and Dublin City University. Media headlines claiming that 20 minutes of exercise changes your DNA oversimplify the research and its conclusions. The effect was only assessed in muscle cells and the participants did not exercise for 20 minutes. The researchers recruited 14 men and women, with an average age of 25 years, to complete a single round of exercise on a stationary bike. A sub-group of eight men completed two additional sessions, one low-intensity session at 40% of their maximum aerobic capacity, and another high-intensity session at 80% capacity. The researchers analysed these muscle samples, and compared DNA methylation before and after exercise, and across different exercise-intensity levels. In a separate experiment, the researchers exposed rat muscles in the laboratory to doses of caffeine, which has previously been shown to have similar effects on gene activation to exercise in mice. The researchers found that in human muscle tissue, DNA methylation decreased after the single intense bout of exercise.
Further analysis showed that 48 hours after a three-week exercise programme, DNA methylation had returned to the levels seen before the exercise programme.
The researchers also found that exposing rat muscle to caffeine similarly led to decreases in DNA methylation and increased activity of some genes. The researchers say their results suggest that exercise leads to a decrease in the process of DNA methylation in skeletal muscle, and that this decrease is greatest after high-intensity exercise. Previous studies have found that levels of proteins involved in the cell’s energy making processes increase after exercise. The way many news sources presented the research might suggest that exercise actually rewrites a person’s genetic code. This result is interesting because scientists have generally thought that once methylation has occurred, the chemical modification stays on the gene, and the gene is in a sense “switched off” or at least slows down its production of protein.
The researchers say that their study provides evidence on how an environmental influence, such as exercise, can cause the muscle to adapt.
The researchers also looked at the effects of caffeine applied directly to extracted rat muscle tissue in the lab.
Regular exercise can help maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of developing a variety of diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
The Department of Health recommends that adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderately intense aerobic exercise a week, or at least 75 minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercise. With an account you can keep track of pages on the site and save them to this tab, which you can access on every page when you are logged in. What started as a set of YouTube videos, has quickly become one of the destination sites for home gym enthusiasts. BodyRock was originally started as a series of high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout videos on YouTube. In addition to the original HIIT videos, the site includes a comprehensive menu of exercises and fitness information to help you achieve high levels of fitness right in your home.
While BodyRock does not sell or endorse equipment, they do recommend specific pieces of exercise equipment used in their videos. While it doesn't cost you anything to view the videos, join the community and follow along, donations are accepted. If you are looking for a way to spice up your home workout routine, a community of like-minded HIIT enthusiasts or just want to find a few short workout videos to do in your spare time, BodyRock is a destination site that offers all this and more. Unfortunately, there are some scientists who want to rain all over your post-exercise high by saying that intense exercise might actually be bad for you. This is a controversial claim as received wisdom (as well as lots and lots of science) says that exercise is beneficial for your heart.
When excess calories combine with the hormonal influence of cortisol and insulin, belly fat is born. Insulin levels in our body are directly influenced by the amount of starchy and sweet foods we eat. Add stress to the mix and the magnitude of the impact increases drastically, further forcing excess calories around the belly. It magnifies this effect by lowering cortisol and increasing human growth hormone (HGH) which is a fat burning and muscle building hormone. The next time you drool at that tempting don’t or be lured by the inviting fragrance of burger and fries, remember it will only add to your belly.

If you want to have something delicious while you’re going through a fat-loss diet then having some proportions of lean meat won’t harm you in anyway. There are some awesome foods and techniques discussed in this article that will allow you to lose weight pretty easily.
One of the days is such a pain in the butt that I really have to psych myself up to mentally prepare for it. My mind is racing and working quickly to find the perfect excuse for me to skip the rest of my workout.
If you present a problem to your subconscious mind (like finding a suitable reason for not finishing your workout) it will deliver!
It shows my buddy Vic over at Gym Junkies failing time after time attempting to do high level advanced exercises.
It is that simple for me, but I don’t think this way of thinking will work for everyone.
That has to be your driving force – knowing where you want to go and never going back to where you were. A low carb diet with a lot of attention on ketosis combined with body weight exercise has brought me down to 9% body fat and for every month I see new muscles appear from leaning down.
For example, diabetes type 1 onset can make it difficult to exercise without feeling a vague fatigue internally.
Therefore, working out at home seems appropriate, but again another evil hits them – lack of motivation to see their workout through. How to Tell if a Supplement is Worth Taking.Dramatically Increase Flexibility and Mobility With This 6 Minute WarmupHow Many Carbs Per Day to Lose Body Fat? We exercise to lose weight, lower cholesterol, improve muscle strength and increase our life span. But in addressing either of those aspects of health, it can be helpful to understand that they each feed into the other.
Maintaining active mental abilities is one thing, and then there’s the objective achieving superior mental strength power. After all you’d probably expect me to talk about super sets of deadlifts with kettlebell snatch followed up with weighted pull-ups and a couple 400 M runs right?
Interval style workouts are huge fat burners, plus I incorporated some cardio based ab moves.
I’m about to go on a 1 year trip around the world, so I will using your videos in my hotel room to keep fit during this time. The newspaper said new research has found that 20 minutes of exercise can “crank up the genes needed to burn fat and sugar and support the body”. The study examined whether exercise might do this by making a particular type of change to DNA. The research was funded by the European Research Council, European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes and other institutions throughout Europe and Australia. Rather, the muscle samples were taken 20 minutes after the participants had stopped exercising. The researchers reported that previous studies have shown that exercise increases the production of proteins involved in energy usage and other cell functions, but that the mechanism behind these increases was unclear.
Methylation is involved in controlling gene expression, the process by which information contained in DNA is used to create proteins.
The researchers also looked at methylation levels 48 hours after a three-week exercise programme.
This decrease in methylation led to an increase in the activity of some genes that play a role in various processes in the cell, including those through which the cells generate energy. They believe this decrease may be an early step in the process by which exercise leads to changes in gene expression. This is not the case, as the study found that exercise leads to a temporary change in the DNA strand (called methylation). The researchers say that the study is important because it shows that exercise can alter this process, effectively switching the gene back on temporarily.
However, clarifying the mechanism by which this process works is unlikely to influence the daily activities of most people.
Importantly, in an accompanying article, the researchers emphasised that drinking coffee is not a replacement for exercise, especially since the amount of caffeine required to see the same effect in humans would be close to a lethal dose. While this study may offer an explanation of how exercise affects muscle tissue, it does not change the underlying message that exercise is good for you. If you are looking for workouts that fit into a tight schedule, diet tips or a community of interval training enthusiasts, BodyRock is the destination for you. A husband-and-wife team would upload the high intensity workouts, most about 12 minutes in length, along with step-by-step instructions on how to do the workout. In addition to the videos themselves, each workout includes an equipment recommendation, step-by-step instructions and photos of each move.
Exercisers are encouraged to take the diet challenge of the moment, which includes tips for healthy eating, reasons why you should include specific foods in your diet and examples of where you can find specific nutrients in foods. These include interval timers, jump ropes and sandbags; no very high-priced or cumbersome equipment here. This community of HIIT enthusiasts contributes with posts, feedback, comments and photographs of their own.
Participants who enjoy the site and what they are viewing are encouraged to "buy a cup of coffee" for the site's owners, with a link to a Paypal donation site. As reported by EurekAlert!, these HIIT heretics point to studies that suggest intense exercise may be cardiotoxic and promote permanent structural changes in your heart. This has led to our activities being reduced to predominantly sitting, that includes: driving to working at desks, and driving back to watch TV.
So while you might count calories in your diet, this fat is more of a hormonal phenomenon which won’t be solved that easily. Cortisol on the other hand is influenced by stress levels, which, are influenced by our quality and quantity of sleep.
Intensity of the work out will tire out the body, thus ensuring you don’t try too hard to sleep.
You can take short intervals between intense workout sets and increase your speed gradually. If you want to know how to reduce abdominal fat, then oatmeal can be said to be one of the finest ways to burn down the fat. One of the best ways to reduce the fat cutting diet is to have good amounts of nuts, almonds being a really popular one.
The fat loss protein powder provides your body with the right amount of protein and also assist in the fat burning procedure.
Berries come with all the nutrients and beneficiaries of nature and has tons of vitamins and natural elements that resist the occurrence of deposition of fat and fight alongside the body in getting rid of excess fat.

Lean meat comes with good amounts of fiber and allow to burn the calorie a lot better than any other carbohydrate.
Foods such as meat, nuts, etc come packed with fibers and boost the process of burning calories. The big challenge I have found with doing exercise at home is the ability to go easy on myself or finding an excuse to cut my workout short.
Your mind is so good at finding a suitable excuse that you can skip your workout (or any action that will move you closer to any goal) and you will feel great about it. But so can many other syndromes or disorders, os it’s best to rule out something serious. This one will help work on burning any fat that might be covering your abs, while strengthening and shaping those muscles for nice firm, definition. DNA contains genes, which act as the blueprints for making various proteins, including those involved in releasing energy. To test the hypothesis, the researchers asked healthy young people who did not regularly exercise to complete a single, intense cycling session.
Instead, exercise was found to reverse a temporary chemical change called methylation, where a particular chemical compound attaches to the outer part of the DNA strand.
The researchers thought that a chemical process called DNA methylation may account for this effect, and conducted various experiments to test their theory.
On the day of the experiments, a small sample of thigh muscle was taken and the men then ate a high-carbohydrate breakfast.
It suggests that exercise can lead to changes in gene expression, the process where the body produces proteins based on the genetic code within our DNA.
Again, the significance of this finding is not a change in the DNA itself, but rather that the way the body reads our genetic code appears to be flexible, responding to exercise. It’s worth noting that the 20 minutes of exercise described in the Daily Mail’s article is inaccurate.
Nearly all workouts are HIIT, so you can be prepared for a serious and intense workout each time, no matter how little time you have to give to the routine. While not a diet site, BodyRock definitely caters to those who make total body fitness a priority.
Because BodyRock is primarily a home workout experience, those who look for motivation from others will find the community they miss at the gym right on the site. This makes a truly one-stop site for those like-minded individuals who want to bond with others over their fitness-centered lifestyles. Otherwise the site is free and offers subscription options through email and RSS feed, as well as ways to follow along on Facebook and Twitter. But cortisol doesn’t harm in itself as it is also responsible for secretion of fat burning enzymes like HSL. As oatmeal comes with tons of fiber and it fills the stomach and restricts the frequent urge of hunger. Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts ever and can be said to be one of the most consumed nuts as well. If you’re willing to lose more fat within less amount of time, then fat loss protein powder is the best there is. Consumption of olive oil-cooked foods have been prove to reduce good amounts of fat pretty easily. The amount of calories in lean meat are really low and they will help in reducing the fat quite quickly. A heavy consumption of foods won’t necessarily mean that you’re gonna gain pounds of weight. You have to gain the mental toughness to not listen to this part of your brain to get extraordinarily fit.
They tested DNA methylation in samples of thigh muscle taken before and after the exercise. DNA contains the genetic “code” that the body uses to produce proteins, and methylation alters the rate at which proteins can be produced by the methylated genes.
The researchers took small tissue samples from the participants’ thigh muscles before the exercise session and again 20 minutes after the session.
The researchers say that a process called methylation is at least partially responsible for this, although other mechanisms are probably also involved. The significance of this result is not that the DNA fundamentally changes in some way, but rather that the process of methylation appears to be temporarily affected by exercise. The participants had their muscle samples taken 20 minutes after a session of highly intense exercise had ended. When it combines with insulin, it gives a reverse impact and ends up storing fat by secreting LPL enzyme. If you want o get slim easily, then nuts can be said to be one of the best things for getting slim easily.
I’d like to discuss this a bit as well as get your comments and tips that you may have regarding exercising at home. You might not always beat your record, but you will be working out close to your potential.
They found that after exercise, the amount of DNA with methylation had decreased, and concluded that this may be the process by which muscle adapts to exercise. They continued cycling until they had expended a predetermined amount of energy (1,674 kJ, approximately 400 calories). If you are aware about the exercises to reduce abdominal fat, then the diet won’t be a problem for as well. A number of scientific studies has proved that almonds are really awesome and can improve one’s strength as well.
If you’re eager to lose fat easily and quickly, then having almonds daily in the morning or with breakfast can prove to be extremely useful.
One of the best morning snack is oatmeal and the fiber-rich oatmeals are the best there is.
If you’re starving or hungry while you are on a fat-cutting diet, then one of the best ways to feed yourself during this time can be said to be oatmeal.
If you want to keep the right diet for reducing abdomin fat, then oatmeal is the perfect meal for you. There are a number of ways to have oatmeal, just make sure that you are not consuming sugar with oatmeal.

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