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The versatility of Glass Globe jewellery is perfect for letting your imagination and creative juices run wild. The magazines front cover features our 18x30mm Glass Teardrop Vial with our 8x10mm Cone Pendant Mounts.
Beads have been threaded onto a Headpin and suspended in the 18x30mm Glass Teardrop Vial with Plastic Flowers, Water, Glitter and Washing-up liquid, and then finished with Flatback Crystals and Fish Hook Earring findings.
As you can see from the Glass Globe Rings featured in the magazine, the possibilities are endless.
Our 25mm Glass Globe with 14mm mouth and our 14mm Glass Globe Bezel Ring Setting have been used to make the ring on the right and is also featured in the magazine. This wonderful pendant has been created using our 25mm Glass Globes with our 8x10mm Cone Pendant Mounts, filled with Sea Shells, Water, Glitter and Washing-up liquid and then sealed with Crystal Clay and the 8x10mm Cone Pendant Mount, and then finally decorated with Flatback Crystals and Cabochons using clear Glue. The first time a special gem was associated with a particular month was recorded in the Bible.Moses made a breastplate for the High Priest of the Hebrews according to instructions he received during 40 days in the mountains. My handmade jewellery is unique to Making A Statement Jewellery UK and these unique jewellery designs can only be found here. These are some unique jewellery designs that I have handmade from black and white semi-precious stones and I think that these pieces would compliment the monocrome fashion designs perfectly.
The unique jewellery bracelet has been handmade from polished semi-precious black Onyx and between these black semi-precious stones I have set faceted beads of opal quartz. The long black earrings are a unique jewellery design that are going to go with many fashion designs but will go with the monocrome designs perfectly.
This handmade semi-precious jewellery necklace has been handmade from a collection of pearls, semi-precious black cracked agate semi-precious white howlite and bright red coral beads.
These fashion pieces are certainly bold with there bright yellow colours and unique jewellery designs will certainly make a difference to these pieces. These pieces are stunning and bold and each of these fashion designs will take a bold piece of unique jewellery, semi-precious Turquoise looks beautiful against yellow and lemon and this unique semi-precious necklace design with its chunky semi-precious blue turquoise beads and its chunky semi-precious black onyx beads will look amazing against this bold coloured coat.
Again with these long drop earrings I have used the semi-precious stone Turquoise to create the unique jewellery design, this time I have added the semi-precious stone Arragonite. Because yellow is such a strong colour not all other colours are going to compliment it and it can be difficult finding semi-precious stones that will sit against the yellow clothes. The last of the earring designs have again been handmade from the natural lemon coloured semi-precious arragonite and with this unusual jewellery design I have also added deep yellow coloured cracked agate beads. We always think of gingham being a little bit twee, a bit country and western or even childish but these unusual fashion designs show us that this is not so.

I not only like to mix the semi-precious stones that I use in my unique jewellery designs but I also like to mix the size and the shape of the beads and stones I use in my handcrafted designs. The second of my unique jewellery designs is a pair of handcrafted earrings and again the cube bead I have used in the handmade jewellery design is a cube of Blue Goldstone. The next piece of unique jewellery is a one of a kind handmade jewellery design and again using the Blue Goldstone cubes in the statement designs. The last of the unique jewellery designs that I have added to this collection of statement jewellery examples is a necklace handcrafted from the semi-precious stone Blue Goldstone and the semi-precious stone Red Aventurine, this semi-precious stone Red Aventurine is called red but it is actually a deep burnt orange in colour and this orange coloured semi-precious stone has been used to space the cubes of deep blue Goldstone. Each of these handcrafted jewellery designs are unique, only one piece has been made of these unusual and unique jewellery designs.
Everything from Swarovski beads and Pandora style beads to sterling silver findings and jewellery making supplies. Among my collection of handmade jewellery you will find unique earrings, unique necklaces and unique bracelets each individually crafted with a statement. The unique jewellery necklace has a bib design in the centre and this I have handcrafted from graduating bands of semi-precious Mother of Pearl.
This opal quartz is amazing it almost comes alive when it catches the light and this can be sun light or candle light. This unusual jewellery design has been handcrafted from long teardrop shaped semi-precious black onyx beads and I have only handcrafted one piece of this semi-precious jewellery design. This unique jewellery design with its splash of bright red will look stunning against the black and white of these dress designs. The long lemon coloured evening dress is simple and elegant and just stunning and will need a simple handmade jewellery design to compliment it.
With this unusual jewellery design the combination of the two semi-precious stones look beautiful together and I have used chunky beads of Turquoise and black onyx to create this unusual statement jewellery design. With my unique jewellery I am not afraid of using colour and I think that this necklace handmade from semi-precious Blue Goldstone would go with any of the yellow clothes designs. I like these earrings with the combination of the two yellow colours and the smooth polished beads of the yellow semi-precious arragonite and the deeper yellow colour of the semi-precious cracked agate stone. I have chosen to show you unique jewellery designs where I have used cube shaped beads in the unusual designs, I think that these semi-precious jewellery designs will compliment these clothes designs perfectly.
In the first necklace I have used a combination of the deep sparkly Blue Goldstone and I have used large 12mm cube shaped beads for this handmade jewellery design.
In the centre of this unique handcrafted necklace I have set a single cube of Blue Goldstone and this has been surrounded with semi-precious stones.

This unusual jewellery design was handmade in the UK along with my other semi-precious statement jewellery designs.
This semi-precious stone mother of Pearl bib sits in the centre of an unusual jewellery necklace design handcrafted from round semi-precious Mookaite beads. Because of the long sterling silver earring hooks that I have used with these unusual earrings there will be a lot of movement when they are worn, black and silver is and will always be a classic so I would not count these long black earrings as being a fashion design.
With this handcrafted unusual jewellery design the main part of the handmade jewellery design has been made from freshwater pearls and between the pearls I have placed black cracked agate beads and semi-precious white howlite beads, these two semi-precious stones compliment teach other perfectly and these have then been framed with semi-precious red coral beads.
I think that this pieces of handmade unusual jewellery will compliment the long yellow evening dress, the long earrings will look amazing with the long V shaped necklace line of this dress and will be jewellery that makes a statement.
This Blue Goldstone necklace has large faceted roundel shaped beads in the centre of the unusual jewellery design, the Blue Goldstone sparkles when it catches the light and these large chunky semi-precious beads have been faceted so they catch the light even more. The agate beads have a different texture to the smooth polished arragonite so they add some extra interest to the unique jewellery design. I have set these large cube shaped beads in the centre of the necklace and between each of these I have placed 10mm round cracked agate beads in a strong bright pink colour. I like purple and blue together and again to combine different shapes I have used an irregular shaped nugget of the semi-precious Amethyst and this adds to the originality of this unusual jewellery design. Deep purple coloured semi-precious Amethyst nuggets, lilac coloured amethyst beads and some round lilac coloured agate beads have been added to the unusual jewellery design.
The natural colours of these semi-precious stones compliment the natural colours of the suede that have been used in this statement design and the fringing has been complimented with the long bands of semi-precious Mother of Pearl in the centre of this unique statement jewellery design. At the base of this handmade jewellery design I have used a diamond shaped turquoise semi-precious bead and this them sits under round semi-precious Arragonite beads and sterling silver hooks have been used with the unique design. I think that this handmade jewellery design is a statement piece that will look well with the yellow coat. Again my unique statement jewellery does not follow fashion but I do like working with bold coloured semi-precious stones and the arragonite is one of those with its bright yellow colour. The deep blue of the Blue Goldstone and the bright hot pink certainly make a statement in thus unusual jewellery design and the handcrafted necklace finishes with graduating round semi-precious hot pink beads.
The lilac of the amethyst and agate work beautifully with the Blue Goldstone and then to add an extra design interest to this unique semi-precious jewellery design I have spaced these unusual stones with discs of brigh red semi-precious coral.

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