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March 8th is International Women's Day celebrated to honor women's economic, political and social achievements over the years. It's important for us, all of us, to recognize this day to see how far we, as a society, have come.
As hemlines raised, heels became more visible, making the way for more decorative shoe styles. The first annual National Women's Day was celebrated in 1909, which was declared by the Socialist Party of America.
Chanel was a guarded person and fought for her own destiny, carving a world for herself that was at odds with her humble beginnings-- like many women in power today. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, this time directed by Baz Luhrmann (Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge) with design by his wife, Catherine Martin. The Triangle is celebration this day on March 17th at the RBC Center's Women's Empowerment 2012, featuring keynote speaker Tyra Banks. Trya, modeling vintage tassel earrings on the right, is a great advocate for women's empowerment.
The model, actress, media personality and author has been acknowledged as one of the most successful models of her generation.

It was also seen as fashionable to turn up the brim of the hat.The Cloche Hat – Now Angelina Jolie wears a cloche hat in the 1920s set film ‘Changeling’ (2008)The cloche hat has still survived in modern day times with designers like Armani and Ralph Lauren recreating the look. Women now don't have to rely on men to wear beautiful jewels, they can buy jewelry for themselves! Nordstrom Split Brim Felt Cloche Hat.1920s Headbands Actress Renee Adoree in 1920s era decorated headbandDuring the peak of the jazz age in the 1920s, headbands were all the rage. Decorated with precious gems, metals or even feathers, the headband made the perfect flapper accessory. As possibly the most iconic of all female designers, Coco Chanel was largely responsible for ridding women of the corset and restrictive clothing.
And the style has even made a resurgence today thanks to music festivals and bohemian fashion.Headbands TodayThroughout the years, the headband has been simplified.
In the early 1920s, Coco Chanel sparked a new casual elegance for women's fashion, the "boyish" trend. Some are made just in fabric materials while others evoke the highly opulent spirit of the 1920s. Tasha Vintaged Crystal Headband.1920s Jewelry Louise Brooks wears a feather dress with pearls and head cap.

1920s glamour at its finest.In the 1920s, jewelry was inspired by the art deco movement which was defined by rich colors and geometric shapes as well as bold embellishment. Chanel founder Coco Chanel also had a major influence on jewelry with the introduction of costume jewelry.
But you can not forget pearls which were a favorite of burlesque dancer Josephine Baker.Art Deco Jewelry Today Actress Carey Mulligan shows off 1920s, art deco inspired jewelry in 2013’s ‘The Great Gatsby’Today art deco is still a major influence on jewelry designers. Popular shoes styles of the time were all about straps since these heels would stay on while dancing.
These included Mary Janes with ankle straps, T-straps that feature strips on the ankle and middle of the foot as well as pumps that had no straps.

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