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This Kendra Scott favorite soars to new heights in black iridescent stones that add a splash of colorful elegance to any outfit.
Just in time for the holiday season, our beloved Danielle Earrings get a dazzling upgrade in this limited edition style. Enter to win a pair of Kendra Scott Limited Edition Elle Earrings in Brown Pearl in celebration of Kendra Scott’s new Summer 2013 collection launch!
From May 1, 2013 through May 15, 2013, enter below to win a pair of Kendra Scott Limited Edition Elle Earrings in Brown Pearl!

These earrings are now available for purchase at the Kendra Scott store at Scottsdale Quarter. Voyage to a place where the sea fades from a brilliant turquoise to deep cobalt blue…where the marine life and coral reed provide a kaleidoscope of bright color from below…where monkeys, leopards and colorful birds roam the jungle. You can even Tweet about the contest every day throughout the entry period for bonus entries!
In alignment with the runways of Proenza Schouler, Alberta Ferretti, Missoni and Isabel Marant, Kendra’s summer line evokes an air of island mystique.

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