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Just in time for the holiday season, our beloved Danielle Earrings get a dazzling upgrade in this limited edition style.
In 2002, Kendra Scott combined her love for fashion and her creative talents and formed her own line of jewelry. The color-infused Kendra Scott Jewelry line continues to garner the attention top magazines all over the country. Kendra Scott necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings all have an air of chic yet carefree style that looks gorgeous for both daytime and evening wear. Each gorgeous Kendra Scott jewelry piece is created using beautiful shapes and often she utilizes colorful semi-precious stones in very distinctive designs.
As Kendra Scottt Jewelry grows, Kendra herself remains committed to three philosophies: family, fashion and philanthropy.

Kendra Scott Jewelry uses captivating color and unique designs to create a look that's luxurious at an affordable price for every woman and every occasion.
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The Carly Earrings are a beautiful stud containing a single black stone surrounded by golden pod detailing. Today, the Austin based designs of Kendra Scott Jewelry have found a home in her fabulous New York City showroom and are sold around the globe at top retailers and hundreds of specialty boutiques.
Kendra Scott has also formed high profile partnerships with fashion designers Oscar de la Renta and Randolph Duke, who have featured her as the accessories designer for their runway collections.

Each Kendra Scott jewelry piece boasts great attention to design and detail, using color, texture and unique compositions to make a true statement. Whether on the soccer field or a black tie event, Kendra Scott Jewelry designs offer something for every lifestyle. The birth of her two sons during the initial stages of her business influenced Kendra in creating a lifestyle that is both flexible and fun. Her passion for beautiful jewelry resonates in every gorgeous piece and in every woman who wears them.

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