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Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is defined as the cessation of airflow during sleep preventing air from entering the lungs caused by an obstruction. Snoring is caused by a narrowing of your airway, either from poor sleep posture or abnormalities of the soft tissues in your throat. With one of the largest ranges in Diamond Rings and Diamond Jewellery in Northern Ireland, you may have already heard of us! Depending on availability, we will sometimes be able to offer you a diamond with a higher Colour or Clarity Grade than you have chosen, we will only do this if the price of this diamond is the same or lower than the price for the grading you originally selected. Although we recommend Colour G Diamonds and Clarity SI1 will supply whichever grade you prefer, please select whichever grades you prefer.
All Diamonds (unless otherwise stated) will have a minimum of a Good grading for Cut, Polish and Symmetry and will be Non Fluorescent.

Due to our heritage as a wholesale Jeweller, Gardiner Brother had a strict trade card entry policy, meaning in times gone by that only retailers were permitted to purchase our products. In more recent times Retail Jewellers have tried to cut us out of their supply chain and purchase directly from manufacturers, this, along with the increase of internet sales, has meant that we have relaxed our entry policy. At Gardiner Brothers we are proud of the loyalty our customers have shown to us since we opened in 1937, with families returning to us over many generations for all their jewellery needs.
To reward our many regular customers, we have recently introduced a loyalty card, allowing you to collect points which can be redeemed against your next purchase. A beautiful twist on a traditional engagement ring, a bit more distinctive than the normal 3 brilliant cut ring. Please take your time and browse our range of sterling silver Celtic Jewellery and contemporary sterling silver jewellery.

These periods of 'stopping breathing' only become clinically significant if the cessation lasts for more than 10 seconds each time and occur more than 5 times every hour. Our hope is that it may give you an insight of what we represent, as proud Jewellery Wholesalers who have brought our beloved customers that little something extra special for more than thirty years. When Cahoons Wholesale Jewellers first began, we sourced only the finest stones and most precious metals from across the world, using only the best designers and craftsmen to create the most unique and quality jewellery pieces you will find anywhere. Sign up to be a customer and see our full range of Sterling Silver Celtic Jewellery including silver Celtic rings, Celtic pendants, Celtic earrings, Claddagh Jewellery, Celtic Knot work Jewellery and a lot more Celtic Silver Jewellery.

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