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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Not long now ladies and youwill be able to ditch the humdrum routine of everyday lifeand leap into the arms of yourlong awaited summer holiday.No matter where you go orwhat you do the aim is torelax and feel good.Here are some summerholiday scenarios and theperfect jewellery to match! Bold And Brash? If you wish to make more of astatement to the locals thensplash out on a big brash goldknuckleduster ring. Cocktails And ClubbingTribal dancing and neon pink cocktails in clubs after sunset? This summer it is all about bold statements and blocks oftantalising colours good enough to turn into cocktails.Welcome back African jewellery! Dinner Date In Paradise? Your man has already shinned up atree to get you the very coconut youdesired and now he is taking you todinner at the best restaurant on theisland, just as the sun sets- well, wecan dream cant we?? To show off your tan on the very lastevening wear light neutral colourssuch as almond or crisp white andfinish off the look with a playfulpastel piece of jewellery. We are just coming to the end of an 10 week long project for Adorn Insight where we batten down the hatches and consolidate all our trend and market intelligence analysis to create our bi-annual trend report for our subscribers.

Earlier this week, whilst browsing the site, I was struck by the extraordinary selection of Victorian bangles. If you’re in the industry and what to know more, our Adorn Insight reports go into a lot more depth about the hows and whys of this Victoriana jewellery trend. I love Victorian style jewellery, and make quite a lot of pieces in a very similar style myself. Silver Victorian bangles certainly have something special about them, each of them being so unique in their own right.
With their streamlinedgeometric patterns and striking colours they add an exoticand playful touch to any summer outfit from beach to bar.Guaranteed to get you noticed on the dance floor!
With the end in sight some of my favourite pastimes start to kick in again such as having the time to browse through the jewellery on Istdibs, a site dedicated to luxury and only the finest jewellery and other objets d’art from decades past.

Not only are they beautiful in detail and silhouette but it’s clear that Victoriana is having a powerful influence on future jewellery trends.
They can be worn on their own or with today’s trends they can even be worn in combination with each other.
What ever outing you are planning, you can find the best jewellery to wear here in this handy guide.

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