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We gave you a heads up on arm candy at the beginning of the week and it’s now time for neck wear. Top Tip: Let the pendant do the talking and play with long length, double up and choker style chains to add variation to your look. Flagged as a trend in one of our jewellery trend reports on Adorn Insight, we were not surprised to see oversize jewels adorning the Cruise collections of Ferragamo, Tory Birch and Nina Ricci.
These names are often used interchangeably, but there’s a difference between pink, red and rose gold in the copper content. The highest karat version of rose gold is 22 karat and is also know as crown gold.One of the hottest jewelry trends for the summer of 2013 was rose gold.

And the best thing about rose gold is that it works with many styles – from vintage jewelry to modern pieces. And although rose gold jewelry has been around for decades, its popularity increased significantly in the summer of 2013. Rose gold also tends to complement many colors, instead of competing with them.The color of rose gold works well with vintage, as well as contemporary styles. In vintage style jewelry it gives a feeling, reminiscent of Victorian styles, fashion and colors. Rose gold is popular, because it’s different from the traditional yellow and white gold pieces.

Also, its soft pink hue works really well with the soft feminine colors, which are trendy now. Plus, rose gold provides another color for mixing and matching materials and metals.Rose gold adds color and dimension. You can mix it with white and yellow gold on bracelets, rings and necklaces to create an individual style.

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