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By clicking 1 Click Bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. Before proceeding, be aware that so much of your eventual success or failure with hearing aids depends on how good of a hearing provider you work with.
Below I’ll give an overview of the most common arguments (for and against) buying hearing aids from Costco. If you have hearing aid benefits through your health insurance, Costco is not an in-network provider, so they aren’t an option for you. With regards to the third point above, I believe that Costco has arrangements with their manufacturers whereby they cannot begin selling new technology at the Costco hearing aid centers until it has already been on the market for a year.
Lastly, what Costco hearing aid centers lack is the flexibility to attend to customer needs however they see fit. If for example, you need appointments outside of regular business hours, you need appointments in your home, or you need emergency appointments. If you’d like a free phone consultation with a licensed hearing provider, please feel free to call us at 800-731-6794.
I referred a friend who has had ear surgery and severe loss and they were told they needed to see a Dr.! Over the years I have had private ENT appts and tests in their offices and they seemed the same as Costco to me.
One concern is the fitting of the receiver tubes: they do not route very close to my head as they pass over my ears.
Bend them; ask for longer receivers (they come in length sizes from 0-4), your receivers are covered by the same 180 day trial period as well as your 36 month warranty.
My thoughts on Costco are a lot of the dispensers there they have very limited medical knowledge when it comes to hearing and sometimes put hearing aids on people that should be referred to a physician.
The information you were given about this hearing aid being nearly identical to the Resound Verso 5 may be incorrect, as it seems the Kirkland is a 16 channel instrument and the Verso 5 is a 9 channel. I went to the store at 13700 Middlebelt Road Livonia, MI this morning to purchase hearing aids.
It might surprise some to know that Costco, seller of bulk foods and paper goods, is also a leading hearing aid clinic. Any Costco member can call to schedule an appointment for a free, no commitment hearing test, simply to see if hearing aids would possibly benefit them.
For high-tech digital options, Costco customers can choose from Behind the Ear, Bluetooth Capable, or Open Fit devices.
The Kirkland brand hearing aids are Costco?s own brand name, and the baseline for hearing aid purchases at Costco. In addition to the competitive cost, all Kirkland brand hearing aids come with a list of perks and freebies. The qualifications of Costco?s hearing aid professionals are determined by state and local laws.
Some users criticize the free hearing tests offered by Costco, comparing it to ?used car salesman?
The Costco hearing aid clinic seems to be a cost effective, customer service focused solution for those in need of hearing aids. To find the closest Costco hearing aid center near you, please click here to make an appointment with the hearing aid staff. There are many benefits for consumers who opt to purchase their hearing aids at Costo, whether they are selecting the in-house brand Kirkland, or one of the many other discount name brands that Costco offers.
Whether it is an intimate conversation in a restaurant, a concert with friends, or laughter all around you, Kirkland Signature Hearing Instruments include the latest technology to bring you rich, clear, stereo sound, no matter where you are.
Our Kirkland Signature Premium Hearing Aids 5.0 kit contains two state of the art premium hearing instruments, a handy remote control, a sturdy storage kit, eight batteries, cleaning cloth and brush, a travel pouch, and user guides. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. I’ve owned their stock for years, love the way they treat their employees, their overall business mentality, and the huge discounts on pricing. Often times you’ll end up paying 40-50% less at Costco than you will anywhere else for very similar technology.
Although I believe the promotion varies from store-to-store, if you purchase your hearing aids with your Costco Amex, you can get up to an additional 10% off. This may not be a big issue for you, as most of the time when you buy hearing aids, the particular model you end up buying has been out for a few months anyway. If what you are looking for is discount pricing, and all of the benefits of buying from an independent hearing provider, then you should consider buying hearing aids from your local ZipHearing provider. It seems that a simple re-bending (and maybe a slightly longer tubes) would solve the problem, but the user manual emphasizes NOT to try bending them.
If you are considering buying hearing aids from Costco be prepared for a high dispenser turnover, rushed appointments, testing that is not in a quiet environments, and an overall lack of one on one attention.
When a part (hearing aid, soundgate or the bluetooth receiver) is sent out for repair and it comes back in about 2 weeks, we are told we need an appointment to pick it up and have it programmed. Earlier, and much less complicated instruments cost dealers about 100 to 150 dollars and sold them, for 300 to 400 dollars. First let me say that I have had a hearing problem for several years that has been progressing.
I mean, sure I’ve had cases where I did not recommend hearing aids for whatever reason, but to deny someone- that seems odd. A gentleman by the name of Ivory Fuller came out and was very polite in asking what I needed.

In addition to their own brand of hearing aids at Costco prices, the Costco clinic offers hearing tests, a battery replacement program, and several other perks.
While many other electronic devices become more affordable year to year, the highly specialized hearing aid industry often has to factor in dozens of additional costs. Any of us can easily go to the Costco website to locate one of their over four hundred Hearing Aid Centers, located inside stores all over the United States and worldwide in several different countries. Any existing hearing aid user, even those from private clinics, can schedule time with a Costco hearing aid center employee to have a complimentary hearing aid assessment that includes cleaning and a fresh battery.
Costco users can also choose from battery replaceable hearing aids, to the top of the line chargeable models, with remote control. However, lest users be wary of a hearing aid without a reputable brand name attached, all of Costco?s hearing aids are the same models as popular hearing aids Siemens, which also produces the popular Rexton brand. Costco?s prices include a pair of hearing aids, charger and dryer tools for the devices, cleaning wipes, carrying cases, ten classic style zinc batteries2, two rechargeable batteries and replacement receiver domes.
In some localities, a licensed audiologist must handle the calibration and fitting of hearing aids, where in others, training and certifications are sufficient to allow a practitioner to measure and fit a user for hearing aids. Many customers and hearing loss sufferers swear by Costco?s pricing and customer service for hearing aid options, while many don?t even know of the service they offer. However, if you feel as though you or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss or difficulties, there may be an alternate solution for you. If you already have a hearing aid they also invite you in for a free cleaning and battery change. While consumers may have second thoughts about completing their audiology exam at the Costco centers, these discounted devices do make for a great replacement Hearing Aid, once users already know the style and brand that works for them.
The truth is that most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, they dona€™t get ANY results.
Kirkland Signature 5.0 Hearing Aids are designed to prevent whistling and feedback and offer excellent wind protection. Kirkland Signature 5.0 Hearing Aids come in a variety of colors to match your skin tone or hair, blending in for discreet usage. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. One thing many people may not know about Costco is that they actually have hearing aid centers inside a good amount of their stores.
Soon enough, I’m sure that some of these people will tell their stories in the comments section below. The biggest reason for this price difference is due to the fact that Costco is able to buy hearing aids from manufacturers at lower prices than independent hearing providers, which in turn allows them to sell hearing aids for much less. In addition, their 90 day risk-free trial and hassle-free return policy is the best in the industry. In terms of prices, trial periods, and follow up service appointments, it is really hard to beat Costco’s offering. With regards to the technology Costco sells, although they do sell hearing aids from reputable manufacturers, they don’t sell fully-featured top-of-the-line product, which you may very well need.
It does matter however, when you want brand new technology that was released within the last 12 months (as many people do). In addition, if you buy a device like a TV streamer, it can be tricky to get set up properly in your home, and to get everything to work (and sound) the way it should.
Everything from the audiologist?s1 salary, to rent for their facility, to materials costs cause hearing aids to get more expensive year by year.
Costco has hearing aid centers in their stores in Mexico, Canada, Australia and even Japan.
Perhaps for this reason, some users report different experiences from one Costco to another. To this, Costco is quick to point out that their hearing aid technicians receive no commissions for sales. Like all great Kirkland Signature products throughout the Costco store, Kirkland Signature 5.0 Hearing Instruments provide you with a high quality performance at our very best value.
These hearing aid centers are usually staffed by one or two hearing aid dispensers, who will conduct hearing tests for the purpose of fitting hearing aids, and then provide all the fitting and follow up services necessary.
The point I’m trying to make is, be sure to read any available local reviews of your Costco hearing aid center before deciding whether or not to buy your hearing aids there. The most popular hearing aid in the Kirkland Signature line is the Kirkland Signature 5.0 premium hearing aid.
Independent hearing providers would love to sell hearing aids at the price Costco does, but because their acquisition costs are quite a bit higher, it’s just impossible. Most independent hearing providers offer a 30 day trial period and you are subject to certain fees if you decide to return your aids. For instance, Costco’s Phonak product, the Brio, which is said be based on the Phonak Bolero Q90 (sold by independent providers), has several important features stripped away, such as EchoBlock, Tinnitus Balance, and CROS Compatibility. Costco has their own software that allows them to program Costco hearing aids, but then those hearing aids cannot be programmed by anyone else. According to the findings at the doctors office I have moderate hearing loss and they recommended an RIC hearing aid. If you don’t have an independent dispenser nearby maybe try a Costco in another city?
Insurance does not typically cover the cost of a hearing aid device, and since some users (such as the elderly) are on limited incomes, the rising cost can become difficult. While this can be a problem for someone who goes from a positive experience to a negative one, Costco?s extensive network of clinics allows users to move from one clinic to another if they enjoy the prices and products offered at one, but perhaps would like a different clinician.
However, it is typically recommended to see a licensed audiologist for a full markup of tests prior to making the commitment to purchasing a hearing aid, if only to rule out other, possibly systemically dangerous causes of hearing loss.
However, with their Kirkland brand and lack of support costs such as extra staff and overhead, Costco is able to offer a variety of hearing aids at a fraction of the cost, as well as offering free visits and complimentary services.
The testimonials you see on this web site are some of our better results and are not typical.
They are designed to automatically adjust for each situation and sound great in every listening environment.

In this post, I’ll detail which hearing aids Costco sells, and why you may or may not want to buy your next set of hearing aids from a Costco hearing aid center. Sometimes in-home appointments really make the difference, and you just can’t get that from a big box store. For many people (not all), this program is the perfect balance of price, personalized attention and care, and state-of-the-art technology.
As many others have pointed out most insurance does not cover hearing aids and the prices are outrageous.
While hearing aids are not considered a medical necessity by providers, anyone who has used one can attest that they do wonders for quality of life. Bluetooth connectivity is a relatively new upgrade to most hearing aids, allowing users to sync their hearing aid directly to a mobile phone, laptop computer, or other Bluetooth device. Most users seem to think the best course of action is to use Costco for a replacement hearing aid or second or third opinion, for personal health reasons.
This often makes them a target of jealousy in the industry from private clinics, which often charge fees for office visits, cleanings, and frequent battery replacements.
They stuck to the dose as directed and maintained a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet alongside it. Or stop by your local Costco hearing aid center today to get more information on these great hearing aids. If I had to guess, I would say that greater than 50% of hearing providers offer the same lifetime service agreement. This is not unique in the hearing aid industry, retailers like Beltone and Miracle-Ear have the same type of set up. Finally, to add on to this point of lack of flexibility, it has been reported that people have had to wait 2 months for an appointment at their local Costco hearing aid center. After a great deal of searching and research I decided to go to Costco for my hearing aids and that is where the problems began. Also, if you want to direct message me your test results (if you have them), I’ll be happy to take a look at them and let you know what I think. Such features allow for the hearing impaired to have additional sound piped discreetly into the device, giving the user the bonus sound they need to enjoy television or music without the worry of disturbing family or friends with loud volume.
Some private clinicians criticize Costco?s place in the industry, however some Costco stores do indeed refer hearing aid users to local audiologists and Ear, Nose and Throat specialists as needed. Kirkland Signature Hearing Aids can also connect wirelessly to a range of easy to use accessories that will allow you to stream sound from your mobile phone, TV, music player, or a computer straight to your hearing devices.
The fact that Costco has 600 stores where you can be serviced is awesome, but again, not entirely rare in the hearing aid industry. There are many nation-wide chain retailers of hearing aids that have even more offices and therefore a broader support system. Several people have told me this, though of course it’s not going to be the case at every Costco center. I said I was still only interested in one hearing aid (same as I have been using for 2-4 years). I contacted Costco for an appointment and got no answer several times at the hearing center but rather sent to voice mail. I replied I had purchased two sets of aids and never had to do that before (over 8 years time).
Costco?s clinics also offer free follow-up appointments, repairs, warranties, and trial periods for their devices.
If you have a falling out with your hearing provider, lose faith in their abilities, or just want to have someone else service your aid, you can’t. After repeated attempts I finally reached a person but was put on hold for over 20 minutes and finally had to hang up. He replied that they should have had me see a doctor to verify I didn’t have a brain tumor or something that caused the hearing loss. I continued to call and leave messages on voice mail, finally three days later my call was returned and I was informed that I could not come in with my prescription and purchase hearing aids, instead I would need an appointment for a free hearing evaluation and then they would fit me with my hearing aids. Two days before my appointment with a holiday weekend coming up that I had cancelled plans for in order to keep the long awaited appointment I received a call canceling my appointment. Now I was told it would be another 2 weeks before they could work me in, once again I waited. At this point I would like to point out that Costco does not require you to have a prescription but they do make you sign paperwork that says they are not doctors and their testing does not replace a doctors opinion etc, etc. After a month and a half of waiting I arrived for my appointment and was left waiting until 20 minutes after my appointment time.
She said they do not work for commissions and therefore, her decision was not about money but care. Once I was finally taken into the office we were continually interrupted and at one point I was left sitting in the sound booth while the girl walked out into the other office without saying a word to me to take care of something else which took almost ten minutes.
Once the test was completed I came out to be told that according to Costco’s superior testing I did not have a hearing loss and they would not sell hearing aids to me.
After quite a bit of discussion, refusal by them to provide me with my test results, managers becoming involved etc.
I was still turned away and not even given the option to try a hearing aid and they still refused to sell them to me. And although anyone can buy a hearing aid and I am a Costco member they felt that due to their superior diagnostic equipment it would be a disservice to me to sell me a hearing aid. You are going to lose some potential customers if they have to go through what I did at Middlebelt. I was just about to abort any plan at Costco and go to real professionals at Beltone or Iwanows and pay the price of feeling much more secure in after sales adjustments also.

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