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Hi jesna, ur earrings are very nice.By seeing this I also got a idea to do this can you send me the detail about this. Click here to view some of my own quilling projects, with tips so you can make your own if you’d like! Hi – thanks for your comment – I have many tutorials planned for the coming months, so stay tuned and make sure to subscribe! I am an engineering graduate who loves to craft beautiful things from paper, clay and other natural materials.

On this particular paid I used a base of liquid matte sealant (makes it sturdy!) and then a coat of glossy topcoat to make it shiny and more waterproof. Coz i used paper shiner .oil paint varnish i dint like now using touchwood varnish but i want it strong and sturdy.
I would luv to buy terracotta as well as quilled jewellery from you in case I get a good deal from u.
You can wear this beautiful quilling jhumka earrings for wedding, reception and other family functions.

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