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Beekeeping Courses at Greystoke Cycle Cafe - We are delighted for another year to welcome Dr David Heaf from his Snowdonian retreat to share with us the benefits of Beekeeping in a Bee friendly and Biodynamic way that puts the needs of the bees before our own.
Occasionally our server hiccups & emails don't get through to us - we always reply - please send your message again if we don't respond within 48 hours . Neil Cruickshank is a popular instructor for local beekeeping groups and provides a clear easy to understand but comprehesive 16 hour course including practical experience that should equip you to keep your own bees at home. Introduction the Beehive, the types of hives to buy, where to site your hive for optimum bee happiness! The Cycle Cafe has cottage gardens which may provide some useful  examples of Bee Friendly plants - also Bee Hives.
Building their own honeycomb reduces the incidence of any potential wax borne challenges to a bee health, systemic or residual being passed from generation to generation through the wax. The fastest will finish and the rest will be able to finsh off at home - and so keep the knowledge to build more for ever.
Natural Bee Keeping is a less time consuming, small-scale, low cost, biodynamic, sustainable, chemical-free, low-impact and organic way of keeping bees. This does not mean that one cannot keep bees in a relaitvely chemical free way with tradfitional hive types. Beekeeping using the traditional picture book hives has been popular since the mid 20th century.
David keeps bees without chemicals and works with the natural rythms of the bee colony . You will need a hat, a veil , some gloves and an old white shirt plus the blessing of those you live with . The course will examine its construction, populating it with bees and managing it throughout the year.

Beekeeper intervention will cover feeding, harvesting honey, wintering, swarming, Varroa, and the options for raising additional colonies and queens. Beekeeping has social, economic and environmental implications: we shall keep these sustainability themes in mind throughout the course.
It is therefore perfect for existing beekeepers keen to learn more and presents a real opportunity to ask questions to the advocators of this biodynamic organic approach . The Trust is indebted to the work of Dr Rudolf Steiner, and inspired by his insight into the nature and importance of bees. Our Quirky Workshops take place at Greystoke Cycle Café, either in our cosy converted barn, our lovely Tea Garden or the farmhouse kitchen. These lovely black and white images have been printed weekly from his intricate wood engravings for the past twenty years! You will have a pizza lunch on a previously made oven and so learn the process of lighting and cooking once your own oven is ready to use. The two pizza ovens at the Cycle cafe are completely covered up during the winter to protect them from frost and rain.
Working on a pole lathe is very relaxing and perfect to de-stress it also requires a reasonable level of fitness. Simon has recently (and consistently) won awards for his work in the much acclaimed 'Craft and Design' publication. Originally Longbows were believed to be around 6ft in length with an estimated draw weight of 90–110 pounds-force maximum. However, since the excavation of the Mary Rose,  (the famous warship of King Henry VIII in service from 1511 until she sunk in 1545).
It was essential that the english army had sufficient young, up and coming archers in the making, and it was a skill requiring huge strength, precision and training .

The Yew trees of England were mostly cut down for longbow production and laws were changed to allow the kings men access to all lands for the extraction of Yew. At some stage we hope to run a YEW English longbow course - please let us know asap to join the list of those interested. Also Beekeeping Beginners weekends along BBKA lines, a family friendly 'Build Your Own Warre Hive' day out of Natural English Cedar in May - perfect for your first sortie into the life of a beekeeper and in a relatively cost effective and organic way. Drier wood feels warmer, is less heat conductive (insulates better) and is less likely to have condensation develop on it. We will attempt to recreate some Beeboles in this Lakeland garden for our own north Lakeland bees in Greystoke. In addition he will introduce Skep Beekeeping for those interested in making a Skep the following day. Simon has been carving in stone for some 20 years and teaching his craft to  students of all abilities throughout the UK and abroad for the last ten. It was believed that a professioal mediaeval archer could shoot an arrow around 350- 400 yardsand an everage archer approx 200 yds. A dry stone walling course incorporating a Lakeland Beebole and also a Skep Making course are also available in Summer 2012 .
However if you read the below article called Why a Warre you will see that Warre Hives do not necessarily compromise honey production at all . Top BarWarre Hives do emulate the spaces that wild bee colonies often select and are favoured in this approach.

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