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To get the best possible experience using our website we recommend downloading one of the browsers below. Vegan medical marijuana users rejoice – there’s a chocolate peanut butter bar with your name on it. The bars, which are also gluten free and organic, feature a cookie-like consistency with an oat base, peanut butter filling, and chocolate topping. Korova’s other products are notably not vegan, but we hope that medical marijuana users can encourage more animal free options in this growing market. These treats can found throughout California, at licensed medical marijuana retailers like Green  Door, SPARC, Magnolia Wellness, and CBCB. SF gate reports that each 300 milligram THC bar can provide up to 30 standard, 10mg doses of medical cannabis. I’m pretty sure they’re going to be responsible for  more than a few new medical marijuana card applications. This was my first pregnancy and Kelly helped supply my husband and I with information so we could formulate our birth preferences. That means that new users should limit themselves to small bites – something that might seem challenging when these treats are involved. All the paperwork and information she gave was very helpful for making informed decisions and preparing for a natural labor. The aromatherapy, prenatal massage and DVDs she gave me were just a great bonus to the info. Kelly walked around my neighborhood with me in the middle of the night to help progress labor!

Afterwards she stayed until I was comfortable and came for a very pleasant postpartum visit. She knew that coming to see me after I was settled at home, after the first week was important.
She gave me my placenta encapsulated and it was the only thing that naturally kept my energy up and allowed me to not be so anxious. Kelly was a wealth of knowledge for my husband and I's first everything when it came to having our little Synthia! Kelly has experienced it all and is so comfortable to talk with that none of our questions went unanswered. Not even the questions that may be a bit embarrassing to discuss with even your closest friends. She helps you understand the pros and cons of both hospital and home births so that you can make a decision that you feel comfortable with and are able to stand up for. Throughout the pregnancy Kelly was 100% available to us, she answered questions, gave us resources and was so encouraging and supportive when I started to question my ability. My labor started and she was exactly what we needed to have the baby without any interventions.
I cannot begin to tell you how amazing she is!A  Our situation was unique and different than most being that I was in labor for 3 days. We wanted to find someone in the south-metro who could help us have as natural of a birth as possible (no medicationss, or unnecessary procedures).A  Our first impression of Kelly was that she was very kind, calm, and soothing, and very knowledgeable about pregnancy, birth and post-partum care. I could call her anytime with questions.A  A Closer to my due date, she provided me with much-needed encouragement to let the birth happen naturally and avoid an unnecessaryA induction.

As we went past my due date, she was there to help us through, teaching my husband massage techniques, and providing us with essential oils.A A  A When I went into labor, Kelly proved to be a total rockstar.
She was available for me 100% while I was laboring at home, answering all my questions over the phone. She came to our house when I needed her, and then accompanied us to the hospital when I was ready to go.
She was completely prepared with music, aromatherapy oils, battery-operated candles, and snacks for my hubby.
With her encouragement, we got the birth we wanted and it was beautiful.A  A I would completely recommend Kelly to anyone.
We met with Kelly Martin for the first time and were blown away by not only her professionalism but her ability to connect with us as a couple expecting our first child.A  Kelly gave us all of the information we could have ever wanted, or needed in regards to pregnancy and birth.
We had specific needs for information and she obtained it for us and taught it to us.A  A Kelly offered herself to us as an in-home Childbirth Educator. She came to us weekly and was so very devoted to us as a couple and new parents.A  A I had to be induced, so when we arrived in the hospital to get ready for the birth, the nursing staff and Midwives were taken aback by our knowledge of the processes. I knew what to expect at every step.A  Kelly Empowered us as parents with the knowledge and confidence to start parenting before our son even arrived.
She was well equipped with a full suitcase of things to aid in our labor experience, like aroma-therapy oils, flameless candles, and etc.

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