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Antique is the kind of jewellery that looks old in its appearence but has an awesome looks and attraction in it.
Big gemstones are being used in jewellery pieces largely as well as the use of beautiful crystals is big too. Earlier this month, fashion took the world by storm with the latest looks strutting down runways in New York, London, and Paris.
Last season it was the single-earring trend; this time around, the earring has transitioned into an unmatched pair. Fun, whimsical gold rings brought playful touches, such as those seen in Valentino’s latest collection. The choker made a serious statement on the runways of Balmain, Chanel, Givenchy, Ralpha Lauren and more.
Pendants of all shapes and sizes were yet another popular way to make a statement with jewelry this season. If you like following the development of the stylish flow of fashion and if you want to feel the pulse of fashion world all the time, then following and knowing the recent changes and shifts of fashion trends is simply necessary for you.
Curious and a bit extraordinary were on mind of the designers, who came up with the range of these interesting and quite noteworthy forms of pendants, introducing more and more creatively worked out and quite spectacular forms and styles.
Another way of making a statement about your personality is choosing these super massive and bold details as the accompaniments for your feminine and charming images thus adding something strong and tough to the image achieving a nice counterbalance of things. The following form of necklaces that really caught our attention is the tube shape coming up with the most diverse color and texture interpretations possible matching any combination and any look just ideally. Wood is the following keyword for the next fashion trend we are going to speak about right now, and wood jewelry is the following way of reaching the perfection with other ideally worked out forms and details, creating quite innovative and great looks out of simple and noteworthy accessories.
Lavishly used beads and jewels can also be noted in the range of catchy looks here, encompassing colorful and multi-motived pieces and combining a whole range of different and quite interesting shapes and forms together, let alone the combos of colors applied. Metallic details represent the next spring 2015 jewelry trend we may think over, having a look at the most creative and modern interpretations that these forms may acquire. Natural stones turned out to be the following noteworthy and cool material that can be used for the creation of unique and spectacular jewelry pieces. Chains are the following impressive and curious interpretations that we may note, taking the exemplars from the diversified and modernized looks from the top popular fashion shows. Geometric shapes are the unquestionable accompaniment to any range of fashion trends and this time this range was also quite impressive and fresh encompassing some absolutely cool and exquisite forms for making a personality statement and combining them with the ideal garment combinations.
Experiments with forms, shapes, and colors gave birth to the incredible variety of pieces like earrings too, coming with the biggest diversity of materials and textures as well as the combinations with creatively worked out design combinations with garments.
Feathers and fur appear to be the following accentuating materials that many of the designers boldly opted for coming up with multi-colored and beautiful looks. Luxurious and royal gold again proves to be staying among the top jewelry trends for spring 2015, coming up with such examples as the golden chains from Moschino, the golden rush of jewelry at Valentino, the golden necklace combinations at Versace and many other shows and collections, where golden came to match colorful and extravagant design details.
Upper arm bracelets are the following noteworthy details we would like to note, speaking about such looks as the tiny pearled options at Viktor & Rolf, in case of which the golden texture of the bracelet was matched with the duo of white pearls, and the stunning alternatives from Cushnie et Ochs, in case of which we had the combination of wide forms and golden shades creating those impressive arm cuffs.
Chokers also came with a renovated and great design, combining textures, colors, combinations and details. Hippie inspired jewelry pieces also managed to catch our attention here coming explained with the typical color diversity and a variety of shapes.
Extravagant and unusual style solutions many designs used for creating spectacular jewelry designs form the next uber-amazing jewelry trend for the coming spring season.
This form of belts is probably the next renovated comeback of the popular accessory trends having existed for quite a while. Minimalism is really noticeable in the recent collections of the designers and the tininess of the details used sometimes is also an important aspect for those looks. In contrast to the previous trend, this one seems to be the polar contradiction, representing the most extraordinary and exquisite forms of belts that could ever be invented in order to accompany the images and combinations with innovative pieces and shapes maximum effectively. Get The Latest Trend Reports And News To Your Inbox For Free!We'll send you only the hottest stuff. Geometric shapes: No fashion report is complete without a mention about geometric shapes, which are a major component of fashion pieces. Statement watches: No fashionista will step out of her home this season without an eye-catching statement-piece watch. Belts: One of the most important accessories for fashion divas, the belt has made a popular comeback in recent times.
This concept began with the intention of giving customers a whole new shopping experience and increasing the choice of designs,styles and trends in jewellery with both traditional and contemporary tastes within an elegant ambience and quality service.

If you choose the right jewellery items according to that of seasonal trends,you can have a personality that is called trendy, stylish and up to date! This year natural effects related to Flora and Fauna inspiration, are going to be in vogue. There is a huge collection of jewellery present in the markets and exhibitions that is of various bright colours.
Platinum and diamond jewellery is extremely luxurious and enriched taste of jewellery sense and choice,for wedding specially. In jewellery, the use of pearls and beads is so lovely and stylish that it can give a totally different but nice looks to the jewellery. While the new collections are always the main focus, accessories catch a fair amount of attention too – jewelry among them. Worn on each finger, or stacked on just a few, these charming rings elicit the carefree aura of summer.
Bold metals and colorful gems were equally popular materials, giving this tight-fitting necklace a range of styles for the season’s latest looks. Loud, funky, fresh and fun, the pendant is a fabulous piece of jewelry to elevate an ensemble or even spark up a conversation. The inclination towards the ancient charm bracelets is another detail making them so specific.
Basically coming with metallic forms these necklaces are the thing you need to prove that you are the tough type in fact. The variety of the material used for the creation of these necklaces is another matter of discussion, suggesting the craziest variants you could ever imagine. Thus you may have a look at the asymmetrical forms of wooden necklaces and jewels from Nina Ricci, the squared wood bracelets from Donna Karan, the abstracted wood earrings from Marni and others. Thus we may present the elongated and colorful necklaces from Giambattista Valli, the choker-like necklaces from Givenchy again having some beads and tiny jewels on, the pinky interpretations of necklaces and the abstracted and jeweled looks from Nina Ricci, the massive and big jewelry pieces from Tom Ford, and the uber luxurious jewels from Ralph Lauren. Coming in combinations with colors and in solo, with big and small shapes and with classic and modern accents, these pieces will really manage to capture your imagination. Basically turning into massive details, these options came as counterbalances for feminine images, at the same time contributing to the eye-catching color combinations and overall color palette. For instance, we my talk about the minimalistic and classic metallic forms of chains from Nina Ricci, the delicate and wider designs from Saint Laurent, the pendant-types of chains from Versace, the squared geometric forms from Balenciaga, the super macro forms from Christian Dior, the luxurious interpretations from Gucci, the XXL chain necklaces from Stella McCartney, and many more. Thus you may have a nosey at the options like the massive floral-printed bracelet from Celine, the multiplied bracelets from Chanel also combining different shades, the square forms from Donna Karan, the rounded patterns from Emilio Pucci, the stripy black and white options from Giorgio Armani, the graphic forms of black and white earrings from Proenza Schouler, and so forth. Such were the massive earrings from Marni, the elongated glittery earrings from Nina Ricci, the fan earrings from Cushnie et Ochs, the rose gold swirls of Tory Burch, the massive elongated golden designs from Loewe, the more minimalistic options from Prada, another type of minimalism from Christian Dior, the golden Victorian-inspired earrings from Altuzarra, the all-white options from Louis Vuitton, and many others. Such were the two great interpretations by Fendi, and Isabel Marant in both cases of which we encountered quite a creative approach towards these classic and luxurious details.
For inspiration, you can check out such looks as the translucent with gold options from Balmain, the mosaic interpretations from Chanel, the chained jewelry pieces from Christian Dior, the pearled looks from Coach, the dual stripes from DKNY, the single mosaic chokers from J.W. Especially noteworthy were the hippie colorful fringed necklaces from Creatures of the Wind, the green big jewel hanging from the silver bracelet seen at Derek Lam, the circular forms from Emilio Pucci, the feathery designs from Etro, the necklaces of Louis Vuitton, as well as the options from Marni, Narciso Rodriguez, Stella Jean, and many others. Beautiful interpretations of the trend can be found in the spring 2015 collection of Dolce & Gabbana again making the statement accent on the femininity. In this respect, we should mention the imaginative feathery watches of Fendi, the modern chunky watches spotted at Diesel Black Gold, the horsebit bracelets of Gucci, the electric blue watches and bracelets of Emporio Armani, the safety-pin earrings from Giorgio Armani, the athletic bracelets of Fendi, and the singe-earring styles spotted at Nina Ricci, Louis Vuitton, and others.
Now, coming with almost all the possible shapes and forms harness belts really manage to form an essential aspect of your garde-de-robe coming as accompanying details for such shapes as high-waisted pants, classic garments and experimental fresh outfits.
The color and texture interpretations that the designers managed to combine skillfully lead to quite interesting and cool combinations spiced up with correctly textured and colored belts. So the randomly tied white belt from Haider Ackerman is one of the first options that caught our attention, coming followed by the snakeskin patterned belts from Lanvin, the golden pendant-like belts from Celine somehow combining the tininess with catchiness, the super massive forms of Balmain, the golden royal designs by Chanel, and so on.
Thus, in this respect we may speak about the white with blue OBI belts from Alexander Wang, the darker interpretations with O-rings from Edun, the minimalistic and monochrome designs from Creatures of The Wind, the sporty OBI belts from Tome, the all-white options from Loewe,the reptile-skin hints from the wide red pieces from Saint Laurent, and many others.
Laconic and minimalist classy gloves form a spate accessory trend for the new season thanks to the creative designs of KTZ, Emanuel Ungaro, Jean Paul Gaultier, Moschino, Lena Karnauhova and others.
Keep on experimenting and follow the flow of fashion to have stylish and cool looks all the time!
The trends in clothes, jewellery and accessories are ever-changing and what was the ‘coolest’ today could be easily dumped for a ‘hotter’ trend the very next day. Wood jewellery is now available in quirky and innovative designs and is giving tough competition to other metals.

This year too will see an impressive and different line-up of geometry-inspired jewellery including square forms from Donna Karan, Emilio Pucci’s rounded patterns and multiple bracelets from Chanel.
Available in single or mixed colours, in big and small shapes, metallic bracelets are the fad this season. Shawl designs include geometrical shapes, animal motifs and polka dots in pastel shades like light pink, dove blue and mint. Popular designs this season include feathery watches, horsebit bracelet watches and electric blue watches.
Harness belts, tiny belts, obi belts and many others are now an indispensable part of people’s wardrobe and are the perfect accessory for high-waist pants, vintage garments and experimental fresh outfits. Here we go for some predictions or possible jewellery trends that are going to be big in 2015. Classic earrings,pendants,bracelets,rings,necklaces and ankle bracelets look so nice and trendy. So it’s expected that in 2015, the weddings will have a show of platinum and diamond items.
Pearls and beads are being used in braceletes, brooches, ankle bracelets, pendants, necklaces, earrings and in the other pieces. Like fraternal twins, these earrings share much of the same DNA but each piece offers something a little (or a lot) different from its partner in the pair. Beloved activities such as champagne brunches, oyster lunches, sailboats full of nautical rope, and plenty of coral decor have all inspired these adorable rings and more!
So if you would like to finish up your look with a vivid personality statement then opting for one of these options is a nice choice. Thus, you may go for the big and long options from Giambattista Valli, the numeric and framed necklaces from Chanel, the panther-imprinted golden option from Lanvin, the huge and curious forms from Edun, or some other type you may like more. Thus you may have a look at the shiny glass-like tube necklaces from Salvatore Ferragamo, the puzzled and intertwined variants from Giorgio Armani, the classic and metal with all black dual tube necklaces from Marni, and many others.
You may find you inspiration in the metallic with colorful twisted looks from 3.1 Phillip Lim, the framed and massive options from Lanvin, the classic and minimalistic bracelets from Louis Vuitton, the stripy motives from Balmain and many other.
Such were the huge and asymmetrical forms from Narciso Rodriguez, and the stripy squared accessories from Marni.
Anderson, the choker with pendant piece from Lanvin, the bejewelled looks from Ralph Lauren, the luxurious option from Versace, etc. No less amazing are the luxurious and royal jewelry designs at Givenchy, the cross from Gucci, the bejeweled looks from Prada, the luxurious floral bibs of Oscar de la Renta, as well as the gorgeous options from Bottega Veneta, and others.
Thus this was the choice of the artistic representations by Rodarte coming with quite massive forms of metallic details, Dior coming with incredibly feminine and tiny interpretation and creating quite a unique final touch for the feminine image, Giorgio Armani with the smaller form of the metallic part of the belt, this time picking the gray shade for all, and so on. This was what Nina Ricci came up with introducing the brownish small belts worn over knitted tops, the roughly tied mini-tube-like belts from 3.1 Phillip Lim, the following curious interpretation from Altuzarra, again combining the brown tone with the lighter background, and so on.
Coming to headscarves, they are available in dull colors like grey, blue and white adorned with geometrical designs or are kept simply plain. These jewellery predictions are extracted from the recent runways that launched the 2015 Fashion.
Handmade jewellery has a unique appearence in itself and this kind of jewellery shows the traditional touch in it. Turquoise,navy blue,aqua colour,dark blue and azure are the shades that are of great importance in the jewellery sense. For inspiration you may have a look at the hand-shaped relic pendants by Celine, the encaged stone by Giorgio Armani, the curious chained option by Derek Lam, and many others. As for fur, the ear poms at Timo Weiland are probably the coolest interpretations we may note. Breastplate necklaces, available in large metallic forms, are also preferred as they present a bold image. Using as many different colour and texture combinations possible, tube necklaces are the items to look out for in 2015. Tube necklaces include Salvatore Ferragamo styled shiny glass-like tube necklaces and puzzle designs from Giorgio, Armani among others.

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