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The company reported that total sales for the fourth quarter increased 5 percent, year-over-year, to $2.28 billion. The company owns several jewellery chains led by Kay Jewelers and Zales Jewelers in the mid-market, Jared the Galleria of Jewelry in the up market and Piercing Pagoda in the low end of the market. The mid-market Kay Jewelers chain saw a 7 percent increase in same-store sales for the fourth quarter. The company said lower spending among foreign tourists was the reason because of the strength of the U.S.
In the full-year period, same store sales and total sales in the Americas were down 4 percent and 2 percent, respectively. Pandora, the Danish success story, saw sales in the Americas region increase 13 percent year-over-year in local currency. If you are a neat freak, you’ll probably want to look away now, because I can promise you that none of these earrings will match. Asymmetric earrings are big news in fine jewellery design right now, and I for one am hooked.
It is a long-held scientific suggestion that symmetrical faces are perceived as more beautiful; our brains find such neat patterns soothing and comforting.
The mismatched images on these earrings by Anna e Alex have been created by printing the designs onto cotton. The reason she gives for this is that while our brains can process symmetry easily, and as such enjoys doing so, if the object is asymmetrical our brains linger longer trying to process it and as such we feel drawn to it in a more powerful way.
These asymmetrical earrings by Fei Liu were designed around two pieces of antique jadeite to symbolise clouds on the left and wind on the right.
New York jeweller Margery Hirschey specialises in creating earrings that do not match, and while she fell into the technique as a fledgling jeweller she has stuck with it and says she loves the creative edge they offer.
Margery Hirschey has brought together a tumble of mixed gemstones set in gold to create this pair of mismatched earrings. Paraiba tourmalines and rubellite swap places to give these earrings by Vanleles a quirky twist. While odd earrings might drive perfectionists mad, these intriguing and titillating designs certainly do it for me. Van Cleef & Arpels Cerfs-Volants earrings show soaring kites in gold set with sapphires, diamonds and mother of pearl.
It’s an annual gathering that began 101 years ago as a way for working journalists who cover the White House to acknowledge award-winners, present scholarships, and give the press and the president an evening of friendly appreciation. Gina Rodriguez wore Harry Kotlar diamond earrings, Harry Kotlar ring and Chimento bracelet. The main event isn’t too shabby either with the president and his administration the subject of a (usually) friendly roast and then returning the favour by telling a few jokes of his own at the expense of the White House press corps.
Washington is known as town in which the majority women in government wear conservative pants suits adorned with a simple white pearl necklace. I was also a bit surprised at how many jewellery companies took this event seriously as a place to show their best pieces. Forevermark was in the forefront again, adorning no fewer than four guests in their sparkling white diamond, white metals jewellery. Like the Oscars and Golden Globe Awards, white was the overall look of the evening when it came to jewellery. All of the jewels and gowns were appropriate and tasteful as they should be as the president is the guest of honour.
Last week we had an electrifying five days in London as the city was once again taken over by London Fashion Week (LFW), an event famous for championing the freshest design talent. Hoops proved to be popular among fashion designers choosing to accessorise collections with jewellery this season. Other designers stuck to a pair of simple hoop earrings, among them Lucas Nascimento who offset a deep V-necked floral sweater with a chin-grazing pair as well as dressing models in bronzed neck hoops, and Ashish who dressed a wide diversity of models in silver ear hoops ranging from jaw length to collar length.
The majority of designers linked multiple hoops together to create longer shapes, such as Jonathan Saunders’ shoulder-length earrings made up of three graduating black, silver and white hoops. They say not all things in life are created equal, and this was definitely the intention of some LFW designers when it came to earrings.

Simone Rocha threw in a couple of single and double chokers made from beads but mainly interpreted the trend by winding strands of the models’ hair round their necks. The catwalks for AW15 were awash with all-black ensembles, and some designers extended this theme to jewellery. Simone Rocha also ramped up the glamour of evening collections with black jewels made from shiny oversized faceted beads, wrapped round necks and dropping from ears, to tie in with jewel embellishments on the clothing. While brooches tend to straddle the fashion and jewellery genres, many jewellers still create them and if the LFW catwalks are anything to go by, we could be seeing demand for them rise in AW15. Vivienne Westwood Red Label offset the chaos of its punk-inspired collections with pretty antique-style silver and pearl brooches on the lapels of coats and collars of shirts, while Bora Aksu positioned big floral crystal brooches over shirts’ top buttons and Sibling used two brooches connected by a chain to close its cardigans and jackets. Traditionally the focus of an earring is all there up front: chandeliers, outward-projecting hoops, twinkling studs, even ear cuffs. British jeweller Shaun Leane has long been making use of the much-ignored rear view of earrings. This classic collection has been hugely popular, paving the way for similar designs, and has evolved in recent years with diamonds set into the back section of the tusks, making their rear even more eye-catching. Some designers are now creating feature earring backs that can be attached to existing earrings, allowing wearers to update their jewellery boxes instantly.
Another way to work this trend without adding too much length to the design is the ear jacket, perfect for those who want to buy into this trend but prefer studs. This interpretation can give lots of options for designs, and is a great way to display diamonds or coloured gemstones. The TJC online magazine, keeping you up to date with the latest in jewellery trends and designs, interviews and behind the scenes sneak peeks! The warmer season is almost in full swing, with the clocks finally having gone forward; allowing us to enjoy longer, brighter days.
The style has remained popular for spring and summer over the last couple of years, and for good reason. Suitable for wearing with feminine floral fashions, soft pastels, double denim or 70s glam, the gladiator is one of the most versatile shoe trends of the season. Whether you choose a flat pair, one with heels, a pair in a neutral shade or go for something brighter, this is one style you have to own right now. If you want to rock the 70s look, nothing will complete your outfit better than a pair of chunky platform heels. This style of heels is actually easier to walk in than normal heels, as the platform creates less of an angle, reducing pressure on the balls of your feet.
Sports are really influencing the high street and catwalk this season, with designers teaming trainers with professional or evening looks.
Whatever the reason behind this trend, we suggest you make the most of it and get yourself some stylish sneakers. Rather than your tatty old pair, think clean lines with a splash of statement shade or unusual pattern. This Sunday saw the worldwide launch of German porcelain manufacturer Meissen’s first couture collection and a high-end jewellery range sat alongside stunning bags, accessories and Haute Couture evening gowns inspired by the antique paintings and traditional decor of the Maison, founded in 1710. Wowing the crowds at the luxurious Villa Meissen, tucked away in a courtyard in the Montenapoleone fashion district of Milan, the Meissen couture jewellery collection is definitely fine rather than fashion and the watchword is discretion rather than opulence and flamboyance, albeit laced with diamonds and gold. In addition, there appears to be a continued lack of confidence among consumers in the long-term prospects of the U.S.
Among its chains, Kay saw a 7 percent increase in same-store sales for the fourth quarter, followed by a 6 percent increase for Piercing Pagoda. These designs are exciting, provoking and fun, and it seems there might be some science behind why we are attracted to mismatched earrings. The thinking behind this is that symmetry suggests good genes – although there are recent studies that challenge that assumption. To spot the differences that make each unique you must work a little harder in your admiration that you would simply evaluating a matching pair. It was actually a political event known as the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. However, it has grown into an event of glitz and glamour in which celebrity guests, pre-dinner receptions and post-dinner parties have in many ways overshadowed the main dinner, as I witnessed when I attended the event in 1998.

However, for this event, political leaders, political opinion makers and White House reporters get to rub shoulders with Hollywood’s finest. The De Beers jewellery brand shows that it’s serious about its push into the US market, which began in a big way almost a year ago. One of the few persons showing any flesh was Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Hannah Davis. Issa took the concept further than most with simple gold hoops on models’ wrists and elbows, on both arms in a Grecian style, and also as necklaces and earrings.
JW Anderson sent models down the runway with one large triangular earring on the right lobe and anything from a perspex fold to a metallic hoop on the left, so long as it didn’t match. Julien MacDonald kept it simple with retro-esque thick, black material chokers while Vivienne Westwood Red Label tapped into the brand’s punk heritage with a selection of chokers and short colliers that took inspiration from dog collars, tools, chains and spikes. Also at the avant garde end of the spectrum was Giles’ gothic Victoriana show that included a standalone ruff choker and ruff cuffs. Julien MacDonald created darkly alluring jewels to complement black and jewel-toned eveningwear that included necklaces and earrings made out of glossy, blackened metal wound into fluid lines. The design of the brooches was as varied as where they were placed – pinned to coats, buttoned on dresses and taking the place of ties on shirts. A penchant for maximalism will lead into a season of minimalism; a vogue for vintage will be reprimanded into irrelevance with a smack of super modernism.
But what is so easy to forget is that the post of an earring goes two ways, providing equal opportunity for design at each end.
One of his most iconic designs is the Signature Tusk earring, which uses a much longer section of metal at the back, which doubles as the fastener, to give the appearance that the wearer has a caveman-esque tusk hooked through the ear.
Annoushka has created just such a product, the Frost earring back in 14ct yellow gold with a single Keshi pearl designed to hang below the lobe, and pop’s princess provocateur Rihanna has been snapped wearing one.
This quirkily named design again uses a stud for the forward-facing section that fastens into a metal plate decorated with multiple jewels along its lower edge. What better reason do you need to hit the high street and expand your shoe collection than the fact that spring is here?
As we head into April, one of the main things we're thinking about is exactly what shoes we should be wearing. These come in many styles, from boots to strappy designs, giving you plenty of ways to create a retro ensemble and still wear your personal style.
This could be a sign that fashion has realised that comfort is just as important as looking good.
Meissen’s signature touch is the use of hand-painted porcelain, reproducing icons and symbols of the 300-year old manufacturer – blossom and dragons; but there is nothing old-fashioned about these stunning, contemporary jewellery pieces. And wherever Hollywood celebrities gather, even in the centre of political power in the US, there is high fashion.
She was also one of the few people who chose a bit of colour in her jewellery, wearing long earrings and ring by a brand new jewellery brand, Arya Esha.
Because you see, sometimes the easiest way to quench this thirst for newness is to turn the exiting trend on its head, which leads me to one of the most interesting jewellery styles making noise right now: earrings with big backs. When worn, the earring looks like one central stud in the lobe with a line of gems touching the bottom edge of the ear. Whatever your style, step outside of your comfort zone and let your shoes make a statement. Meissen has given porcelain a new lease of life as jewellery, with an understated language and approach, behind an elegant wooden door in the high-class Quadrilatero quarter of Milan.
I need to ask the company’s founder, Priyanka Murthy, how she managed to get her jewels on someone at such high-profile event being so new to the industry. The company said more people are buying their rings on the website but are spending less as the average sale price declined.

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