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HOMEJEWELLERY BOX ONLINE SHOPPING INDIAIndia,jewellery box of india just got better with us offering. These just may be amongst the most splendid images I’ve ever seen in these pages, stunningly gorgeous.
Rupa Gupta: A writer, editor and journalist, Rupa has been in the media for more than two decades. He loves the fluidity and fluency of a saree and believes that when a woman wears a saree, she not only adorns her body but she also adorns her soul.

She seamlessly blends east and west by doing the Bharat Natyam steps and Tango, without missing a beat.
Today, she is a leading Fashion Choreographer with over 1000 shows to her credit in India and abroad.
She has an infectious smile, a youthful sense of the fashion and a timeless sense of the style. She is also a member of the Fashion Design Council of India and a Consultant with Shoot Talent Management.

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