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The colours used are quite neutral and not too bold which is why I think it will go with most decor and would appeal to all ages of women, whether a younger girl looking for their perfect first jewellery box or for the older woman just wanting to protect precious items from being damaged. You can find this gorgeous jewellery box for just ?20 online at Monsoon and whilst you’re there check out the matching jewllery wrap for extra travel convience and for just ?15. Whenever I go away on holiday or even for a weekend, I always end up just chucking my jewellery in a bag as I don’t have any other way of carrying it and then when I arrive and go to choose a piece to wear it takes forever to try and untangle it!! If I’m just going away for a couple of nights, taking a jewellery box seems like an unnecessary piece of luggage. It’s inspired by the portfolios that professional jewellers carry around and is the perfect traveling accessory with zippered compartments, ring and earring holders.
Choose from a great selection of colours including black, pink or light blue with tonal faux-suede interiors and find it on special offer for just $75 RedEnvelope.
This gorgeous chocolate leather jewellery box is the perfect place to store all those special items that you want to keep in a safe place.

Visit the Lola Rose website to purchase this item and to find out more information about the Breast Cancer Campaign products. Multi-strand necklaces and chunky bangles are just too big for squeezing into those little compartments in most jewellery boxes, and closing the lid proves impossible. An extended piece of material wraps around the body of the item and securely ties in a bow. However this gorgeous leather jewellery portfolio seems to be the answer and provides a great and stylish solution for carrying jewellery safetly and lightly.
It has plenty of space and a number of compartments with suede lining in a light tan colour. The jewellery box lid has a large mirror on the inside and the box shuts securely with a brass fastener. It’s a leatherette jewellery cube from Lola Rose and it is the perfect place to store all your special jewellery items.

The box has a top tray with two small open topped compartments, a larger compartment with chocolate leather lid and two long soft cushions – ideal for rings and hoop earrings. Available in this baby blue, pink, red, black or dark blue – there’s a colour to suit person and every mood.
At ?55 it’s not the cheapest jewellery box around but it would certainly be a good investment to store your most precious jewels. Also, I read that they will be supporting the Breast Cancer campaign, donating 20% of online sales from their ‘Pink Products’ range to the charity. The cubes are 15cm x 14cm x 14cm therefore large enough for bracelets and necklaces as well.

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