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Learn the basic techniques of jewellery making in metal and make a piece of jewellery each week!
In this course you will learn how to work with metal clay and how to create beautiful pieces, starting from the raw materials and finished to a high standard. Terracotta Jewellery Making ONLINE COURSE - Jewellery Making Classes In Malleswaram Bangalore - You are using an outdated browser For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser. The course covers 10 modules, which will teach you all the essentials you need to know - from what equipment to use and tips and techniques to how to make stunning pieces from things you find around the house. Your voucher code will be sent 24 hours after purchase, along with the website link to redeem from.
No physical materials provided.Once redeemed, you will have access to the course materials for 3 months. This course is for learning purposes only and does not include any qualifications or certifications. Join today to get exclusive half price gift vouchers at your favourite highstreet retailer. The course is a delight as Duncan is very passionate about passing on his skills to students.
Duncan Edwards is a traditional spoon maker and expert cutler working in the industry, in Sheffield, for many years. He now creates 'one off' contemporary pieces of flatware and cutlery for private collections and exhibitions. The course is limited to six places to ensure that there is a good student to teacher ratio, however this does mean that places are limited and as such students are advised to book early to ensure a place on the course. You then forge the bowl of the spoon using a traditional antique spoon block that was made and used in the cutlery industry.
Duncan then helps you to develop your finished spoon design in Britannia Silver for day two.

The silver spoon is made in Britannia silver, which is charged at the time of the course with current metal price. This is the ideal 5 day intensive jewellery making workshop for beginners and for anyone who wishes to learn stone setting, soldering and many more essential techniques. This course combines our 2 day 'Introduction to Jewellery Making' course and our 2 day 'Intermediate' course, with the addition of an added day filled with more useful jewellery making techniques. Teresa Speer holds a BA (hons) in Jewellery and has exhibited both nationally and internationally. You are then given the freedom to transform your silver into whatever beautiful jewellery you desire. The only materials cost will be for the silver used, which will be weighed and calculated accordingly. Includes how to use a jewellers piercing saw, drilling, filing and polishing metal correctly and how to create colour, texture and patinas on metal. We do explain in Tamil, English, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam etc., We do give step by step instruction technically. You follow the course online at your own pace, so it’s easy to fit in around other commitments. Once your voucher has been redeemed, please allow 3 working days to receive your course materials. The second day commences with forging your bar of Britannia Silver into your chosen design shape using all the techniques learnt on day one.
We will advise you of the best places to go to buy your tools in the future, and we even have some shops that will give you a discount for being a student with us.
A qualified teacher, Teresa has been in the jewellery trade for over a quarter of a century, and has been teaching jewellery making for over 18 years.
You will create a beautiful flower pendant using many different jewellery making techniques.

You are given the opportunity to use your newly acquired skills to develop your pieces further. As well as being a chance for you to learn something new and explore your creative side, you might even decide to go into business creating jewellery, so this course could be the stepping stone towards a new career doing something you love. It will teach students how to use a hammer correctly to change the shape of the metal into something of beauty. You will be able to use this new knowledge in many different ways to create your own designs at home after completing the course. This will teach you the full process of forming and soldering a ring shank, correctly sized, and soldered.
Using three different thicknesses of wires we are going to produce a strip, soldering everywhere that two wires cross. The feeling of control of the metal is taught and many forgotten skills passed on by Duncan. You will also create your own setting, which you will solder to your ring before you give a final polish and then set a stone of your choice. So we can say from 50 to 200 solder joints or somewhere in between, which will dramatically hone your soldering skills. After completion of your pieces of wonderful jewellery it is then possible to add some colour with a few useful beading with wire techniques. 8 lacs   Get similar ads More details We will email you new ads of your interest.
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