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Jewelry Making Kits for Kids Contain Everything Needed to Create your Own AWESOME Jewelry.!Creativity for Kids Kits from Faber-Castell offer Fun-Packed Opportunities for Children to Create, Pretend, Explore and Learn.
KIDS JEWELRY MAKING KITSA) Best Friends ForeverFLOWER BRACELETS KITMakes 12 Awesome Braclets.Instructions included. How to Make Polished Stone EarringsEasy instructions for making a pair of beautiful earrings from jewelry parts. Polished stones come in thousands of shapes and sizes, so why not make yourself or someone you love a pair of beautiful polished stone earrings? When making polished stone earrings there are four features of the stone that you will need to consider.
To make polished stone earrings you will be gluing stone and earring post to one another so it is necessary to rough up both surfaces because jewelry glue does not adhere well to smooth surfaces. The earrings on the left are made out of dyed howlite and the earrings on the right are made out of carnelian.

Using a piece of sand paper lightly sand the area of the stone that will be touching the earring.
Cleaning will remove any sanding residual left on the pieces as well as remove any oily fingerprints. We use Epoxy 330 but there are many other types of adhesives that will work well (we review several types of glue here).
Remember, if you made many different sets of earrings than you can wear a pair with any outfit you decide to wear. It has about 100 pages of basic gemstone information and about 200 pages dedicated to photos and descriptions of over 100 gems and gem materials. Make a set of earrings to match every outfit you have to ensure you never feel like your jewelry doesn’t match your outfit as well as you would like.
If the sanding residual and oily fingerprints are not cleaned off than the glue may not adhere properly allowing the stones to pop off of the earring more easily.

Begin by placing one drop of Part-A, the resin, and one drop of Part-B, the hardener, next to each other on a piece of cardboard. Using the toothpick put a thin coat of the thoroughly mixed epoxy on the stone where you sanded it and put a thin coat of the epoxy on an earring pad. It is a good idea to include the name of the stones in the card or on a piece of paper with in the package so the recipient will be able to tell people what they are.
If the post starts to slide off you may need to hold it in place for a few minutes until the epoxy starts to set. Once the epoxy starts to set you should be able to let go of the earring post and have it stay in place for the rest of the epoxy hardening time.

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