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The Largest Selections of Jewelry Displays Jewelry displays are more than just a pretty place to display your jewelry! Store Supply Warehouse guarantees low prices on a large line of jewelry display cases and showcases. Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry.
The end result: I was very pleased with my handiwork, considering the only power tool I used was a drill to make hanging rods for my earring trays. I would have ordered these boxes online, but shipping to Hawaii is really expensive, that’s why I decided to make them myself!

This is a lovely idea to display your jewellery, but I do think as I have neither the patience or expertise to make my own trays, the ones from Nile corp are fantastic value. Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows. Copyright © 2003-2016, Rena Klingenberg (or guest author named in article byline), and may not be reproduced without author's permission.
I used some for earrings, necklaces with removable inserts and bracelets on a holder fashioned from unused paint roller pads wrapped with fabric. One catch: it takes a lot of time to make these, so if you enjoy DIY projects then this one is for you!

Also great for Watches and JewelryProSource 18 Piece Sunglass Eyewear Eye Wear Display Tray Case Stand.
The walnut stained boxes also looked very nice, and the imperfections just added to the character!

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