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Estos hilos son moderados por Deanski Please correct your posts according to Deanski indications and suggestions! Whoever has a good sense of humor doesn't get angry with those who didn't like his joke! Creo que no, Migelis, porque es muy temprano y todavía no se ha cepillado los dientes .
Crees que necesito decirle que cuando dije que el cielo estuvo cayendo, ¿fue una broma? For sad moments, awkward situations or for the friends and people you love, always have a joke in mind.

Para los momentos tristes, situaciones incómodas o para los amigos y gente que quieres, ten siempre un chiste en mente. A good cartoon is a good start to a lesson; it can also be a break, a filler or an excellent illustration of a point during a lecture. I was introduced to the website by my to Polish colleagues Marta Rosinska and Greg Spiewak. Let’s use on-line activities in class or as homework in which our students not only improve their English but also their IT skills. Ask the students to visit the Educational section, or any other you have chosen the cartoon from.

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We don't deliver junk but only the best and top rated funnies from the world wide web to save you time. Humour has much to offer, helps us to see everyday or common situations in new light, teaches us about culture and language and last but not least relaxes.

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