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Butterflies Children's Jewellery Making Parties at our Margate shop are the perfect answer.
We sell a nice range of Gifts, Jewellery, Soaps, Beads & Jewellery Making Items, Fairtrade Items, Simmering Granules & Oils and more.
We sell for local crafters either on a commission or a rent a shelf basis and always have new handmade items in on a regular basis.

TESTIMONIALSOlga is proud to have received the following feedback from her clients."Thanks ever so much to all who have taken the time to show me your appreciation. Up to 7 children, including the birthday girl, get to make a shamballa style bracelet to take home with the birthday girl getting an additional gift. You can either pay the full amount online or a non refundable deposit of ?20 to confirm your date.

We are a shop based in the lower part of the High Street in Margate co-owned by locals Jenny & Claire.

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