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Set your valuables on the bathroom sink or bedroom dresser, you’re taking a chance of it disappearing. This charm jewellery blog brings the latest instalment in my charm and bead storage series, with a focus on the Pandora Stacking Jewellery Box. I find this box incredibly reminiscent of the Stackers Charm Jewellery Box, albeit a more sizeable option.
The second layer features much longer charm rods and shaped indentations along the top for individual beads. The third layer is a grid design ideal for holding earrings or larger pieces such as pendants. The box is clearly sizeable though I’ve struggled to find specific dimensions but the price is going to be prohibitive for many. For those wishing to acquire the Pandora Stacking Jewellery Box, John Greed Jewellery are still offering the promotion on the first and second layers, though at present, the bottom two layers are unavailable. Victoria is a self-confessed fashion and jewellery fanatic with a passion for writing, photography and horses. As the article says, these were gifts with purchase on Pandora products so you would need to find a Pandora retailer participating. I think it would be nice if you could pick which layer you want, as I do not like the third layer and it would be no good to me.

Mary I have to confess if I had an Astley Clarke box, I would use that all the time too as they are beautiful! When you don’t have to replace lost necklaces, a gorgeous cabinet pays for itself and then some! Pandora enthusiasts tend to be an incredibly brand loyal group and with multiple releases per year, there is plenty of opportunity to acquire new charms. There are four bead rods, a section for rings and then room for bracelets (or a watch) and individual charms. Personally I feel a superior solution would also have been to allow people to select which layer they wanted rather than having pre-defined options at each spend.
I wile away my time enthusing about brands such as Trollbeads, Pandora and Redbalifrog while dabbling with fiction writing. They are nice and I use the top layer to store bracelets that I am wearing at the moment and all my other beads are in my cabinet.
I think they should give you the choice of layer as it’s in keeping with the idea of customised jewellery (customised box too!) I also think it would be great if Trollbeads could do something like this. On the other hand, storing earrings in beautiful jewelry box keeps them in a place you know they’ll stay. At the end of the day, remove precious articles and place them into a convenient jewelry box for safe keeping.

Pandora tend to offer jewellery boxes quite frequently as part of free gift with purchase style promotions. This system is offered as a gift with purchase and different spends qualify you for a different layer. This would allow for a box more customised to each collection, more along the line of the Stackers boxes.
Don’t make it limited at all, make it a permanent offer so people can collect over many years. Functional and beautiful, high quality jewelry boxes pass with other heirlooms down through generations. A spend of ?450 is required to qualify for the entire set inclusive of these final two layers.

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