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The rising prices of precious metals such as silver and gold – especially silver at the moment – is influencing jewellery making from the big brands to designer-makers to home hobbyists.
Metal clay will still remain popular but with people using more copper or bronze clay rather than silver. Bellroy have also introduced a range of new colors – Cognac, Java Tamarillo and Teak, alongside the classics of Black, Cocoa and Blue Steel.
Guess Sunglasses have once again created a stunning frame! Available at Shades of Time in two electrifying colours. Guess have made a bold decision when it comes to colour, by having the frame front in one colour and the temples in another.
With the latest range of Guess Sunglasses about to launch online this week we’ve got a guide below to point you in the right direction of the perfect pair for you! A heart-shaped face is defined by a larger forehead, high cheek- bones, and a soft jawline that leads to a neat, heart shaped chin.
A broad forehead and high cheek-bones that gradually narrow to the chin are characteristics of an inverted triangle-shaped face. A triangle-shaped face is widest horizontally at the chin and gradually narrows to the forehead. With so many elegant rings in the Ti Sento Jewellery range you’ll need all the help you can get to find your perfect ring.
Sterling Silver Rings: Every piece from the TI Sento Ring collection is made from rhodium plated sterling silver. Gold and Rose Gold Plating: Several items in the 2014 TI Sento Milano collection are yellow or rose gold plated. Efflorescent and feminine, the Hot Diamonds Eternal Rose range features precious silver strands playfully interweaved to fashion a bouquet of eternal roses. After stocking the latest collection’s of Bellroy Wallets we’ve got the best tips straight from Bellroy themselves of how to reduce the bulk in your pocket! All of the Bellroy Wallets are made from vegetable tanned leather – A traditional method that helps the leather shape itself with how you use it. The latest Spring range from the ever popular Ti Sento Milano Jewellery is sure to be a hit! Shimmering in the hot sun, Ti Sento has created new silver pieces, which have been cut and polished to make silver look like pave set stones.
Throughout the new Ti Sento 2014 collection, nude coloured stones are combined with touches of rose gold plating to make a feminine and sophisticated statement. Ever since Ti Sento launched its first collection in early 2003, the brand continued to stay on trend and in fashion. Welcome to our new blog; here we’ll be giving updates about new ranges, trends and styles! Bitchy-Online UK offers the opportunity for females to blog about very controversial subjects, speak up, gossip, help each other out by having a say! Tartesia Launches fine fashion Jewellery brand with a spanish soul and International appeal.
We look forward to seeing more of Cherie and her great sense of jewellery fashion over the next coming months.

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The natural 9.13 carat Sapphire From Sri Lanka is looking amazing after being set in the diamond setting.
With no linings, and less waste; it leaves you with a noticeably slimmer silhouette that’s also kinder to our planet. From diamond to an oval shaped face, using the guide below should help you choose the best pair of Guess Sunglasses for the summer season!
Select frames that are wider at the bottom to add width below the eye line and offset a narrow chin. We’ve put together a quick guide on the finishes, sizes and styles Ti Sento has to offer! The rhodium plating gives the silver an extra shine and helps to keep the jewellery looking fresh! The fantastic collection features rose gold, sterling silver, elegant pearls and as always each item of Hot Diamonds is adorned with a stunning diamond!
The pieces are crafted from sterling silver, 18ct rose gold plate or an alluring combination of the two. It sounds straight forward, but there’s really no need for the old receipts and business cards you’ve collected over the years! Go through each card and figure out how often you use it – Only keep in your wallet the cards you use on a regular basis! It has strength, durability and resilience, while also managing to be supple and bend to your needs.
They are then dyed through as semi-aniline leathers, which means they should age much more gracefully than just surface painted leathers.
Ti Sento’s new silver jewellery designs are inspired by the feel of long, hot Italian summers, wherein friends are central and the sun is key. These new silver dipped designs are available in rhodium plated sterling silver with accents of rose or yellow gold plating – these glittering jewels look as if they have been dipped in a magical pool of silver. Combinations of white stones in opaque and mother of pearl with yellow gold plating is a chic and more classic alternative.
The collection of rhodium plated sterling silver jewellery contains rings, wrist wear, necklaces and earrings in stunning designs and dazzling colours. We’ve got some great ranges coming to Shades of Time over the coming weeks including the latest Ti Sento Milano, Hot Diamonds, Guess and all new Bellroy Wallets! Crosses, skulls and stacks of bracelets combined with a denim jacket are perfect for the breezy evenings strolling through the likes of Camden or Amsterdam. Recreate the mermaid look with these pieces that will compliment the day-at-the-beach-look flawlessly.
If you want to find individual vintage pieces, head to your local charity shops and markets.
People enjoy different tastes in fashion and thats really what makes wearing jewellery fun and exciting. Now we can see how things like a simple necklace, bracelet or earrings can really add that glam or wow factor for a particular occasion.

If I could only pick one, it would have to be my diamond and snake pendant given to me as a birthday present by my mum.
We are fanatical about Engagement rings, crazy about Diamond jewellery and passionate about Luxury products.
These are both materials that also have the advantage of being relatively easy to work with at home plus they are very versatile so people can put their own spin on what they create. The GU7307 has a laser etched Guess block logo on the wearers left lens, a subtle yet innovative added touch. Oval or square frames with high temples will help minimize the cheekbones and balance out a narrow chin.
Of course with Ti Sento Jewellery, sterling silver is the base metal – The plating is applied on top of the silver.
Keep them in a safe place by all means, but you don’t need to be carrying them around with you on a daily basis. Also have a sort and organise the cards you use daily so they’re the easiest to access. Pull tabs are on almost all of the Bellroy Wallets, including the Card Sleeve, Slim Sleeve and Passport Sleeve wallets. This vibrant new collection is inspired by the colours of Italian beaches and the warm mediterranean terraces and set with crystals in white, pink, nude and blue tones.
Our favourites from the range our these show stopping Ti Sento Bangles – Available in sterling silver, rose gold and yellow gold.
The third on-trend summer colourway is a combination of cool bluetoned stones set in silver, inspired by the vivid turquoise waters around the Italian seashore and its famous blue lagoon. The name “Bitch” is usually used to degrade women, therefore the movement’s goal is to own the word instead of allowing it to just be used against us.
We spoke to our new jewellery fashion model Cherie this week, who has been out and about wearing her favourite jewellery items. To accompany this adventurous shape are slender temples which have a metal foil Guess logo and pyramid stud details.
To complement the colours of the stones and overall design of the jewel, details such as settings and prongs have been plated. Here is the lowdown on which jewellery trends to look out for in the upcoming months; what you must have in your suitcase for your holiday or for a Saturday afternoon in the beer garden.
One vivid necklace could change the entire look of a simple black or white dress and sandals.
Don’t overdo it: you don’t want to end up looking like you’ve been thrown back into your teenage years.

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