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Among the dangers of belly button piercing is the pain and infections besides rejection and scaring. You cannot conduct navel piercing on your own and that is why you have to find a professional piercer at a suitable tattoo shop. When you get to the piercing table or chair it is good to relax and calm so that any tension in the skin can be relieved. There are few people who bleed slightly after the piercing but when done with professionalism there are also little chances of bleeding. During this period try to avoid wearing too tight tops and pants that can cause irritation. Keeping off the activities that strain and stretch the skin around the belly is recommended. During the initial days after piercing, it is advisable to avoid belly bars that have too long and more dangly bits that hang.
For such a case use either antibacterial soap or sea salt water to clean it twice or thrice a day.
When you look closely at the holes around the piercing and you realize some redness also be watchful since they are symptoms of rejection and infection as well.
It is recommended to submit your navel piercing keloids to the doctor as soon as possible for them to be removed. There are specific tools to be used such as a navel piecing needle and after care solutions to ensure you are feeling little or no pain. When you are so relaxed there are high chances that you will feel little or no pain regardless of your age. Ensure the pierce is ever clean and you will be guaranteed of no numbing, swelling or infections.

During this entire navel healing process you will have to obey the principles provided by the piercer. During pregnancy you are also forced to use a flexible plastic material in place of a barbell ring or jewelry. They can get caught in your pants or belt hence causing your skin to get torn which is a very painful thing. Do not use both combination or do not overdo it since it can also interfere with the healing process. Though tenderness and sharp pain when the button is even touched by the shirt shows that something is not normal. If you take responsibility of dealing with them they can become a havoc and form more scars to your skin.
If the skin is thinner and not sore then that is fine…It will be strengthen with time.
It is however advisable you go for this art with full navel piercing information that is well researched on as the post discusses. It should however begin by enough preparation prior to the piecing since there are many activities you will have to sacrifice. Do not risk infections, rejections and scarring by failing to adhere to the navel piercing after care. You will also have to maintain the navel piercing jewelry placed immediately after the piecing until you realize complete healing. Carrying and holding your baby can also cause navel piercing pain due to irritation by the baby movements.
If itching persist then know you don’t have to worry but understand that your belly button piercing is healing.

While infected piercings are mostly featured by swollen and red skin around the belly button piercing. This is the time you have to strictly follow hygiene requirements since it could be early signs of an infection. You will therefore have to take another advanced step to determine whether they are keloids or not. They are simply formation of scar tissues due to the body’s reaction to trauma or any surgical incisions. The good news is that, they can be cured and heal within the shortest time possible without causing further navel piercing pain. It is however not a good idea to do belly button piercing when you are also planning for pregnancy. Standard 14 gauge rings or barbells are recommended until the navel piecing healing duration is due.
Itchy navel piercing without pain or redness can be something normal since it can indicate that healing is taking place. When the discharge comes in form of puss a yellow or green substance it is a sign of an infection.

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