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Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry.
This disaster preparedness list covers a few simple things you can do now, so you can avoid a lot of the stress and hassle of an unexpected emergency. In addition to doing some personal disaster planning and prep for yourself and your family, I highly recommend that you also take a few steps now to protect your jewelry business in the event of an emergency. Some of these steps below are systems you can easily set up now, that will enable you to continue your jewelry business without interruption. The other steps involve simply gathering and packing some essential things now, so you can just quickly grab them up and go in an emergency.
Nothing is more important during a disaster than getting yourself and your family to safety.
If you barely have time to escape with your life, don’t stop to grab your purse, your disaster kit, your files, or anything else.
Using Internet-based services and file storage is one of the best ways to protect the online aspect of your business. That way, if your computer is damaged or disappears during a disaster or theft, all of your files, photos, and even email are still intact and readily available to you.
It’s a good idea to have your email set up on a web-based account such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. As long as you have access to a smartphone (cellphone with Internet capability), or a computer and an Internet connection, you can keep up with your email and communicate with your customers. You can choose to make your bookmarks public so other people can see them too, or to keep them private for your eyes only.
Many jewelry artists already upload their photos to an online image storage-and-sharing service like Flickr. Choose to keep them private, or to share them with specific people you’re working with.
As you check off things on your disaster preparedness list, decide what you’ll do regarding your computer in the event of an emergency. Online services like Carbonite, Sugarsync, and Dropbox will backup your files and store them in the cloud, (in their own servers) that you can access from anywhere. If you have a laptop computer, keep a laptop backpack or carrying case stored handily nearby. Then in the event of an emergency (and if you have time to do this safely), you can grab your laptop, mouse, and power cord and toss them into the carrying case to take with you or move to a safer place. Someone once told me that the safest place to stow your CPU during a disaster is inside the dishwasher in your kitchen! The dishwasher is made to keep water in during washing, so it’s also going to be good at keeping water (and other stuff) out during a disaster. Of course, make sure no one will be turning the dishwasher on until your CPU is safely removed from it again.
Another thing to take care of on your disaster preparedness list is your important printed paperwork and documents. I recommend deciding ahead of time which papers and files you’d want with you if you had to evacuate or move things to a safer place. Social security cards, passports, and other identification that’s essential to have and hard to replace.
Business and personal insurance papers, including your policy numbers and the contact info for your insurance agent or company. Since this file box contains a lot of sensitive info, it’s a good idea to store it out of sight in case your home is ever broken into. If you need to evacuate to another location, you may be really glad to have some of your jewelry tools and supplies with you. In A Beader’s Hurricane Katrina Success Story, Melanie Solis tells how she grabbed some of her tools and supplies at the last minute before fleeing from the storm. Delia also decided at the last minute to bring her case of jewelry making supplies with her as she fled. She says her only regret was that she hadn’t also grabbed her finished jewelry inventory before leaving home, since she could have sold several of her pieces in shops and home parties via people who wanted to help her.
So how can you bring your jewelry supplies with you at a moment’s notice – and in a relatively compact container?

You can find all kinds of containers like this in the organizing-container section of stores like Staples, Target, Walmart, etc. Top drawer – beading supplies (earwires, headpins, leather cord, beading wire, clasps, crimp beads, new mini-ziplocks for packaging sold jewelry). I can make and sell a ton of jewelry on the road with just what’s inside these two containers.
The containers stack nicely, keep everything neatly organized, take up almost no space inside my car, and are easy to carry into any place I go.
Actually I take them lots of places with me, whenever I’d like to make jewelry away from home.
As Melanie and Delia mentioned above, people they met during their temporary stays were very willing to buy their finished jewelry. If you’re considering bringing part or all of your inventory during an evacuation (or moving it to safer ground during a disaster), keep some of your pieces stored in a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid, ready to grab and go. Fortunately, a lot of jewelry can fit in a small space, so you can bring a fair amount of your inventory without lugging huge cases around.
Remember to store each piece of jewelry in an individual mini-ziplock bag to protect it inside the storage container. Depending on your situation, there are a variety of personal preparations you should consider taking care of – such as medications, pet care, transportation, money, clothes, food, etc.
You’ll find some helpful disaster preparedness lists and tips for your personal and family safety on the Red Cross and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) websites. Another resource I highly recommend is Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF+), which has a wealth of information for craft business emergency preparedness, relief, and recovery. I’ve discovered that the best way to minimize how much a disaster affects you is to be prepared ahead of time. By having your disaster preparedness list, personal disaster kit, and jewelry business essentials ready to grab and go, you can get to safety quickly without having to think.
Taking these few simple steps now will make it so much easier for you to pick up and continue with your life and your jewelry business after an unexpected event occurs. Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows.
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If you aren’t doing that with your jewelry business photos, you may want to consider it. She didn’t intend to be gone from home for very long, so she had only a small amount of money with her.
She was able to earn the money she needed by teaching several jewelry workshops in the area where she was staying temporarily.
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Round up your stash of empty plastic bottles, toilet paper rolls, coffee filters and scrap fabric - or dig into your recycle bin if it's too late.
These DIY jewelry ideas are creative and fun - once you make one piece, you'll be itching to create more.
This list has everything from jewelry making for beginners to DIY jewelry ideas for experts. Don't be scared to branch out and try something now - you never know what you might accomplish.

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