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With every new season we grow more and more accustomed to seeing the runways brim with endless inspiration. We’ll be frequently updating all our trend guides, so do subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook if you want to keep in the loop with future updates on what’s happening in spring 2015.
Denim becomes a thing of pure luxury for spring 2015, when aside form its rising versatility the fabric gains quite the unique spectrum of interpretations.
As if to set some balance to plethora of silhouettes awash with femininity trending for spring 2015, the androgynous tailoring arises strong and sleek-looking.
Sex-appeal took on a whole new shape for spring 2015,  in the guise of the unapologetically sensual asymmetrical hems. Seeing how every season needs its own individual hallmark, the gingham pattern acts as the perfect one for spring 2015. Next season, suede makes its return to the runway, reimagined to take on a luxurious character and an even richer range of silhouettes. The athletic-inspired silhouettes are far from meeting the tail end of what has been their beautiful process of evolution.

With skirts of all lengths and shapes, wrapping up mini, midi and maxi dresses of all kinds, spring 2015 is about to give us a new lesson in layering. Popping up everywhere on the runways, khaki in all of its wonderful nuances, is the shade expected to add the needed amount of freshness to the upcoming spring season. Worn all over, and barely shielded by a divine print, gorgeous ruffles or a sleek blazer, sultry transparency becomes spring 2015’s answer to blending a timeless sophistication with the art of suggestion.
With the ’70s signing for such a major comeback in 2015, it was bound for at least some of its signature silhouettes to end up revamping the mood for spring. More of the romantic strings waiting to put a hold on the spring 2015 season, take the shape of dainty ruffles and delicate frills gently adorning both daytime and evening wear silhouettes. From the Far East comes the influence responsible for bringing to life one of the most cinematic fashion trends for spring 2015. Spring 2015 saw the metallic silhouettes go from sporty, to slouchy and to perfectly tailored without ever letting go of their emblematic high-shine.
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And as the fashion trends begin to take shape, we know to expect for all the past themes and modern tales to be weaved anew by the bold, the sultry, the retro and the impossibly feminine motifs gracing the catwalk year after year. Look ahead to a fresh set of prints, to plenty of androgynous influences, to luxurious fabrics and a palette of colours that’s being brought up-to-date. But do expect to be fully blown away by it in 2015, as the heavenly renderings that took on the runways look like nothing you have seen before. From beauty to bags and shoes, clothing to hair, here are all the key themes and trends you need to know about.

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