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TINNITUS ti-NIGHT-us or TIN-i-tus: the perception of sound in the ears or head where no external source is present. In almost all cases, tinnitus is a subjective noise, meaning that only the person who has tinnitus can hear it. The American Tinnitus Association has provided compassionate support to people with tinnitus for nearly three decades. There is a growing body of evidence that there exists a link between the female hormone cycles (or the cessation thereof) and the fluctuations in the perception of tinnitus loudness. A worsening or onset of tinnitus may be a consequence of the side effects of HRT, which include fluid retention, depression, headache, dizziness, insomnia, raised blood pressure, and migraine. Alternative medicine historians note that homeopathy has for decades, been a popular natural treatment modality, and homeopathic Chinese tinnitus remedy methods have been analyzed to produce satisfying results in the treatment of tinnitus.
What is Tinnitus?Tinnitus comes from the Latin word a€?tinnirea€? which means a€?to ringa€?. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Homeolab Tinnitus Relief is safe and effective.Tinnitus Relief helps relieve symptoms associated with Tinnitus such as ringing and buzzing in ears, ear pain and pressure, headache, itchy ears and throat.
This product is manufactured according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). While the majority of this evidence consists of anecdotal comments by researchers, clinicians and doctors from around the globe, their conclusions support the connection and demands further investigation.
A 1996 study (1) gave an example of a woman who developed tinnitus and hearing loss in one ear, two days after taking Climaval (oestradiol) as HRT.

Using a variety of plant, mineral herbal and synthetic components, the homeopathic treatments include Chininum sulphuricum, Cimicifuga, Coffea cruda, Graphites, Kali carbonicum, Lycopodium, Natrum salicylicum, Salicylicum acidum, China sulf, hepar sulf, belladonna, and many more.
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After the HRT was stopped and she started on steroids, her hearing returned to normal and the tinnitus disappeared. A check on a number of homeopathic treatment Web sites online should help consumers attain better information regarding this increasingly popular form of alternative medicine. It is described by the patient as ringing, buzzing or whistling sound heard either in one ear or both the ears. We had a challenge every day; to gain the trust of more customers and to prove every moment that we are trustworthy.
Over the next year she had a few episodes of mild hearing loss and intermittent tinnitus, but felt these were minor and not interfering with her lifestyle. Insomnia, inability to concentrate and depression are commonly reported to accompany the condition.How common is tinnitus?As many as one third (32%) of Americans experience tinnitus sometime in their lives.
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It is estimated that approximately 18 million Americans seek medical attention for this symptom. Nine million reported to be seriously affected by this condition and 2 million are disabled because of this elusive sound.

Travel for Women in Midlife Minnie Pauz Meltdown Cruise Menopause Retreat Cartoon Contest I'm so menopausal All Chocolate, All the Time! Patients who suffer from this chronic symptom report a dwindling in their quality of life, primarily because of the annoyance factor associated with it. Activities of daily living are affected in proportion to the intensity of tinnitus.How do you classify a patientsa€™ tinnitus?It is classified into two categories- subjective and objective. Subjective Tinnitus is much more common and is not audible to the examiner.What are the causes of tinnitus?Subjective Tinnitus- generally associated with hearing loss as a result of noise exposure or ageing. These include venous hums, arterial bruits, arteriovenous malformations, aneurysms, aberrant vessels and vascular neoplasm. Neurological disorder includes palatal myoclonus and stapedius and tensor tympani muscle spasm (middle ear muscle spasm). Psychological treatment- relaxation training therapy helps to teach patients to learn to relax in the face of stress-full event.Medical treatment for causative disordersNon specific medical treatments are tranquilizers, antidepressants and sedative drugs.
By improving the patienta€™s hearing, hearing aid lessens the attention patient gives to tinnitus and thus acts as masker.

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